Alienware AM11x-826CSB – Gaming At Its Best

Alienware AM11x-826CSB – Gaming At Its Best

Alienware takes control the user gaming with the ultra-portable Alienware AM11x-826CSB multimedia laptop, which weighs less than 4.5 pounds and features a stunning, high-definition 11.6 inch display, provides a sharper picture and richer colors so images pop off the screen whether playing immersive 3D games, watching HD movies, or editing the user’s photo collection. Game virtually anywhere and enjoy extended battery life up to 8 hrs, 39 minutes with the included 8-cell battery.

Alienware AM11x-826CSB is powered by an ultra- low voltage Intel core 2 duo processor, which offers a good balance of multi tasking capabilities and energy efficiency. With NVIDIA Geforce GT 335M Graphics, the Allienware’s BinaryGFX technology also allows users to switch between discrete and integrated graphics at will.

Alienware has other features include a 320 GB hard drive, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, wireless-Wi-Fi networking, 1.3 mega pixel webcam, and both HDMI and display port video outputs. Alienware does not include an optical drive, but the user can use optional external DVD/CD drives that connect via USB. The 11.6- inch high definition widescreen display with 1366 x768 pixel resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Alienware is also energy efficient. It also has dual core 1.3 GHz Intel core duo processor with ultra low voltage (with a power consumption rating of just 10 watts) for extended battery life.

Alienware has backlit keyboard with Alien FX. This model incorporates HDMI port for connecting to HDTV or home theater receiver digital audio and video via a single cable. It has display port video output which is the newest monitor interface supporting today’s digital graphics and LCD technologies. Alienware also has windows 7 home premium which makes it easy to create a home network and share all of the user’s favorite photos, videos and music. The user can also watch shows for free when and where the user want with internet TV on windows Media center. With the gaming laptop the user can play anywhere and anything. Its weight is only around 4.5 pounds and has a major advantage as is it has an AM11x pack which has power to handle all the latest games. It has the capability of redefining the games. For connecting the digital video camcorders and other peripherals, one fire wire port is given with the laptop. It has the fastest Ethernet. Alienware offers speed-of-light execution and outstanding customer service and strive to set the benchmark for excellence and innovation.…

Music Practice Charts – Plan and Record Your Lessons

Music Practice Charts – Plan and Record Your Lessons

Planning is a very essential part of teaching music. Since you are not only dealing with music, but also with students, you need to ensure that your classes have some definite structure to them. In order to plan your lessons well, you can take the help of some useful Music Practice Charts.

They can be used to record the various lessons that must be practiced by students at home. You can give these to your students in the form of an assignment or homework, and ask them to list down the various observations that they have had while practicing. It will help them understand the following lessons better.

Within these charts, you can write down what the students must focus on. It helps in ensuring that your students stay focussed. Often while doing their homework, students don’t know the objective of the lesson. It doesn’t really help, as they will then just be practicing blindly. But with the help of Music Practice Charts, and proper notes attached, they will be able to work on what you have in mind, and then understand and appreciate the lessons better.

These charts help you as well, to record information. When students come back with their work done, you can make a note against their progress in your own sheet. By having a full view of what you have done till now, you will be able to determine if you are lagging behind in the syllabus, moving ahead, or are digressing from the objective. These Music Practice Charts help you stay focused, and ensure that your classes don’t lose their basic structure and objective.

Music Practice Charts also help students map their own progress. You can put some colourful stickers for them with your remarks when students complete their work on time. With this, your students feel motivated and interested.…

The Art of Hip-Hop Instrumental Making

The Art of Hip-Hop Instrumental Making

Creating rap music is at the same time a tiresome and a high-end affair. Nevertheless with help of hip-hop beat software program just about anyone may learn to make pro rap instrumentals in almost no time. These rap instrumental applications are designed by knowledgeable as well as professional rap music performers and music producers. These are effectively meant to be easy to use and offer you all the performance which the more pricey alternatives have to offer you.

These hip-hop music software programs offer you every instrument between drum kits, guitars, brass, to acoustic guitars, horns and so on. Indeed you’re in no dearth of choices when utilizing these rap beats software. Along with their affordability such software programs are certainly the top selection that an aspiring hip-hop singer could choose. Despite the fact that most of these hip-hop music software applications are really no comparison for the studio tools when it comes to good quality of audio, their features and also cost more than makes up for this.

