Royal Theme? Do Not Forget the Music

Kate Middleton and the Prince of Wales participated in a memorable wedding ceremony. In addition to the Queen of England being present, the two had their ceremony in a beautiful Church and drove away in a stylish car. Although every bride cannot have a Kate Middleton wedding, she can have a royal theme. While planning for the perfect gowns and decorations is exciting, it is vital that the bride and planner remember the music.

Although the reception was nontraditional, The Royal Wedding ceremony was in line with protocol. Everyone rested to their feet when the bride entered and the groom did not look at her as she approached the altar. The two mates recited their wedding vows and exited the ceremony when instructed to do so by the minister. Kate’s wedding dress was of the highest elegance and her bridesmaid gowns were also beautiful.

While the average bride may not be capable of mimicking the Royal ceremony because of financial restraints, she can select music that speaks of royalty. Instead of playing the traditional “Here Comes The Bride” song, individuals should try a classical piece that exhibits majestic sounds. There are an array of artists that compose pieces in modern day that reflect the traditions of Beethoven and Amadeus. The task of the bride is to find these artists. If “Here Comes The Bride” is chosen instead of a more majestic piece, it would be great to have a live orchestra playing as the bride enters. Although this option is rather expensive, it will create the perfect royal atmosphere for the bride who can afford it.

During the wedding ceremony it is best to have a minimal amount of solo selections. Although sermonic solos add to the flavor of the wedding, royal weddings have an elegance to them that do not require additional finesse. If a soloist is selected, the planner should ensure that she will be rendering an appropriate song. While a song speaking of the beauty of love is appropriate, a selection that speaks of intimacy is not. A royal wedding with an opera selection is ideal, though such singers can be difficult to schedule. In essence, more attention should be invested into the best entrance song than in finding the right soloist. Although vocal selections are important, the entrance song sets the tone for the entire wedding. Whereas the right song can create a pleasant atmosphere, the wrong song may hinder guests from enjoying the ceremony.

Equally important is the elegance of the exit music at a royal wedding. Playing selections from a rock band as the bride and groom exit is not appropriate at a royal wedding. If no song can be found to accent the event, brides should consider having an exit without music. Although walking out to the applause of guests is not the best exit, it is better than playing an inappropriate song. Since it is the end of the ceremony and some guests choose not to stay for the reception, playing the wrong song at the end of the event may tarnish the bride and groom’s reputation.