Need a Cheap New Laptop? Here’s How to Get the Very Best Deal!

Need a Cheap New Laptop? Here’s How to Get the Very Best Deal!

A cheap new laptop is a prize. A good cheap new laptop, though, might be considered the holy grail of personal electronics shopping. The reward of the careful comparison shopper and patient laptop researcher.

Of course, you’re a smart shopper–and you can figure out how to find a stellar deal and grab the best laptop prices. But why not get a little assistance and benefit from a laptop review blogger’s research? Maybe you’ll find a tip or two here that will save you time and money.

Let the “Early Adapters” Chase After the Latest Technology

It’s easy to convince yourself that you ought to have whatever is cutting-edge and new when you buy a laptop. After all, computers become obsolete so rapidly that there are some good arguments for getting as much as possible of the “latest and greatest” when you go looking for a cheap new laptop. Remember, though, that some bells and whistles are more for entertainment or convenience than for performance. Don’t skimp on performance, but don’t think you have to have the very best DVD and gaming capabilities, either. You’ll pay a high price for these–and insisting on having that stuff may lead you to overlook some excellent laptop values. Here are the minimum performance-related criteria you should be looking for if you are a student or professional:

Processor speed – 2 GHz and up

Memory – At least 1GB of RAM installed

Hard drive – 40 GB to 60 GB

Screen size – Around 15″ for the best blend of portability and viewing experience

Weight – 5 lbs and under

Battery Life – At least 4 hours. (The low-voltage models now offer up to 12, by the way.) Also consider buying an additional battery when you make your purchase.

Buy a refurbished laptop

I’ve heard it said, when seeking computer buying advice, “Once a lemon, always a lemon.” In other words (or so my uber-geek friends have told me), if a computer didn’t work right for the person who first purchased it, it’ll never work quite right for anyone else. I’m sorry–but I just don’t buy this. There are a million reasons why someone might return a computer (including just being too computer-illiterate to know how to use it properly). I have personally had very experiences with buying a cheap new laptop from refurbished computer outlets.

Buy from a total geek

I’m being a little tongue in cheek here, but what I’m really saying here is, if you’re willing to have your cheap new laptop actually be a (slightly) used new laptop, chase after the early adapters. We all know that person whose idea of obsolescence is a year-old computer that can’t run World of Warcraft with quite the smoothness in high-def mode that it once did. Or whose identity is so defined by the computer subculture that it is an embarrassment to have an “older model” laptop. Try looking on Craigslist. …

Most Important Aspects of Gaming Notebook Computers

Most Important Aspects of Gaming Notebook Computers

No more do you have to use a super powerful desktop computer to play games, the gaming laptop is now gaining tremendous popularity due to increased performance of laptops. It seems every year or so we are seeing tremendous breakthroughs in notebook technology such as dual core processors, increase storage, more RAM, faster chipsets, more battery life and many more.

However for performance intensive activities such as gaming, only the top of the line will cut it. Gamers are increasingly demanding on technology, they are on the cutting edge of technology and know exactly what they want. As a result, they typically either build their own laptops or have them built to spec for them by the most reputable manufacturers.

One of the most important considerations for gamers is the ability to upgrade components on a regular basis since the computing industry advances so quickly. In fact, notebook technology changes every year if not every six months significantly.

Here are some of the critical areas gamers focus on when shopping for laptop computers.

Only the Best Graphics Technology

Gamers absolutely must have the fastest and hence the latest graphics technology available. In fact they are obsessed with acquiring the most cutting-edge graphic chipset’s as soon as they are released.

The Most RAM Available

In addition to the latest graphics technology, most gamers preferred the absolute most RAM available for their systems. RAM or random access memory is responsible for processing and graphics files, so it is closely related to the graphics chipset. Additionally, the more RAM you have the more programs you can have open at the same time without worrying about performance issues. So naturally, and gamers want the most RAM possible.

The Most Speed Available

Gamers need absolutely the fastest computers money can buy. The faster a gaming laptop is, the better it can handle 3-D video games without the PC freezing up in the middle of your session

The processing unit or CPU is responsible for the computer speed for the most part. It is essentially your computer’s brain, which does all the data processing. However since it’s the most important aspect of the computer, it tends to also be the most expensive.

The Sharpest Display

The final element to a gamers dream laptop notebook is its display. Gamers need only the sharpest and brightest of displays. After all, the display is what all the other laptop components are working towards. For the absolute best gaming experience, make sure your resolution (display quality) is the finest money can buy. The best way to make sure your display is able to handle the latest 3-D gaming technology, be sure to view your laptop in person and give it the eye test. You should be able to tell what the image quality is like from checking out the laptop and a local computer store.…

Music As Seductive As Casanova

Music As Seductive As Casanova

I just came back from my yoga practice and I was angrier then when I entered. I let my mind wonder inwardly and let feelings distract me. Why? Today we listened to classical music, which I found distracting. Other times, the music of the yoga class has been without melody and rhythm; The rhythm of the music influenced my body rhythm. My mind was not still, because I was subconsciously following the melody.

I was singing along Antonioni’s Adagio and Beethoven’s Pathetique. They were sounds and melodies that brought me to a personal place of memories of the past, when I was an active musician.

How seductive, and controlling music is. It is always palpable. The steady beat of the marches coercing armies into war, to the rock and roll sounds to change one’s mood but seeking a connection, the languid Latin love songs and ballads that entice us to love even for a moment, to the languid rhythm to dance to connect sexually, to the lullabies to seduce a baby to sleep.

Still in my post-yoga meditating state, my mind went to The Fez Sacred Music Festival in Morocco, which I assisted in a study, during my doctoral research, on the different responses to music. I remembered how I felt suspended in Fez, listening to the Sufi orchestra. Because I could not sing along with it, I felt very much in the NOW and no personal memories surfaced. Non-western music, syncopated and dissonant with droning sounds; is meant to transcend spirituality and physicality, in attempts to re-experience the union with the divine, rather than attempting to generate humanly love and personal memories.

Where words and melodies of the Western world are meant to connect you with your personal memories, music without words, or words we don’t understand and melodies that we can’t follow or predict have a more transcendence of selflessness. Secular music attempts to generate humanly love. The Supreme connection in sacred music is the Collective Unconscious, the Universe. The connection in secular music is a Personal Unconscious, the union between two people. Where secular music attempts to transfix listeners in the present, sacred music carries us beyond it. Past and future are implicit as they represent the meaning of the ritual.