You can certainly create any kind of songs which range from hip-hop to rock, reggaeton, jazz and so on. Applying these online music software. For the cost they are available you actually are unable to make a mistake with them.

When getting started into making hip hop instrumentals it is crucial to know that your focus should be on doing just that: getting started. Never permit the shine and glitter of the high priced gadgets drive you away from producing your own hip-hop instrumentals. Keep in mind that you may always acquire the more costly devices later.

In case you determined to give this kind of software programs a try, you will still need to learn some very important basics that will enable you to generate your own rap instrumentals. In case you would like to get this kind of information and lots more, we encourage you to go to the internet site below for more hints and data.…

Free Sony VAIO Laptop Offers – Take Advantage of One

Free Sony VAIO Laptop Offers – Take Advantage of One

Are you a freebie fan or a freebie skeptic?

If you still believe that you cannot get anything for free these days, it is time to change that way of thinking because now, you can get your hands on a free Sony VAIO Laptop for real.

Are you still thinking this is not possible? Then read on.

Affiliate marketing has long since made it possible to get stuff without paying for it. This method of marketing is widely used by many businesses nowadays to increase their sales. You too can take advantage of such offers to get yourself a free Sony VAIO Laptop. This is how it works:

• Rewards sites are affiliated with advertisers. These advertisers are big businesses showing off their new products and services on the rewards websites.

• The affiliates’ task is to gather as many potential customers and point them to their own sites to try out the advertisers’ offers. The offers do not require payments.

• Once an offer is completed, the advertiser would pay the affiliate a commission. The amounts of money these affiliates get through these commissions are more than enough to fund the reward’s site’s freebie offers.

• Participants will also be asked to refer some people to the site. The more people completing sponsor offers, the more commissions the rewards site earn, thus they can give away more freebies.

All you are really asked to do here is keep your end of the bargain which is, if you think about it, not too big a deal considering what you will be getting for it. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars for a brand new portable computer, it makes more sense to choose and get a Sony VAIO Laptop for free. Why not, if you can really get it, right?…

Five Things You Should Know When Buying Online

Five Things You Should Know When Buying Online

Shopping online is becoming increasingly popular. It is quick and easy, you save time and it is much easier to compare prices, therefore it can help save you money. You can purchase virtually anything online, from clothes, shoes, bags, groceries and cars. You can also shop around for services too. Many businesses advertise online through their own websites, so you can always find services like plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, gardeners and even computer support businesses online. You do need to be careful when shopping online as you can only see an image of what you are purchasing on your computer screen, and make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company.

Shop with purpose

Make sure before you get online that you know what it is you are shopping for. It can be very easy to get carried away and purchase things you don’t really need. You may find that some shopping websites offer special deals or present you with add on sales that are easy to be enticed by. Unless you really want these additional products you are just wasting your money. Also know exactly what type of product you are shopping for. If you are after a new computer have some idea of the make and model you want. Know whether you want a desktop or a laptop. You can save yourself a lot of time if you shop with a purpose.


Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Shopping online is easy and you can find yourself getting carried away. If you don’t have to walk miles to look at multiple items you can find yourself buying more than you intended. It is a good idea to also set yourself a budget with the product you are after. Know how much you are willing to spend on the computer beforehand and don’t be tempted to let the price creep away from you as you can be tempted by offers of extra memory space, additional programs or equipment.

Read reviews

When you are shopping at home by yourself you don’t have the help from shop assistants so you might not be fully aware of what it is you are buying. Make informed decisions when spending your money online. There are product review websites so make sure you check these out first.

Compare prices

This is the great thing about shopping online, it is easy to compare prices. Look up several different websites before you make your purchase and see what different suppliers are offering. The price variation can be quite significant. You may find that some companies offer discounts, some may throw in free or extra discounted products and some might not charge for delivery.

Ask your friends

The best review is from someone who has already purchased that particular product online. They can let you know which business has the best website, the greatest product variety, the best service, the fastest delivery and importantly the best prices. Social …

Teaching Music History – Make it Interesting and Fun

Teaching Music History – Make it Interesting and Fun

Music history is one of the least loved subjects among most people who choose to study music. In general, history is considered very boring, as most people feel extremely drained listening to the long lectures about what people did in the past. They often think “when I am going to become a composer or a musician myself, why should I care about what some other people did long ago?” Thus, it is very difficult to make students feel interested, or take music history more seriously. Indeed, if it was an optional subject, not many students would have chosen to learn it.

