Music Practice Charts – Plan and Record Your Lessons

Music Practice Charts – Plan and Record Your Lessons

Planning is a very essential part of teaching music. Since you are not only dealing with music, but also with students, you need to ensure that your classes have some definite structure to them. In order to plan your lessons well, you can take the help of some useful Music Practice Charts.

They can be used to record the various lessons that must be practiced by students at home. You can give these to your students in the form of an assignment or homework, and ask them to list down the various observations that they have had while practicing. It will help them understand the following lessons better.

Within these charts, you can write down what the students must focus on. It helps in ensuring that your students stay focussed. Often while doing their homework, students don’t know the objective of the lesson. It doesn’t really help, as they will then just be practicing blindly. But with the help of Music Practice Charts, and proper notes attached, they will be able to work on what you have in mind, and then understand and appreciate the lessons better.

These charts help you as well, to record information. When students come back with their work done, you can make a note against their progress in your own sheet. By having a full view of what you have done till now, you will be able to determine if you are lagging behind in the syllabus, moving ahead, or are digressing from the objective. These Music Practice Charts help you stay focused, and ensure that your classes don’t lose their basic structure and objective.

Music Practice Charts also help students map their own progress. You can put some colourful stickers for them with your remarks when students complete their work on time. With this, your students feel motivated and interested.