Spiritual Development and the Healing Power of Music

Healing is a necessary part of ongoing spiritual development and self growth. We all have the ability to heal, but so often it just lies dormant, awaiting our willingness to be open and receptive to a change in consciousness. Music awakens us to a vibrational energy which is “the most metaphysical and mystical force in all nature.” David Tame.

The healing power of sound and music is certainly not a recent discovery. In the bible we read of the walls of the city of Jericho tumbling down at the sound of rams’ horns whilst the rest of the army stood completely silent. In fact, the ancients seemed far more familiar with, and trusting of, this form of healing than modern day man. Perhaps they inherently knew and understood that sound was the primal breath of all creation, and we are just beginning to remember the truth of our beginnings. We can now intentionally tap into the positively charged vibrational energies of sounds and music that surround us each and every day, and use these to bring about healing on all levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Modern day researchers are showing that sound and music can significantly influence our health, our physical bodies, our state of mind and our emotions. Knowing this, it is of the utmost importance that we closely monitor the sounds around us. Our environment has become filled with negatively charged vibrations, many of which are inaudible, low frequency sounds.

The great news is that we have the ability to change the effects of these negative sounds. By spending time listening to beautiful music or spiritual music, which soothes the mind, heart and soul, we begin to tune into the rhythms and sounds of the universe. We must remember though, that what may be a magical sound to one person may be a nightmare to someone else. Each person is uniquely created, and, as such, has his/her own unique healing process.

Music has the ability to open the hearts of those searching for healing, and allows them to be immersed in emotions needed to be felt at a spiritual level rather than just at a physical level. At present, there are many who believe that music equates to a microcosm of the order of the universe, following universal law.

Deepak Chopra explains it so beautifully when he writes in his book, Quantum Healing, “the reality of music is the shimmering, beautiful, invisible form that haunts our memories without ever being present in the physical world.”

Music feeds and nourishes us in ways that we don’t realise or understand, but we know that it has the power to heal us and keep us healthy and whole; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Music is the pulse of creation, moving in and through everything in the form of vibration; it harmonises with the cosmos. Through music, we can draw on the intuitive knowledge that lies deep within each individual cell. Music acts as a guide through the maze of expanding consciousness and guides us along a path to deep spiritual healing and fulfilment, where we find the truth in truly knowing the Divine.

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