Thus, you need to be very creative here, so that you can make students see the benefit of you Teaching Music History. As you are Teaching Music History, you must see to it that the classes are interactive, and are fun. People get very tired when they have to listen to long lectures without anything to do except scribble notes. If you keep asking them questions, or ask them their opinions, they will pay more attention.

You can also include some fun activities. Try to bring older forms of musical instruments, or old pieces of music. Ask your students to prepare an assignment where they will have to play any piece of their choice, but in the way the people of a certain period played it. This will get their creative minds working, and they can understand better how music has evolved. It will help them in the long run, as they mull over various innovative ways to make their music more interesting.

You can also get them to relate the older forms of music to their daily life. As you are Teaching Music History, you can pause at a certain period, and then ask your students if they knew what their grandparents used to love listening to when they were children. This will help them get closer to their family members as well.…

Tips When Shopping For a Gaming Laptop Computer

Tips When Shopping For a Gaming Laptop Computer

For the serious gamer any old laptop will not do, you should have a gaming laptop computer. How do you buy the right laptop? What specifications should the laptop have? It is always best to know what you want and have a clear objective before you go shopping. On of the best ways of finding out what is available open the market is to research the products on the internet, read reviews and visit forum sites to discuss the models you are interested in.

Why do you need to buy a special laptop for your gaming? If you are puzzled about this aspect of gaming keep reading to learn why. These laptops are specially designed to support high definition gaming requirements that video games place on machines. The new game versions all require machines that can read high end graphics, pushing computers to the maximum limits. There are games that are so challenging they exceed the highest definition computer’s ability to play them.

You need to rule out any laptop offering integrated graphics. Even if the processor is very fast and the design very good, it will not give you the necessary frame rates that the game requires.

The graphics processing (GPU) unit is the heart of your laptop and will either make or break your gaming experience. Simply put, if the GPU is not up to speed your games will not play! When you choose your GPU make sure there is no resource sharing with the computer; laptops for gaming need a video card with its own memory board.

Buying a laptop specifically for your gaming is an investment in the most advanced technology available at present and also caters to some future developments as well. A regular laptop is not designed to play high end games and will crash.

You need to stuff the laptop chock full with RAM; this will determine the number of graphics your laptop will be able to handle at any given time. Obviously more is better! 1GB of RAM is good but 2 GB of RAM is even better; Windows Vista requires 3 GB of RAM. Less means placing limitations on your system’s ability to play certain games or else the game may play but the graphics will be hazy at best.

A high resolution minimum 17 inch LCD screen is required and the resolution should be at least 1280×1024 at least. What good is a laptop without the right screen? Some features you may want to concentrate on include: native resolution, aspect ratio, contrast, viewing angle, size and rise and fall times.

The hard drive is yet another important component in a laptop used for gaming. Hard drives come in a wide variety of speeds and capacities that range from 40 to over 100 GBs. Normally user preference dictates the RPMs and GBs you choose for your hard drive.

In the end it all comes down to power; always remember that more is better …

Complete Laptop Guide With Configurations

Complete Laptop Guide With Configurations

While the Laptop has become a Ubiquitous accessory in this modern world, wise populace are making some research over the models in order to acquire a price worthy good.

Here is a complete guide for different users who desire to own laptops and will hopefully provide valuable tips in buying a laptop according to the need and the budget.…

Cheap Vertical Blinds: For the Love of Your Windows and Privacy

Cheap Vertical Blinds: For the Love of Your Windows and Privacy

Technology is sure to impress again with the new Blu ray laptops that are now out in the market. So what does it actually mean? The name signifies the high definition video and high capacity storage. It is a drive that can be installed in your laptop. It is very different from the DVD drive in your laptop and definitely far more beautiful and impressive.

Blu ray is as close to 3D without using 3D glasses. If you want the best image and sound this is the perfect laptop for you. The past few months have seen a huge development in the area of DVDs and their new development is widely known as Blu ray DVDs. These DVDs have high resolution and produce the best sounds. This new development is sure to outshine the common DVDs without this technology.

A Blu ray laptop can support these DVDs but can still play normal DVDs and CD’s. Since more such DVD movies are coming out, it is sure to dominate the DVDs soon. Having a superior quality laptop will be worth your money because sooner or later all laptops will be Bluray capable. You don’t want your laptop to be the last one to upgrade while everyone is upgrading.