With Fez music, I felt connected universally and cosmically. This morning I was not able to connect with my inner self, because the melodies distracted me, brought back memories. I felt seduced by the melody that is very much still in my cortex.

As I am writing I am singing to the Pathetique, and it is bringing me to a place that I really did not choose. I want to feel again the divine connection that I felt listening to the Sufi music. I would like to release this sensation in my cortex, and just be.

Yes, music is like the late Casanova. Now I will need the best music of all, silence.…

HP Envy 17 2090NR Notebook for the Serious Gamer

HP Envy 17 2090NR Notebook for the Serious Gamer

The future of “state of the art”, the HP ENVY 17 2090NR was designed to meet every PC user’s needs and bring their experience to a whole new level with its amazing 3D technology. Being one of the most respected and well trusted brands for personal computers and laptops alike, HP has developed a machine that gives a very unique user experience making it worth every cent. The HP ENVY 17 2090NR includes premium materials and is equipped to perform, it combines the latest designs and computer technology to give a one of a kind 3D experience that excels beyond any other 17 inch notebook on the market today.

Owning the HP ENVY 17 2090NR is like having your own private big screen. Its 17.3 inch Ultra BrightView display boasts a 1080p resolution that brings every detail to life, crystal clear. It comes with HP 3D active Shutter Glasses that sync wirelessly with what is displayed on screen to deliver an amazing, multi dimensional viewing experience. Its laser etched, aluminum finish is really a head turner for the fashion conscious.

Empowered with the latest 2nd generation Intel core i7-2630QM with Turbo Boost Technology and 8 GB’s of DDR3 memory, this PC will outperform all the competition. Equipped with the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) operating system, it surpasses everyone’s expectation for a laptop. Edit all your word documents, surf the web, browse family photos, listen to your favorite music, play the latest games and watch the biggest movie releases, all in 3D!

HP ENVY 17 2090NR has preloaded MS Office 2010 for your Excel and Word document needs. It has Gigabit Ethernet that lets you connect to any network with ease or connect to a wireless network through HP’s new Wireless-N Technology. It also uses Beats Audio and HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer for an optimum sound quality for both its built in speakers or headphone use. The Beats Audio system is known for its world class audio quality, it has a powerful, clear and crisp sound with deep controlled bass, being highly recommended by professionals and music artists all across the globe.

Included is the Radeon 6850M graphics card with 1024MB GDDR5 of memory, meaning gaming has never been this fun. Imagine your character battling dragons and super villains in 3D. Even regular 2D games will automatically become 3D when played using your HP ENVY 17 2090NR.

Aside from these features, The HP ENVY 17 2090NR also includes the following, An Intel Quad Core Processor for high speed processing of data, Backlit keyboard for low room light use, Bluetooth for easy Wireless sharing, Multi touch Pad, USB 3.0 with 5 ports, Blu-ray player and many more. This laptop gives you all the power you need from one of the most respected brands in the industry.…

Why Choose The ASUS G73SW XA1 Gaming Laptop

Why Choose The ASUS G73SW XA1 Gaming Laptop

For all gaming fanatics out there, this ASUS G73SW XA1 is truly a must have. Considered as one of the most powerful gaming laptops ever made, this one of a kind notebook had already made its mark for gamers. The best games in the market require superior performance. The ASUS G73SW XA1 does not strive to hit a game’s minimum requirements for play but it dominates them for a much thrilling experience for usual gamers and newbie as well. Equipped with the best performing processors and chips available, this PC gives pumps up the adrenaline and brings gaming into a whole different level.

Powered with the latest Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7-2630QM, quad core processor with Turbo Boost Technology, combined with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system, it can easily give off the fastest speed and responsiveness ever for tasks with high memory usage with no sweat at all. Create your own digital videos, make 3D animations, and for its forte, play the newest high end games with this PC and be surprised with its excellent performance. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics engine with a stunning 1.5 GB GDDR5 VRAM embedded on this machine is bigger than traditional gaming laptops thus, it can make you stay in front of your PC forever. It enhances video graphics to a full extent for a more dynamic gaming experience. Hyper-Threading Technology on this ASUS G73SW XA1 can process data in eight threads all at the same time. Packed with 750GB 7200RPM hard drive and 8GB of DDR3 system memory, it can easily store game and media files and browse them with convenience at any time. Inspired to look like a US stealth fighter, the ASUS G73SW XA1 has a unique thermal design that switches airflow and directing it away from its user plus it keeps it cool even for prolonged use.

Play your favorite alien shooter or dragon slaying game with a vivid and vibrant 17.3 inch LED backlit Full HD display smoothly and with amazing clarity. This large screen with matrix HD 120 Hz comes with shutter glasses will let you enjoy three dimensional images. Yup, 3D! Gaming will never be the same again with the ASUS G73SW XA1. Complemented with EAX Advanced HD 5.0 Audio that delivers a fantastic and premium sound quality, this PC will blast your ears off. The backlit illuminated keyboard will surely be a lot of help while playing with low room light. 8-cell Lithium Ion batteries that can last up to 3.5 hours even while playing games. Other features of this laptop includes a Gigabit LAN and Wireless Connectivity for convenient network and web browsing, Bluetooth capability, Super Speed USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports for fast transferring of files and data, Super Multi DVD drive that can play almost anything, an 8 in 1 Card Reader, 2.OM Webcam and microphone.

Never will you regret having one of these ASUS G73SW XA1 gaming laptops. …

The Top 5 Jeff Buckley Quotes

The Top 5 Jeff Buckley Quotes

What are the top 5 Jeff Buckley quotes? This question had a friend and I going at it pretty good the other day. For anyone that doesn’t know, Jeff Buckley is one of the most critically acclaimed artists of our time. But that really means nothing. What is more impressive is the massive following of super loyal fans that he has managed to amass, and how he did it with only one studio release. Of course we never did get to see his proper sophomore effort (Sketches is really a collection of demos) before his tragic death, but what he left with us is some of the most magic music of the 20th century. Now, he has some great lyrics, but what really makes them so momentous is the delivery of his vocal performance; the way he sings those lyrics. But we are not stopping at lyrics, he also has a good collection of his thoughts on life that he left for us. So what are the 5 best Jeff Buckley quotes? Here is the consensus that my buddy and I came up with, in no particular order. See if you agree.

5. “… kiss me out of desire, but not consolation” – from “Last Goodbye”, Grace, 1994.

This is one of those examples of how his performance lends greatness to the lyrics. This is from one of the emotional high points of the song.

