Music Mixing Techniques to Teach Yourself How to Produce Music

Music mixing techniques are a very tricky thing when you do not know how to produce music. I have been mixing music myself now for around five years and I have found that you learn new music mixing tips every day and it is important for anyone from any genre of music to know and try some new, simple, easy practises to improve what you are mixing and also to inspire yourself to think of new way to produce music. I am going to mention a few music production tips that aim to help make your songs sound better.

Distance/Front and Back – When mixing it is a wise idea to think of your song as if you are packing a square box with sound; some sounds/instruments within the song/box will be at the front, high, in front and on top of other sounds/instruments, some sounds/instruments will not be so close to the front and will be low down. To move sounds/instruments up and down we use the volume on each fader, to move it backwards and forwards we would use the EQ.

If you wanted to create a feeling of distance you would need to remove higher and lower frequencies because in a natural environment air removes high frequency the further away you get and the bass dissipates, so you would be looking at working within a range of 275hz-2500khz and editing it until you have the right feel/distance. You will also need to also remove frequencies of around 200hz and down.

A Dominate Bass Sound – If you were looking to get a deep thick bass guitar/keyboard sound you could do what I always do, which is to put to put a high pass filter on the bass track at 50hz and a low pass filter at 250hz. The only other sound/instrument that should have joint access to these frequencies is the bass/kick drum. Put the same settings on the bass/kick drum but, use the parametric EQ to boost the bass drum by +3 at around 100hz and use this same frequency set up on the bass guitar but have a -5 setting on the parametric EQ. This will ensure the bass drums makes it through the mix and will make it have a driving bass throughout the song