If you are looking for a Blu ray laptop you can check the new VAIO AR190G; an all in one solution that offers best quality and it also has a drive that is also capable to write blank Bluray discs and watch movies.

Another Blue ray laptop that is out in the market is the Dell Inspiron 1525 and is available in variety of colors. This Dell laptop is highly customizable and has the capability to support this technology. If you want a friendly and an approachable laptop with high definition features and one that comes in different colors, this could be the one for you.

A Blu ray laptop features HD definition and good quality sounds. Most reviews about these laptops say that it is all in one and is very handy and convenient to use. You can bring it anywhere and watch HD definition movies on your laptop.…

ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

ASUS’s Republic of Gamers products have always been the cream of the crop and instead of being any old gaming motherboard, graphic card or laptop; they’re also made to look as awesome as they perform. The ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH fits this description exactly. While other gaming laptops are huge and bulky machines that weigh more than 14 pounds at the least, this laptop only weighs a relatively lightweight 8.8 pounds. Shaped like a stealth fighter with angular surfaces and a matte black color scheme, the laptop looks awesome with a slim profile and plenty of space for the full gaming keyboard and track-pad. The keyboard is comfortable and responsive; exactly what most gamers need and even has a numeric keypad for the right-handed movement gamers.

With a choice for an Intel Core i7 Quad mobile processor all the way up to the maximum 920XM Extreme and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, the ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH laptop is more powerful than most desktops. These specs alone are enough to guarantee maxed out settings for any game currently in the market. However, the laptop adds on other highest performance components like a choice between 1TB 7200RPM hard disk drives or 160GB Solid State Drives, 8GB worth of DDR3 memory, HD audio and four Altec Lansing speakers that deliver surround sound with Dolby Home Theatre Certification and Dolby Space Expander support. In addition, its 17.3 inch LED back-lit screen offers full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolutions and Blu-Ray reader or writer lets you enjoy full HD 1080p movies smoothly and judder free. Other specifications include 802.11 b / g / n wi-fi, Bluetooth 2.1, an eight cell battery and a whole lot more.

Featuring an instant overclock option for a safe boost when and where you need it, the ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH delivers top notch gaming performance and can do practically everything else you want it to. This includes 3D rendering, video editing and image manipulation, office applications, watching HD movies or Blu-ray discs and doing something as mundane as surfing the Internet. Performance is off the scale with the ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH laptop and you can even choose to get the Blu-ray writer as well so you can burn 50GB worth of BD media whenever you want. The laptop’s custom 8-cell battery works wonders too, giving it more than two hours and thirty minutes worth of mobile time, which should be more than enough for most mobile gaming sessions. ASUS have even bundled a Razer gaming mouse and bag giving even more value to the package.

In a nutshell, the ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH laptop is the most powerful and most awesome laptop we’ve ever seen bar none. If you’ve the money to burn then this laptop is the one for you or at the very least should be at the very top of your list.…

Looking at Gaming Laptop Computers

Looking at Gaming Laptop Computers

Gaming laptop computers are items that advanced users or even the simplest users can have and enjoy for their gaming pleasure. Gaming laptops take a lot of energy and power to run and be successful as a high-powered gaming system. These machines require a lot of attention to detail when first purchasing so that you get everything you need in one package, instead of having to make several trips to get what you want. A computer like this is very demanding on power, graphics, and RAM, as well as needing a big enough hard drive to allow all the space you want so that nothing can drag you down electronically.

Putting together a computer can be difficult when no one offers a custom a laptop. So you will need to first find a company or manufacturers that will do custom made laptops. Once a company has been located that will do this, you can present them with your specifications or even build it online and submitted electronically. This ensures that all the data and ideas that you have will be put into this laptop without worrying that you will not get what you want. Laptop financing is another part of building custom computers.