4. “If you feel blocked, do not turn to others, but look inside, in silence, for the enemy of your progress” – Jeff Buckley

This one is interesting. It is credited to Jeff, but also to Ralph H. Blum’s The Book of Runes. The gist of the message is that often we and not others are the source of the difficulties and obstacles that we face.

3. “I don’t write my music for Sony. I write it for the people who are screaming down the road crying to a full-blast stereo.” – Jeff Buckley

I think this is why he garnered such a strong cult following. He was on a major label, but his music in some ways was very much indifferent to the big label cookie-cutter machine. Look at “Corpus Cristi… ” for example.

2. “Too young to hold on, and too old to just break free and run.” – Jeff Buckley “Lover, You Should Have Come Over”, Grace, 1994

Many too old-too young sentiments have been bandied about through the years, but Jeff seems to encapsulate the feelings of a young man who wants the benefits of commitment without the willingness to accept responsibility.

1. “Your soul can fly outward, stringed to your ribcage like a shimmering kite in the shape of an open hand. Be still and listen to the evidence of your own holiness.” – Jeff Buckley

What can you say about that one? If only world leaders considered the significance of this quote……

Alienware AM11X-2894CSB 11.6-Inch Laptop – The Gamers Dream Machine

Alienware AM11X-2894CSB 11.6-Inch Laptop – The Gamers Dream Machine

If you are looking for the ultimate gaming laptop for under the $1000 mark, then the Alienware AM11X-2894CSB is the machine for you. Alienware has long been known for producing super high quality and extremely powerful machines and they hold true to their reputation once again. This laptop that comes in at less than 12 inches and under 4.5 pounds helps keep you on the move and not bogged down like other big, bulky, and heavy machines. The long life battery can give you nearly 8 hours and 40 minutes of run time so you don’t have to worry about plugging in during the middle of play.

Technologically speaking, the Alienware AM11X-2894CSB includes a blistering fast Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (SU7300) with 4 gigs of DDR3 1066 MHz RAM; you will be able to outpace your online competition with this gaming machine. The 11.6-inch HD wide-screen with its 720p LCD display will allow you to see even the tiniest details. If you want to surround yourself in the experience, then utilize the HDMI output connection on the Alienware AM11X-2894CSB and connect to the big screen for the ultimate in gaming immersion.

This machine was built while thinking of gamers; so don’t be surprised to find the best HD gaming is on your Alienware AM11X-2894CSB. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 335 M graphics card includes 1 gig of dedicated memory to make image and video processing lag times disappear. Choose between integrated or discreet graphics as you see fit for your power consumption needs. Alienware AM11X-2894CSB comes pre-bundled with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium allowing for a truly intuitive operation.

While designed for gamers, this machine can also easily handle regular computing tasks required by standard machines. This machine is small, light, and fast allowing you to be at your most creative, work harder, and play faster than you’ve ever done before. That is the Alienware mission.…

Music Tattoos For Men: Best Way To Show Your Love For Music

Music Tattoos For Men: Best Way To Show Your Love For Music

Sporting a tattoo is considered one way to show your taste for something. In certain cases, people exhibit it in anticipation of certain things. For instance, a fox tattoo is immensely popular mainly because people think etching such a tattoo on their skin may imbibe traits of a fox in their personality. Let us not forget, it’s true a fox doesn’t possess the best of physical attributes in it. Still, when it comes to being cunning and intelligent, there is hardly any other animal which can fit the bill. Similarly, there are numerous men who have a penchant for music. For them, music tattoos for men would be the best option they can explore.

Most men, who prefer to have a music tattoo, find it one way to turn their mood. For example, whenever sight of a musical symbol meets his eyes, it makes a lousy or a bad mood into a pleasurable one. So, if you too are a music lover, you should opt for music tattoo ideas so that you can find an option that meets your parameters. This suggestion holds especially true in case you are a musician or an enthusiast. There are certain specific music tattoos that are widely popular among them who are always on lookout for these tattoos. Some of the examples for the same include treble clef, notes and the staff. There are a couple of musical instruments which has found a wider acceptance among tattoo lovers such as drums, guitar, flute, saxophone, etc.

There is no hard and fast rule that you will need to abide by in case you desire to have say, punk tattoos. According to your choice and need, you can select a tattoo that can be made on any part of your body. Some parts of a body that is often used in this regard would include wrist, sleeve and ribcage. With each individual parameter of likes and dislikes too differ. So, in case you want to try something different which will have an ethnic touch to it, you may easily choose Celtic tattoos or tribal tattoos. Besides looking different, you can also relish curious onlookers giving a glance at your tattoo and appreciating your taste! It is suggested, you should always adhere to a policy of reviewing your tattoo ideas. This will ensure it remains unique and also looks attractive.

History has it, in ancient days, most intellectuals believed discovery of music had a co-relation with sounds of nature. It depicted many things, for instance, the sound of blowing wind, the flowing water, the drizzling rains, the rustling leaves, the songs of the birds, etc.

There many who just adore sunflower tattoos. In their pursuit to have it, they don’t mind in undergoing through temporary pain which normally results from needle work that forms an integral part of this etching on their skin.…

Circle of Fifths Guitar

Circle of Fifths Guitar

The circle of fifths is a geometrical representation of key signatures used in writing traditional musical notation. For modern guitar players interested in developing a working knowledge of music theory that can be applied specifically to the fretboard the circle of fifths is less useful. But if you insist on exploring the idea you can easily map out the fifth cycle on the guitar neck with patterns.

Guitar players can play the circle of fifths by using two types of fretboard movement. Starting at any fret on string 6 a fifth interval can be played by moving over one string and up two frets. Starting at any fret on string 5 a fifth interval can be played by moving to string 6 and remaining in the same fret. Let’s use these two types of guitar intervals to complete the fifth cycle on the neck. You can start in any key but I’ll begin with the key of F beginning at the 1st fret of string 6.

The 5th from F is C.

The 5th from C is G.

The 5th from G is D.

The 5th from D is A.

The 5th from A is E.

Continue this process until you’ve cycled through all keys. Reverse it to produce the circle of fourths.

You can hear a chord progression based on this type of movement in the song “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. The verse progression is all fifths starting on C.


I should point out here that rather than try to follow each key change with a new parent major scale, Hendrix simply played the E minor pentatonic scale over the whole progression for the lead guitar solo. This works because the E minor pentatonic notes are all found in the same keys that also have the chords. The exception is the E major chord. In its case the minor pentatonic gives the major chord a blues flavor.

