Why Should You Buy the MSI GT780 Gaming Laptop?

Why Should You Buy the MSI GT780 Gaming Laptop?

Built by gamers and created for gamers, the new MSI GT780 gaming laptop is rapidly becoming a favorite and can replace your normal desktop computer especially when you want to play games. Company teams from MSI, Steel Series, , Evil Geniuses in the United States and Europe joined forces to develop what is perhaps the best gaming notebook ever. The MSI GT780 already received the highest score on Mark Vantage. It is now considered the best and highest quality gaming laptop that has launched onto the market. This notebook lives up to its title for having excellent performance and brand new features compared to its competitors.

Boasting a powerful Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7-2630QM Quad Core processor and an Intel HM67 chipset, the MSI GT780 will meet all your expectations for gaming. If you’re browsing the internet, editing your digital videos or creating 3D animations you’ll be able to do it easily due to the processing power of this notebook. Powered by a Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M with 1.5 GB GDDR5 VRAM, the graphics and images on the notebook will be vivid and ultra smooth. The three dimensional graphics will enhance your gaming experience as the images will appear almost realistic. The sound equipment comprises two side speakers, a subwoofer, a tandem speaker, and THX Tru Studio Pro software to provide a truly amazing sound performance with great sound effects.

The MSI GT780 has a keyboard specifically designed for gaming. Fnatic and Steelseries joined together to create a one of a kind gamers keyboard that was easy to use and functional for gaming. The keyboard was split into three sections with separate LED back lighting in each zone. To make the keyboard more functional for gaming, the windows key was relocated to the right of the keyboard and the Ctrl and Alt keys were enlarged to have them more accessible.

The casing on the notebook is aerodynamically designed with the gamer in mind and the exterior appearance was made to look sleek and smooth. Since the notebook was made by gamers for gamers it has the added advantage of being portable so you can now travel to your friend’s house when you want to play.

The specifications and features of this notebook are also top class. This gaming notebook is available in either 17.3 inch Full High Definition or High Definition Plus with LED backlight display which brings out the best video quality than most standard notebooks. Having an Intel 120 Gigabyte SSD and a 750 Gigabyte Hard Disk Drive with an average speed of 7200 RPM makes for a lot of space when you need to store multimedia files. Other features include a Blu-Ray optical drive, High Definition type webcam, extra USB ports, Wireless LAN for connectivity, Bluetooth capability, and a 9-cell Lithium Ion Battery. All of these complete the package.

MSI has truly mastered the art of creating the best gaming notebooks around and the MSI GT780 is no doubt one of the best notebooks available on the market today.