These computers do not come at a cheap price and typically can run up to 3000 or even $4000, and this kind of money does not usually show up on your doorstep, or even happen to be sitting in your own bank account. Financial assistance is necessary in order to afford the best gaming laptop. You will have to apply for a loan and get approved before your computer can be shipped out or be picked up, if that’s what you prefer. By making sure that all of your specifications are correct and that you have a low interest rate on the loan or credit line that they have given you, will ensure that you are happy for many years to come.…

Reasons for Having a Live Band Instead of a DJ or iPod Playlist at Your Wedding

Reasons for Having a Live Band Instead of a DJ or iPod Playlist at Your Wedding

Live bands make weddings more memorable and interactive, and leave a lasting impression on wedding guests. Live bands also create atmosphere and ambiance, adding a level of sophistication and glamour to a wedding, rather than feeling like a high school disco complete with casually dressed DJ and tunes such as ‘Y-M-C-A’. Live performers are generally easier than iPod playlists can often turn into wedding disasters due to their logistics, or simply be unimpressive and a bit of a ‘let down’. It’s not as simple as ‘pressing play’ on an i pod. What PA system will the i pod be plugged into? Do you have the correct cable adapter to fit their system? Does it have a mixer board to prevent feedback and ‘screeches’?

Is the sound system at the venue (if they even have one) powerful enough to fill the reception venue and allow all the guests to hear the speeches? Who will be manning the i pod throughout the evening to pause it during speeches, press play for the bouquet toss, press pause for the cutting of the cake, press play on the correct first dance song etc. It’s actually a huge responsibility, do you really want to put that pressure on a friend or family member? Jazz Fever offers professional DJ services including MC-ing at very reasonable prices.

Live bands are reasonably inexpensive when you consider how integral a part they play to the success of a wedding. Moreover you can usually get 4-5 professionally trained musicians for the same cost as one DJ. Wedding reception music is arguably the worst aspect to scrimp on as research shows they are one of the main factors that influence a guests’ enjoyment at a wedding. Live bands can cater the repertoire to reflects the couple’s personal taste and style, and play their favourite songs.

Live bands are better than a DJ or iPod playlist because they add that ‘wow’ factor and sense of occasion. Their repertoire can be customized to the age of guests in attendance. Live bands are good because they can accommodate a particular wedding theme eg the band can dress in 1920’s attire if you are having a Jazz Age themed wedding. If you ask most people, they would tend to agree that live bands generally look more impressive to have 4-5 people on stage rather than one underdressed DJ. Moreover bands take approximately half an hour to setup and pack up their equipment, whereas a DJ takes at least one hour. Lastly live bands can bring personality and stage presence, and the Band Leader can also double as MC. This can save couples a significant amount of money and help keep their wedding under budget.…

My Two Days With the Awesome MSI GT660 Gaming Laptop

My Two Days With the Awesome MSI GT660 Gaming Laptop

I finally got my hands on a MSI GT660 Gaming Laptop, and no, it is not mine… yet. I borrowed this system for two days from a friend (no easy task) and here is my experience with this extraordinary machine.

MSI is proving to be a trusted name in the Gaming Laptop arena. This machine is purposely built and with these hardware, and stylish looks you will not be embarrassed at a LAN party. This laptop will not fall into everyone’s taste, but with the flashy lights on the outside and the glowing MSI logo, it certainly makes a statement. Lots of glossy surfaces are mixed with matte black add a Knight Rider aesthetic, according to MSI. Touch-sensitive LEDs work quite well to activate and de-activate functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other.

The laptop has some very powerful speakers, for a laptop. It produced nice depth of sound while listening to some music MP3’s thanks to a subwoofer built into the bottom of the laptop. I prefer to play games with headphones so the speakers of a laptop are not that important for laptop sport a 16 inch monitor, and although not the biggest available it is very effective. It does help to bring the weight down, but I will not claim that this laptop can be called portable. The screen is a bit reflective and has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

It is easier to carry than a full desktop system, but still 7.4 pounds to carry. Interesting, MSI did not opt for the backlit keyboard option. This could have been a nice feature since most LAN’s are dimly lit. The purpose of this laptop is clear just by glancing at the keyboard: the WASD, the 8462 an arrow keys are colored red, which corresponds to most games default keys for movement. The keyboard is effective and has a nice feel to it.

PerformanceBuilt for gaming, MSI added the 1.6-GHz Intel Core i7 Q720 CPU and 6GB of RAM. This gives it enough power to be quite useful for some time. The GT660 also sports two 7200-rpm hard drives, for a total of 1 TB storage space. Interesting enough this is one of the first laptops I saw that has USB 3.0, although I was unable to test their speed.

Of course the biggest question still remains: how does it handle games? Containing a Nvidia GeForce GTX 285M graphics card with 1 GB of dedicated memory led to an impressive 3DMark06 score of 12,633. This translated into a very enjoyable gaming experience. I had only a few games to test, but they all played really well. Batman: Arkham Asylum played remarkably well at 1024×768 with 52 fps. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare achieved over 110 fps at the same resolution. At higher resolutions game play do suffer, but since I usually play at this resolution, I was impressed.