So the circle of fifths and the circle of fourths don’t have a whole lot of practical use in music theory for guitar. And if you map out fifth intervals properly on the fret board then you already have the concept down.…

Hollywood Boulevard Honors Country Legend at Alan Jackson Star Ceremony

Hollywood Boulevard Honors Country Legend at Alan Jackson Star Ceremony

Alan Jackson, one of the biggest stars in country music history, received the most flattering honor anyone can ask for in Hollywood.. The Alan Jackson star ceremony on the Walk Of Fame took place on April 18. Jackson has released thirteen albums since he first hit the scene in 1990 and his most recent album, Freight Train, was available on March 30. Now that he is on Hollywood Boulevard, he is guaranteed to go down in the books as an icon of country music.

Although getting recognized on Hollywood Boulevard is an enormous honor, it is hardly the first prestigious award Alan Jackson has received. Throughout the years, he has been honored with fourteen Academy of Country Music Awards and twelve awards given by the Country Music Association. He won the Grammy for Best Country Song in 2002 for his moving tribute to 9/11, “Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning).”

Over the years, Alan Jackson has received many other awards and recognitions that are not honored with statues and stars. In addition to the many impressive awards he has won, he has sold 50-million albums and can boast thirty-four chart topping hits. He shows no signs of stopping at age fifty-one, with a brand new album and an upcoming tour.

Jackson is among a variety of music, television and film stars who have been honored with stars on the Walk Of Fame. Kenny Rogers, Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton are just a few other country artists who have stars to their names. There are even a few fictional icons on The Walk, including Rin Tin Tin and Kermit The Frog.

It may seem as though everyone who has ever graced the stage or screen has their name on Hollywood Boulevard, but they are not actually easy to get. There must be a campaign made by the companies that work with the star being considered. To be eligible, a performer is required to have spent a minimum of five years in the business and to have given back through charity work.

Although many people may be aware of what he does with his extra hours, Alan Jackson has done his share of giving back. He has supported both the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital and the Red Cross. In recent weeks, he played a show to raise money for the families affected by the Upper Big Branch mining disaster.

After receiving his little piece of Hollywood Boulevard, Jackson played an intimate concert for some lucky fans at Hotel Café, a small club in Hollywood. Most of the audience members for the 21-song performance were winners of radio contests who traveled from different parts of the nation for the event. It is rare for Jackson to play such a small venue, especially one including his eight-piece group of musicians.…

Laptop Reviews – ASUS G73JW-A1 Gaming Laptop

Laptop Reviews – ASUS G73JW-A1 Gaming Laptop

Wow! When I first saw the specs on the Asus G73JW-A1, I was blown away. A 17 inch monitor capable of full HD resolution (1920 X 1080); TWO 500GB, 7200 RPM Seagate hard drives; a Blue-Ray reader; a built-for-gamers NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics card with 1.5GB DDR5 memory; the list just gets better. The specs read like a gamers’ rig but all these quality components are housed inside a notebook body!

Asus has long been known in the computer hardware arena for producing quality products. My first desktop had a sweet Asus Mobo that at the time was the envy of many (now it won’t even fetch 1 dollar). Asus notebooks also have the distinction of packing in as much top-of-the-line hardware as possible for a very decent price, and this new gaming laptop model is no exception. The motto of Asus’s success story seems to be ‘Minimum Price, Maximum Power!’.

The Asus G73JW-A1 is just under 9 lbs. in weight. While hefty, it does have a 17 inch screen and Core-i7 chip on board that comes with BOTH an overclocking function AND a TURBO option! However, the main reason for the size and weight is due to the cooling system that Asus designed for this notebook. Obviously aimed at gamers or those who are serious about the multimedia and entertainment capabilities of their machine, Asus’ cooling system allows you to keep your machine on and not experience any change in performance due to heat. There’s also the 8-cell Lithium Ion battery pack that gives you almost 3 hours of up-time. That’s a fantastic feat for a notebook for this size and specs!

Some might gripe that the Asus G73JW-A1 doesn’t have a multi-touch touch-pad that seems to come standard with many new notebooks there days. However, if you are a serious gamer, I bet you have a very expensive mouse like the Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse and will not lose sleep over multi-touch functionality on your touch-pad.

While it is not the fastest notebook/laptop out there, the Asus G73JW-A1 is definitely a serious contender. I would have to say that Asus got it right when it decided to put this together. Now I just need to scrape enough money together and convince my wife that this is THE computer our family needs; if we buy this, I we will be in Gamers’ Heaven.…

Advertising Advantages of a Custom Laptop Bag

Advertising Advantages of a Custom Laptop Bag

Laptops are an essential item for students in our society today. They are also extremely important for people who make their career from their computers. This is why they need to be protected when they are carried everywhere. This is why one needs something to carry it in. Therefore it is a great opportunity for companies to use to their advantage. One could easily promote their business by handing out a custom laptop bag or with promotional drawstring bags. They are a great branding tool for all company.

Students are a great target for giving these out because students love anything that is free. They often need to carry their laptops from one place to another and therefore need adequate protection for them. Something that lasts for a long time and at the same time is cool will fit every students need. Each custom laptop bag will advertise your company’s name and logo widely because students bring tons of exposure. Students could also use these bags to carry other college materials such as notebooks, paper, pens, heavy books and other necessities. The firms promoting their company name thus gain a lasting and effective branding campaign with the use of these items. These promotional firms could even print other important company information like website information and contact numbers on their products.

These bags also serve as rewards for special clients and exceptional workers. A custom laptop bag can be used as a promotional tool for employees and clients who tend to travel a lot. This helps in advertising the company’s name and logo throughout the world because of exposure. If they look extremely professional they will reflect the quality of your business.

One could choose from a number of styles, colors, and materials to attract a specific people. The more stylish the bag, the more number of people will be seen carrying it. These could be promotional computer bags, backpacks, messenger bags and wheeled bags for those who travel often. These are extremely convenient to carry. If they are multi functional they can be used to carry other items such as pens, files, documents, and cell phones.

Using custom laptop bags as a promotional tool is a great idea for students and business men who are normally using their laptops. With a custom laptop bag, these users will get the required protection they need for their valuable computers while your firm gains advertising benefits. Promotional drawstring bags can be used for any occasion. For instance, they are great for carrying your workout clothes or just to bring a few items with you without packing a whole suitcase.…

Licensing Music – A Must For Every Upcoming Artist

Licensing Music – A Must For Every Upcoming Artist

In the entertainment industry, music plays a very important role. Background music in movies not only brings out emotions in the audience but also adds to the emotional quotient of movies. This is one of the reasons why the demand for talented musicians and song-writers in the music industry is never at bay. Talented individuals with dreams of making it big in their lives step into this industry. Before these upcoming artists release their music, there are some points which they should keep in mind. The most important of them is licensing music.

