What comes to mind when you think of private security? If you’re like many people, it conjures images of men in suits surrounding a celebrity or CEO to keep paparazzi, overenthusiastic fans, or even industry rivals away. In reality, though, private security is a massive industry that provides many different and challenging services.

A Growing Industry

By some estimates, there are currently more individuals employed in private security than there are police officers worldwide. These employees are often veterans or former police officers, making them well-equipped for the job even before they’re trained. With a huge variety of assignments that require expertise in many different fields. it’s no wonder the industry has grown to employ so many professionals. When it comes to being a private security guard Louisiana alone employs an estimated 20,000 just within the state, with many more in neighboring places.

A Plethora of Challenges

“Security” is a very broad term and means something different for everyone who needs it. Maybe you own a jewelry store or are about to host a massive convention, you’re going to need physical security. Physical security keeps people, places, or products safe, usually by denying access to potential threats. Threats can be anything from robbers or accidental fires to just curious teenagers. If you rely on the internet for your business, or for anything really, then you may have also heard of “cybersecurity.” Well, private security companies often take care of that, too! Some companies are even contracted by state or local governments to help solve crimes using investigative skills both in cyberspace and in real life with services like forensic analysis.

Protection Before Something Happens, Not After

Police departments are stretched thin and will usually only respond to a crime after it’s already happened or, in the best-case scenario, while it’s happening. With budgets coming under pressure every year, it’s not surprising that many individuals make the choice to put the safety of themselves and their property in the hands of private security professionals who are available around the clock without delay.…