VerdictWill I buy one? I would if I had the money. …

The Language of Music: Helping Develop Communication Skills With Musical Theory

The Language of Music: Helping Develop Communication Skills With Musical Theory

According to Victor Hugo “Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” While music is an expression of emotional and artistic value, it also helps form the building blocks of our ability to communicate. Singing to young children seems to come naturally to parents but even our one-sided conversations with young children take on unique tonal variations, i.e. ‘baby talk’. For many on the autism spectrum and other non-verbal learners, developing an understanding of musical theory may also help foster core communication skills.

The A, B, C’s

Western musical theory makes use of the A, B, C pattern to label the tonalities that make up an octave. The act of working with these symbols, pairing them with other indicators, i.e. musical notes and arranging them in stylized patterns mirrors typical skills associated with early grammar.

Spelling Words

Musical notation is conveniently divided into measures or bars. While these all contain a certain number beats, developing the skill of reading music involves combining these variables (or notes in each measure) and executing the response. Students of music will understand that when you encounter the notes C, E and G, you execute a C Major chord without consciously identifying each note. In other words, we all had to be taught to identify certain combinations of letters and then read them without breaking down each letter or syllable. Reading and playing music follow these same principles.

Forming Sentences

Not surprisingly, if each measure is comparable to a word, then reading multiple measures can be viewed as a reading a sentence. Reading musical notation also follows the ‘top left – to bottom right’ sequence used in western grammar. Students and connoisseurs of Bach will note that later, advanced music often has multiple “voices” which can each be seen as simultaneous sentences being enacted or played by the musician(s).

Conjugate the Verb

Music, as with grammar, has its own series of rules and standards. Codas, sharps, flats, repeats, rests and other concepts can be taught but eventually become second nature. I would be hard-pressed to recall each and every grammatical rule concerning verb conjugation, yet the knowledge is expressed in the execution.…

Music Mixing Techniques to Teach Yourself How to Produce Music

Music Mixing Techniques to Teach Yourself How to Produce Music

Music mixing techniques are a very tricky thing when you do not know how to produce music. I have been mixing music myself now for around five years and I have found that you learn new music mixing tips every day and it is important for anyone from any genre of music to know and try some new, simple, easy practises to improve what you are mixing and also to inspire yourself to think of new way to produce music. I am going to mention a few music production tips that aim to help make your songs sound better.

Distance/Front and Back – When mixing it is a wise idea to think of your song as if you are packing a square box with sound; some sounds/instruments within the song/box will be at the front, high, in front and on top of other sounds/instruments, some sounds/instruments will not be so close to the front and will be low down. To move sounds/instruments up and down we use the volume on each fader, to move it backwards and forwards we would use the EQ.

If you wanted to create a feeling of distance you would need to remove higher and lower frequencies because in a natural environment air removes high frequency the further away you get and the bass dissipates, so you would be looking at working within a range of 275hz-2500khz and editing it until you have the right feel/distance. You will also need to also remove frequencies of around 200hz and down.

A Dominate Bass Sound – If you were looking to get a deep thick bass guitar/keyboard sound you could do what I always do, which is to put to put a high pass filter on the bass track at 50hz and a low pass filter at 250hz. The only other sound/instrument that should have joint access to these frequencies is the bass/kick drum. Put the same settings on the bass/kick drum but, use the parametric EQ to boost the bass drum by +3 at around 100hz and use this same frequency set up on the bass guitar but have a -5 setting on the parametric EQ. This will ensure the bass drums makes it through the mix and will make it have a driving bass throughout the song…

The New Nokia 5530 Makes an Entrance

The New Nokia 5530 Makes an Entrance

The latest XpressMusic phone to be brought out by Nokia is the Nokia 5530. This touch screen phone is an excellent mobile phone which hits all the right notes. Its full display screen encompasses the whole of the front of the phone and is the basis for accessing all of its functions. The functions offer the means to engage in numerous activities and the phone does them all very well.

The phones outer casing is 104mm x 49mm wide, whilst only being 13mm thick. It weighs in at 107 grams. The handset operates with an ARM 11 434 MHz processor, which is a powerful and stable processor offering more than enough processing power. The operating system is the Symbian OS v9.4.