For every artist, signing up for licensing music is a must in order to protect their creation from illegal use. The advancement of technology has been a boon as well as a curse for artists. Whenever an artist releases his latest album, some online sites purchase and upload it on the Internet. They allow individuals all around the world to download the artist’s creation for free. In this way, several artists fail to get the royalties which they are entitled to. With the popularity of this illegal method all around the world, the importance of licensing music came to notice. When an artist licenses his musical creation, he has every legal right to take serious action against the individual who uses it illegally.

There are several companies that offer the facility of licensing music to artists. If you are a novice in the music industry, then you can seek the help of these professionals to understand all the nitty-gritty involved. Licensing your musical creation not only protects your music from illegal use but it also helps you to enjoy a steady income. When any production house wants to use your musical creation as background music for their films, commercials, etc, they will first have to get your permission. Also, in order to use your creation in their work, they have to pay you some amount of money on behalf of using your license.

In current times, the process of licensing music has become imperative for artists because there have been several cases where their original work has been recognized as the work of others. In such situations, if the work of an artist is not licensed then he cannot take any action against those who are illegally using his music. Thus, in order to avoid this situation it is best if you license your musical piece. But before you license your work, you should know what kind of license will be suitable for you since each license serves a specific purpose. For example, background music license will be different compared to other types of license available.

It is a well-known fact that the process of licensing music will cost you but the license is worth your money. Once all paperwork is complete and you have made the required payment, you will get your license. This license is a form of a contract signifying that your musical creation is …

Audio and Music Mixing

Audio and Music Mixing

When you are starting a mix, you should do what they call a faders up mix. This tutorial will call this the basis of your audio mixing experience. Once you have your general audio signals at a reasonable level, you want to follow this mixing tutorial and start to put equalizers on the tracks that you think will require any of the techniques in this mixing tutorial.


The first thing we want to do in this free online mixing tutorial is get a hp and lp filter on each instrument that you think needs it. This includes the kick drum, snare drum, hats, overheads etc. There are many freeware equalizers that you can use for this purpose. Search the free plugins at the kvr database to find some. Next, clear any mud or boomyness in the 300-400 range on each instrument. If the instrument sounds too thin, go ahead and add some of that “mud” back in.

If you find that during this tutorial for mixing that you need only one band of equalization, you can grab any free graphic equalizer and just pull down the single frequency. This is common practice, since it saves cpu power using a free single band or graphic vst equalizer.

This free online mixing tutorial for audio material assumes you know at least the basics of audio compression using compressors such as the dbx 160 the 1176 or the api 2500 compressors.

Never push over 4db of compression on any instrument, well unless you want your audio to be completely smashed with no dynamics, this online free mixing tutorial assumes that you do not want that.

Here are some great compressors:

Compressive Pro by Martin Eastwood

Density mkII by Bootsie

MCompressor by MeldaProduction


Side Chain Compressor by slim slow slider

In the final stages of this audio mixing tutorial, you will need to know a little about digital reverb. ER times, Reflections, Densities and so on. Convolution reverbs free or payware are a bit costly and give a tunnel type effect. You should use a algo reverb whenever possible, there are many freeware algorythmic reverbs available on the net for free such as KR-Reverb FS. Waves also has a bunch of great reverbs.

Audio and sound mixing is a very rewarding career. Luckily most of the information can be learned pretty quickly due to the fact that a lot of it is talked about openly on the internet.…

Choose the Right Protection For Your Laptop

Choose the Right Protection For Your Laptop

Decide whether a case, sleeve, or shell is right for your laptop.

Case: Use a case if you will carry items other than the laptop or travel with it. When buying a case, make sure that it has a separate sleeve with at least a half-inch of padding to absorb any sudden shocks or bumps.

Sleeve: Use a sleeve if you will transport only the laptop between different locations. When buying a sleeve, make sure that it includes at least a half inch of the padding that fits completely around your laptop.

Shell: Use a shell if you’re leaving the laptop in one general location and are concerned only with preserving the laptop case. When buying a shell, make sure that it surrounds your laptop but still allows for proper venting. Your computer needs to expel hot air in order to cool itself and run efficiently.

Never insert into a case or sleeve a laptop that’s powered on or in Sleep mode. You can cause heat damage to your computer.

Clean the Laptop Case

1. Using a can of compressed air, blow away any excess dust or debris from the case. Concentrate the airflow around any vents on the laptop.

Do not shake the compressed air can before using. Shaking it can send moisture out from the can and damage your laptop components.

2. Spray some cleaning solution on a lint-free cloth or slightly moisten it.

3. Wipe down the case.

4. Wipe away any excess moisture or solution.

Clean the Laptop Screen

1. Turn off your laptop. Use a can of compressed air to blow away any dust or debris from the screen.

2. Put a little water or cleaning solution on a lint-free cloth.

Make sure that the cleaning solution you use is approved for LCD or LED screens. Using the wrong solution can damage the screen.

3. Lightly wipe down the screen.

You must use a lint-free cloth to clean your screen. Anything else might be too abrasive and scratch the screen. Also, do not use too much pressure because doing so can also damage the components of the screen.

4. Wipe away any excess moisture or solution.…

Acer Aspire 1825PTZ Laptop – Not A Bad Deal!

Acer Aspire 1825PTZ Laptop – Not A Bad Deal!

Acer Aspire’s 1825PTZ convertible laptop is a counterpart of the Butterfly Touch. They resemble each other quite a lot. One of the main differences being that the 1825PTZ has a stronger processor and a larger price.

Processor and OS

The 1.6 kilograms 1825PTZ is powered by Intel Pentium dual core SU4100 1.3 GHz processor. It comes pre installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit operating system. The processor works quite fast and is very efficient in its performance. Microsoft Office 2007 trial version is given in the laptop along with Norton Intern Security 2010 Trail version, Windows Live essentials and Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.

RAM & Display

The DDR3 Random Access 1066 Mhz Memory amounts to a total of 3 GB. The hard disk drive runs at 540 rpm with a storage capacity of 250 GB which could be bettered upon. The Optical Drive is 8x DVD+/-RW. The graphics processor is Intel Integrated GMA glossy LED backlit display screen is 11.6 inches giving out a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with capacitive touch. Gigabit Ethernet with 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless has been given. Disappointingly, no mobile internet, modem and a Bluetooth are given.

