The History of Dubstep in the United Kingdom and United States

Dubstep was deemed “underground” usually, but became more and more popular during the early 2000s. It started in the UK, primarily South London. In a modest town called Croydon, the Big Apple Records retailer functioned as the go-to spot for grunge-y, underground music where fans and performers alike, flocked to find fresh and exciting beats. This kind of style is well regarded for its substantial bass lines, intricate drumbeats and now and again, vocals.

Some of the very first dubstep tunes were released in 1998, but were mainly heavily experimental and rather sinister. This type of “garage music” began to attain foothold in one of London’s clubs, “Plastic People” during their “Forward” theme nights. They were among the first to market this musical style even when it had been still in the start up period. This club was a key component in establishing Dubstep into a better recognized genre in the UK. The phrase “Dubstep” appeared more unique from the prevailing grime and 2-step music genres.

Dubstep had its followers even during its conception; one in particular was BBC Radio 1. One of their DJs, John Peel, began spinning tunes of this unique style dating back to 2003, when hardly anyone knew about it yet. Dubstep’s reach widened past localized scenes around 2006, so much that opportunity-hunters competed to make web pages to cater to this maturing style. Some of them are dubstepforum, guttterbreakz and Barefiles. In contrast, magazines like Pitchfork Media, grasped the massive potential of Dubstep and publicized stories on this unique happening in the music business. Yet another critical figure in the prosperity of the genre was Mary Anne Hobbs, who focused an entire show to it named “Dubstep Warz” in early 2006.

In the past decade, Dubstep has grown to be much more common, most especially in the United Kingdom where it has been typically successful financially as more tracks move up within the music charts. Artists too, have found inspiration in this one of a kind style of music and have worked this into their art pieces. Producers and musicians have since sprung sub-genres from the primary style and have come up with a harsher variant with the help of heavy metal factors known as post-Dubstep that’s been mainly popular in the United States Of America.

Presently, Dubstep has developed into a mixture of several elements, from techno, to electronica, to grime – pretty much everything. This particular genre is constantly changing, with all the sway of the world wide web at the leading edge of this movement. It’s mind-boggling to see the improvement it has made in the past three years alone, over mainly underground and “hipster” web sites and radio. Despite the numerous takes on this relatively new sound, musicians and music companies all around the world have become creative, even remixing original songs into “Dubstep remixes” to fulfill the interest in the expanding fan-base. The almost-permanently suppressed bass produces an almost underwater vibe to club-goers and music-fanatics alike, and the regular, persistent stream of progression throughout the track is a superb illustration of how much more potential Dubstep has to mature and evolve in the years to come. With the use of more advanced electronics, the possibilities of Dubstep are limitless.

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