The phones focal point is the 2.9 inch TFT resistive touch screen. The screen is large and colourful. It displays up to 16 million colours and their variants to produce images of excellent colour reproduction. The screen is 360 x 640 pixels in size and comes with a host of sensors to make its owners life easier. A proximity sensor is provided for auto turn-off whilst the accelerometer sensor is there to auto rotate images to their optimum aspect ratio. For those who prefer data entry in other forms, handwriting recognition is offered.

The phones camera is 3.15 mega pixels and has an operating resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Autofocus is included which is always a useful feature, as well as an LED flash. The camera also provides the means to take video footage, which is at 15 frames per second. A useful photo editor is included within the package to allow editing on the fly.

Connectivity is provided by numerous means and includes microUSB, Blue tooth, GPRS and EDGE. For internet connectivity the phone comes with an integrated Wi-Fi, which can take advantage of nationally available hot spots.

Entertainment is provided by the stereo FM radio with RDS, which offers the ability to tune in to local and national radio broadcasts and a comprehensive MP3/MP4 player which plays a multitude of music and video file types which includes WMA, WAV, RA and AAC.

The Nokia 5530 is a well proportioned and impressive mobile phone, it has a similar feel to its Nokia counterpart the Nokia 5800 Comes with Music, both of which are excellent phones that offer functionality in a simple and user friendly way.…

Dell Studio 15 Laptops – Best for Office Use

Dell Studio 15 Laptops – Best for Office Use

There was a time when offices used to be occupied with piles of files. But ever since people took to laptops, these piles have vanished. This is because the data can now be saved in one small laptop. There could be many laptops in the market, but the Dell Studio 15 laptops are the best for office use.

The data related to all your office work can be saved in one laptop, by making separate files for different assignments. This also depends upon the memory or space available in the laptop. Moreover, there are certain features as well that make a laptop fit and accurate for office use. The entire official requirement can be found or installed in the laptop as well. These are the office programs which aid in all forms in making the office load a bit lighter. After all, it is the installed program that makes a laptop worth buying. This is also a deciding factor for the prices.

Dell studio 15 price could vary from that of some other laptop in the market. This variation is basically due to the variation in the processor of the laptop and the memory capacity of the hard drives. Apart from that, there are certain other features as well which marks the difference in the Dell 15 Studio prices. These are the screen resolution and sound and picture quality. When you carry on the presentation on 15.4 inches of wide screen and the 1280×800 dpi of resolution of the Dell 15 Studio, you would realize why there is a difference in Dell Studio 15 laptop price. But that is not all that the laptop is meant for. Apart from the office work, Dell laptops also help students a lot.

One can even watch a movie or any other DVD on the laptops. Since we can connect to World Wide Web on laptops, we can even reach out to our loved ones residing at some far off place. The web camera of the laptop also enables the user to have live chat with friends and relatives no matter how far they are.…

Beginners Guide to a Gaming Laptop

Beginners Guide to a Gaming Laptop

In the recent past, technology has improved quite a lot. First laptops were only meant for professional purpose but now laptops are also being used solely for gaming. Gaming laptops give you the freedom to play your game anytime at any place. So, if you are someone who is always on the move then it would be a decision to buy a gaming notebook.

Selecting a laptop is not easy. There are so many features that you will find it very difficult to make a choice. When it comes to buying laptops you should keep in mind that appearances are deceptive. A laptop that looks good is not always the best laptop.

The first and the foremost thing that will help you in making a decision is its price. The price should fit in your budget and at the same time provide you with the specs you want. Once you have a price in mind, you can narrow down to laptops that fit in your budget. You can buy a good gaming laptop for around 1000 USD. If you are planning to buy a laptop with high end specifications, you will have to pay around 2000 or 3000 USD. If you are running low on budget and you are only able to spend around 800 USD, you will be able to find a few laptops in that price range, however such laptops may not be able to play today’s visually demanding games.

The graphics card is a must when it comes to choosing a reliable gaming laptop. A laptop with 512MB graphics card is good provided it is a dedicated graphics card. When you are looking for gaming notebooks, you should not go for laptops that have integrated graphics chip as these are not good for gaming purpose.

The processor is the next thing you need to check. A processor with a processing speed of 2GB is good enough for gaming. Dual core processor laptops can play high graphics game smoothly. Intel and AMD are the two famous manufacturers. The only thing you should keep in mind about the processor is that it should provide good processing speed.