Camera,Ports & USB

Acer Aspire 1825PTZ sports a 1.3 mega pixels web camera not doing a good job in chats giving out somewhat blurred photos and moving images. HDMI and VGA video connections and headphone (S/PDIF) and microphone connections have been provided. The 5 in 1 card reader is compatible with SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro and xD formats. Three 2.0 USB ports have been provided in the laptop. Digital Dolby Stereo speakers perform commendably. A slot for Kensington lock has been provided. The dimensions of this laptop are as follows- 285 mm width, 208.9 mm depth and 28.5 mm height.

Performance of this Acer laptop

The picture colours and resolution give out excellent clarity on the display screen of Aspire 1825PTZ. The keypad is laid out perfectly but the touch pad is not quick enough in its response. The laptop gives an option to view documents and web pages in portrait style which proves to be a very useful feature.

The multi touch-screen responses actively the only drawback here being its inability to cope with a digitizer pen. The 3 GB RAM is not very impressive as most laptops are offering more storage capacitated RAM. The operating system is however quite smooth in its functioning. The 3D gaming experience is not excellent but not bad either. The 63 Watt-hour 5600 mAh battery performs excellently making it to be the laptops biggest asset.…

The Ideal Gaming Laptop

The Ideal Gaming Laptop

Custom gaming laptop is the talk of the town. They can be used in parties and social occasions. You can make mere gaming a whole new battle of wits with your buddies and schoolroom bullies. With newer, exciting games on the store shelves, you need Three Musketeers to pitch the masterstroke. These are improved Graphics Processing Unit, a capable Random Access Memory and, above all, a fast paced processing system. But apart from these basic needs, you also need a clear and well-defined display for your gaming laptop. These are essential features of a good gaming lap op. Also, look for connectivity to input devices such as joysticks and mouse.

What laptop should you actually buy? This is the million-dollar question that haunts most of the teenyboppers and bummers, who like to sleep over at their friends after an evening of fireworks. The obvious solution is not to go in for big brands, which are not aware of your actual requirements. Choose cheaply priced customized gaming notebooks, which will deliver solidly. Here are some suggestions.

The MSI MS-168213 is an appropriate gaming notebook, customized to meet your needs. Its screen is 16 inches long and, thus, flexible and portable. It comes, tailor made, with a modest web-camera, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless Internet connection and a high definition display. Moreover, it also has a DDR2 memory of 512 Megabytes and Giga Hertz Core Duo Intel CPU. Moreover, an advanced operating system and additional memory can be obtained by paying little.

Another inexpensive gaming notebook is The Sager NP7652. This includes Wi-Fi Internet facilities, connectivity with storage devices and a better web camera with resolution of 2 mega pixels. As added attractions, it has got a 250 gigabyte hard drive, a 512 Mega Byte DDR2 Memory and a finger reader. All this at an understandably cheap price of $784.33!

The Power Battalion 101 CZ-10 Ultra will arrive at your desk with a Windows 7 Home Premium System. The gaming laptop is well suited to its name. It comes with a portable DDR3 Memory with a capacity of 512 Mega Bytes as well as a rare 3D Card! Your gaming experience will take your breath way. There are some luxuries such as an extra 4 GB of memory and an efficient web camera.

The Red Barn Carbon has a larger display monitor of 17 inches. It also comes with an ace NVIDA GeForce graphics card. You can also avail of special benefits and technological updates if you improve your features.

And finally, we turn our attention to Prostar KHLB2 gaming laptop. This little, compact wonder scores high in its connectivity to Bluetooth devices and storage devices, like cellphones and mouse. It is equipped with output ports for external monitors, USB ports for pen drives, disks and memory cards. At a slightly higher price, you can gain extra memory and a 350 GB Hard Drive.…

Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL-A 13-3-inch Laptop Review

Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL-A 13-3-inch Laptop Review

Specifications: The Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL/A 13.3-inch Laptop is powered by an Intel 2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM upgradeable to a maximum 8GB, a 160 GB hard drive and a 8x slot-loading SuperDrive. Other features are the 13.3-inch LED Display, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics card, back-lit keyboard, MagSafe power adapter, built-in iSight web-cam, microphone, two USB 2.0 ports, one FireWire 800 port and an SD card slot.

Design: The Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL/A 13.3-inch Laptop is stunning in design. The MacBook Pro is made from a breakthrough uni-body enclosure manufactured from a single block of aluminum. It measures approximately 12.78 x 8.94 x 0.95 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds inclusive of the battery. This 13.3-inch laptop model is thinner and lighter than its predecessors as well as stronger and more durable thanks to its uni-body aluminum enclosure. The new 13-inch, LED back-lit glass display (instead of an LCD panel) is environmental friendly and uses less power, allowing the built-in notebook battery to last for up to 7 hours. The full-size back-lit keyboard allows for typing in the dark and the button-less glass track pad features Apple’s patented Multi-Touch technology for smooth and user-friendly browsing.

Features & Performance: The Intel Core 2 Duo processor (with 3 MB L2 cache and 1066 MHz front-side bus), which runs the Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL/A 13.3-inch Laptop enables applications to run faster and more efficiently as well as helps to reduce power requirements and thus utilizes battery life very efficiently. The included NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics processor provides acceptable but unassuming graphics. The 160 GB hard drive is more than enough for regular. The Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system, which comes pre-installed, works seamlessly with the system’s hardware to provide an enjoyable computing experience.

Overall: Overall the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro is pretty impressive. By seamlessly integrating thoughtful design, and a stable, intuitive operating system, the MacBook Pro is a good choice for those looking for reliable mobile computing, such as students and professionals who demand a lot from their machines.…

Best Registry Cleaner – The #1 Secret to Cleaning Your PC by the Best Registry Cleaner

Best Registry Cleaner – The #1 Secret to Cleaning Your PC by the Best Registry Cleaner

Best Registry Cleaner Introduction

Computers or PCs have become part of daily life. For most of us, we cannot live without them. As more and more applications are used daily, there is a high tendency for the machine to ‘work’ slower.

Some of the applications which are not in used or duplicate files hogging in your system not only takes up space but also eats up part of the processing memory, thus making your computers or PCs to slow down.

So, How to Clean My System?

In the earlier days, ‘cleaning’ (the word cleaning here refers to scanning and fixing the computer of unnecessary applications, files or errors) of computers is done manually, or we get the technicians to handle.

Today cleaning of computers are done daily due to the amount of work is being processed by these computers of PCs.

As such, manual cleaning or getting technicians daily will be very costly.