To make sure that your game works smoothly along with your graphics card, you need to have at least 2 GB or more of RAM. The other things you need to take into account are the hard disk space, battery life, and its weight. Lastly, do not forget to perform a search online to find a reliable graphic word.…

Get Protection And Your Own Unique Style With Computer Laptop Sleeves

Get Protection And Your Own Unique Style With Computer Laptop Sleeves

Every person that uses a laptop understand how essential is it to keep it protected and the best way to achieve that is with computer laptop sleeves. What most people are unaware of is that your laptop sleeve offers protection, but is can also show your own unique personality.

There are so many different options for sleeves these days that finding one that fits who you are is not going to be a problem for anyone. Most people spruce up their laptops to fit their style, so why not do the same with your laptop sleeve.

You will find sleeves that are different designs, colors or there are some that are clear. The clean sleeve is very popular with many people because it lets your laptop show through.

This way you don’t have to spend time searching for the correct sleeve that fits your personality. Since you laptop has already been transformed into your own style and design, why not let it show through?

Since the clear sleeve can be zipped up, it offers good protection for your computer. Plus, if you find the right one, you can get one that has air cushion technology. This is very effective for protecting your laptop.

Many of the different sleeves offer different options for offering protection, so this is definitely something you want to check into more. Everyone knows that protection is the number one function of the sleeve, but that doesn’t mean it can’t reflect you also.

Now, the first thing you have to do is to decide if you want to get a sleeve that has a design, a specific color, a clear one to let your laptop show off your personality, or if you prefer a custom sleeve.

Once you make your choice, the next step is to start looking at all of your options. Be sure to take time to check out more than one. This way you will know what your choices are, which will make it much easier for you to locate the best one for you.

Just take your time and don’t rush your decision because you have to be smart and find the one that gives your laptop the vital protection needed, while at the same time making a statement about you.

Computer laptop sleeves don’t have to be boring, while offering protection for your computer. You can choose one that is as unique as you are, with all of the choices these days, so when people notice it, they will know immediately who the laptop and sleeve belong to. Start looking today to locate your perfect sleeve because you will be surprised at the number of choices available.…

Organ Playing: Five Tips Which Will Help You To Play Smoothly, Freely, and Without Interruptions

Organ Playing: Five Tips Which Will Help You To Play Smoothly, Freely, and Without Interruptions

Every organist wants to achieve a high degree of fluency while playing the organ. It is rewarding to be able to perform pieces without mistakes, without faltering, and without stopping. However, achieving this level requires a very specific way of practicing without which your chances to succeed are not as high. In this article, I will give you five tips which will help you to play the organ smoothly, freely, and without interruptions.

Practice in a slow tempo. When you start practicing a new organ composition, it is crucial to play in such a tempo in which you could avoid making mistakes. Usually, this means practicing very slowly. Don’t worry so much about the concert tempo. You will be able to achieve it naturally, when you are ready.

Practice in voice combinations. If you have a challenging polyphonic piece, such as a fugue in front of you, it is best not to jump and play all the voices right away but patiently practice in solo voices first. Usually this is not too difficult. When you can play your piece fluently in separate voices, start working in two-voice combinations. Later advance to three voices and only at the end, when you can play this version correctly at least three times in a row practice all the voices together.

Choose compositions of your ability. Although it is tempting to play your favorite pieces right from the beginning, always think about your technical ability level. So choose the pieces wisely. This may mean that some of your favorite organ works must wait until you are ready for them. For example, if your dream is to be able to play Widor’s Toccata, start with easier French Romantic pieces first.

Practice in fragments repeatedly.I have seen many of my students play organ music from the beginning until the end in their practice. Although this is not necessarily an incorrect approach, the best way to practice is to choose shorter episodes or fragments and practice them over and over. This way you can correct your mistakes right away and develop the right practicing habits. It is not too difficult to decide when you have practiced this fragment enough times. I suggest a minimum of 3 correct repetitions in a row.

Write in fingering and pedaling. Although this particular point might be a little boring, but trust me, it is well worth your time and effort. You see, whenever you encounter a problematic place and make a mistake, chances are that you need to think about more efficient fingering and pedaling. Do not play the organ music with accidental fingerings. Since your fingers can remember the particular passages, it is very wise to reinforce the correct fingering. Since pedal playing is a new skill for every beginner organist, writing in pedaling is even more important.

As you probably understood, practicing this way requires certain amount of patience. It is important not to …