Software engineers started creating software, which can automatically clean your system in a fraction of a time. You only need to download this software once, and the rest of the work is done inside the computer without hindering your work in the computer.

Today, there a thousands of software to clean your computer, however, by and large they are more or less the same.

The main difference between this software is how thorough they clean your computers or PCs. To find out, which is the best registry cleaner on your own, is not an easy task. You need to download them in order to make a decent review on their capabilities.

Reading unbiased reviews will greatly assist you in choosing the best registry cleaner. Couple of factors is as follows:

1. Thoroughness

2. Effectiveness

3. Scheduler

4. Backup option

5. Simplicity

6. Customer Service Support


Choosing a best registry cleaner for your computer is crucial, so that you do not bog down by slowing the computer. Welcome to best registry cleaner.…

How Much Should You Pay For an N270 Netbook?

How Much Should You Pay For an N270 Netbook?

Netbooks are still popular against all involved discussion between experts who claim demand was only an an act of the now leaving recession and those who say there is a tangible need for small, light and more importantly cheap notebooks. Whatever the reason for buying a computer you should be aware of prices on the market right now to be able to choose one that fits the budget.

The most popular processor of choice is still the Intel Atom N270 in low-end category. Main reason for this is the low price per thousand units, Intel has already released more advanced, better chips than this and they obviously look for swiping stores. Not that this is a bad thing, for the average user this technology does everything a netbook processor is supposed to do.

For a thousand units batch the manufacturer took $44 each, and it allows for reasonably low price tag on the end product. Low-end notebooks that come with small screen and older set of connectivity options, such as D-SUB for video and 802.11bg for wireless network. Asus, the maker of first of the netbook fleet, still sells N270 based computers, their 1005HA and 1001HA comes for around $300 to $330 depending on the store, whether you’re looking to buy one online or at the local store.

The general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t pay more than $350 for a mini that comes with either N270 or N280, the slightly faster variation of the same processor. If you want to get something more recent, you have several options, such as N450, or the Atom 330. The former is basically the same instruction core with integrated graphic chip and memory controller.

The performance is not going to be any better, the manufacturing process is the same 45nm, but consumption of the total device could be lowered to a level where 10+ hours battery life becomes possible. The latter option, the dual core 330 is not going to help you the least bit if the piece of software you’re using is not multi-threaded. Luckily enough netbook users run many applications at the same time, including a media player, a browser with multiple tabs, an instant messaging client and a virus buster too.

A dual core processor helps in this situation, bad news is that you need to venture beyond $400 to access the technology. If you don’t want to surpass $350 N270 and N280 are sound choices. N280 is slightly more powerful – in the single digit per cent region – but just as much more power hungry.…

Wedding Series: Wedding Songs

Wedding Series: Wedding Songs

A heartfelt and romantic song comes into your mind when it comes to wedding songs. Bride and groom will mostly choose romantic types of songs for their wedding. Have you ever imagined a Christian song on a wedding used at a wedding ceremony. Some couples tend to choose Christian wedding songs with an upbeat melody instead of using love and romantic songs.

Wedding events are one of the important and auspicious occasions in every bride and grooms life. Hence it is not difficult to understand why both bride and groom want this wedding day to be special and outstanding. Every details and idea of a wedding is very important. The soundtrack also plays equal importance on that special day; this is because according to their choice of music the mood of occasion will be determined. It will be better if you divide the songs in your play list. You can divide the songs as music which is played before the wedding ceremony, music which is played during the entrance of bridal entourage, music which is played during special ceremony i.e. during some specific highlights such as candle lighting, and music played during the end of ceremony. Sometimes music is played to entertain all the guests when the time comes for the couple to depart.

You can choose a wide and large variety of songs for your reception as well. This is the time when all the formality of wedding comes to an end, and when the guests and couple will be able to relax. This music played during the reception will reflect the couple and they will be able to show their creativity. It will helpful for you if you limit the choice of the music in order to avoid confusion. Be sure that creativity and uniqueness should be maintained and not destroyed due to confusion and tension. Please also be advised that this day is your own special day and do not try to limit yourself. You should dare to be more different on this day and give a blast to your guests on this big day.…

How to Select the Perfect Laptop

How to Select the Perfect Laptop

What are you getting a laptop for?: About 80% of laptop users usually use their laptops for performing variety of everyday and light computing tasks, such as checking emails, surfing the web, watching movies and running MS Office applications. If you fall within this 80 percent, you should get yourself a mainstream laptop that can start from as low as $400. These models are generally the cheapest type of full-featured laptops in the market. Netbooks will be perfect for anyone who is looking to get a little laptop for surfing the web occasionally.

If you are planning to use your laptop to perform heavy-duty tasks and running big applications (like Photoshop) on a regular basis, it is best for you to get a more powerful model. Make sure that you get a laptop with at least a mid-range processor and lots of RAM. These range of laptops usually cost around $550-$700.

For those who are planning to play lots of games (especially 3D games), you might want to consider investing on gaming laptop. These laptops are usually very costly (starting from at least $1500), but will be worth every cent if you can afford the price tag. They also happen to be the most powerful type of laptops.

How often do you travel around with your laptop?: If you are someone who need to frequently use their laptops on the go, it is best to get an ultra-portable laptop. Since the launch of the MacBook Air, many other companies have been launching their own versions of it. Ultra-slim and light laptops from Asus and Acer especially are very affordable and come with great feature sets.

If you just need a small laptop for surfing the web, checking emails and doing some light computing work (that doesn’t involve heavy word processing or anything that require a large screen size), a netbook will make an ideal choice. On the other hand, those that seldom travel around with their laptops should get the biggest laptop that they can afford. Larger models are much more comfortable to use and have much bigger screens that would be a delight to use.

What is your budget?: Laptops are getting cheaper and cheaper nowadays where you can get yourself a full-features laptop starting from just around $350. If you have a bigger budget, you can always choose to invest on a more powerful model or on a ‘designer’ brand. Brands like Apple and Sony cost a little more than usual but they do have their own set of very unique features. If you have a smaller budget, brands such as HP, Asus, Gateway and Acer will make excellent choices as well.…

Best Laptops For Students 2012-2013

Best Laptops For Students 2012-2013

If you are looking for a student laptop, a laptop for use in school, and you don’t know what to choose from the large number of laptops that are on the market today, you are on the right place. I have written this article with the purpose to guide you trough the selection process, so that you’ll end up choosing the best laptop for school activities.

These laptops must meet some minimum requirements that all students have.

First you’ll need a hard drive with a decent capacity of storage so that you will be able to store as much files you’ll need. 500 GB are enough to save all the documents and e-books you’ll need in classes and your favorite movie and music files. If your budget allows it, you can go for the 7200RPM hard drives which are slightly faster than the standard 5400RPM ones.

A student laptop must have enough connectivity options. Most laptops already come with a wireless network card. A bluetooth device is necessary if you want to transfer files between your mobile phone and the laptop without using a data cable. A card reader will also come in handy.

The numeric keyboard is not necessary, but it may be an advantage when you’ll have to write, for example, a project that requires numerical data entry.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the life span of the battery. A dual core processor and a standard graphics card are enough for the computing requirements of the student and will not draw too much power from the battery. A battery with a lifespan of 4 to 5 hours will allow you to do a presentation during classes, edit your document files and navigate on the internet.

You will need at least 4 GB of RAM memory if you want to run multiple applications simultaneous, like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Media Players and instant messaging programs.

The laptop display must offer a good visibility even in the strong light, a useful thing when you’ll want to use the laptop in campus or at a terrace where the direct sun light can affect the visibility of the screen. It is enough a 13-14 inch display. You can also consider smaller laptops with 10 inch displays, those being more easy to carry around, often weighing less than 4 pounds.

The operating system is not so important, and most laptops come with a preinstalled version of Windows, so you don’t have to worry about that. Another option is to look for an OS free laptop (without an installed operating system) and you’ll have to install your favorite operating system in order to use it.

I have compiled a list with top student laptops 2012, laptops with an affordable price that have a decent configuration for use in school. Go take look at the best student laptops!…

What Are the Top 5 Easy and Quality Collections for the Organ From the Romantic Period?

What Are the Top 5 Easy and Quality Collections for the Organ From the Romantic Period?

Many famous organ pieces from the Romantic period are inaccessible for organists whose technical skills are not yet fully developed. Such works usually have the advanced pedal part, thick chromatic texture requiring constant use of finger substitution which is necessary to achieve the perfect legato touch. Yet many organists are in need to identify the compositions which could easily be played after a little practice. In this article, I will provide a list of 5 collections from the Romantic period which are easy to learn and wonderful to listen to.

1) “Practical Organist” by Alexander Guilmant. A superior collection by the “Alexander the Great” of the organ which can be played either on the organ with or without the pedal division, as well as on the harmonium. Here organists will find fine short compositions suitable for liturgical organ playing, such as communions, versets, offertories, marches, postludes etc. Every piece is skillfully composed and could also be used for recitals. Perfect as a preparation for more advanced organ sonatas by Guilmant.

2) “L’Organiste” by Cesar Franck. This collection contains 7 suites of 7 pieces each intended to play on the organ or harmonium. Every suite uses different major and minor keys. Shorter works are wonderful for liturgical service playing while the larger concluding pieces at the end of each suite might sound very well during recitals as well. Perfect as a preparation for longer works of the founder of the French symphonic organ school.

3) “Heures Mystiques” by Leon Boellmann. In this collection you will find a wealth of easy and delightful short versets which you can use at various places in liturgical setting. If you like the Suite Gothique of this French composer, these versets will serve perfectly as a preparation.

4) “Music for Organ” by Jacques Lemmens. This Belgian composer is responsible for creating the first modern highly influential organ method “Ecole d”Orgue”. He methodically presents his system of playing legato on the organ which was successfully used by the later French composers, such as Franck, Widor, Vierne, and others. Like other authors of the time, Lemmens provided many versets, pieces for offertory, communion, and other liturgical occasions.

5) “Organiste Moderne” by Louis-James-Alfred Lefebure-Wely. The music of the favorite organ demonstrator of the most significant French organ builder of the period, Aristide Cavaille-Coll is very charming. The composer employs the popular harmonic language of the time which is similar to the operatic style. For today’s audiences, his music is very delightful to hear. At the same time, these pieces are easy enough to be playable by organists who have a small amount of piano background. Pedal part is easy as well.

If you regularly practice the pieces from the above collections, you will improve your legato technique and prepare for more advanced compositions from the Romantic period.…

Things to Consider When You Are Customizing a Sager NP7280 Gaming Laptop

Things to Consider When You Are Customizing a Sager NP7280 Gaming Laptop

If you are buying a new Sager NP7280 gaming laptop there are several things that you should consider when it comes to the optional components that you may want with it. It is a super gamer that makes the most from its superior technology but if it doesn’t have a good graphics unit (GPU), it will compromise the gamers performance. Other considerations include the color resolution of the display, the type of battery, and if the LCD screen has a good viewing angle. Obviously, all of these components will affect the cost of the machine.

Manufacturers such as NVIDA and ATI make the most popular GPUs and the Sager NP7280 gaming laptop is available with the NVIDA GPU. However, several models of GPUs may be available so you should select the one that will best meet the needs of the levels and types of games that you intend to play. The players who play 3D will want a GPU that offers superior performance while players of 2D games only need good speed and memory power. The former will cost you more. Another consideration is the size of the random access memory (RAM) that you need. In order to support your PC, you need a minimum of 2 Gigabyte of RAM. You might also want to consider a cooling pad that has fans on the inside to keep control of the heat that will be generated by your gamer. Also, you may want to consider enhancing the sound of your PC with an external speaker.

If you look on the Internet you can find many websites that offer the Sager NP7280 gaming laptop for sale and all of the optional components that are available for it. There you can also learn other specifications about the PC and how much each of the optional components will cost. You can also access the manufacturer websites to learn what they may recommend as far as customizing the machine. Usually, the higher the cost of the machine the more sophisticated it will be. It can cost anywhere between $1000 and $1500 to outfit your PC so that is performs well and has a fair amount of GPU power. One of the best ways to get the newest user opinions is to look through all of the many reviews for the Sager NP7280 gaming laptop that are available on numerous websites. If you want a better price, you will have to wait for discount coupons or promotional offers.…

Sager NP7280 – The Notebook to Rule All Gaming Laptops

Sager NP7280 – The Notebook to Rule All Gaming Laptops

Recent technological developments have made laptops as powerful as the desktop PC. Gaming laptops, as what these are called, are the top laptops that can suffice all of a player’s gaming needs. These have been built and specifically built to run and play games. These are designed for the highest performance gaming experience. Now, one gaming laptop claims to be a cut above the rest, the Sager NP 7280. It is on the verge of becoming the most powerful gaming laptop of today. It has the state-of-the-art features that gamers definitely want to have to get the best gaming experience. So, what makes Sager NP 7280 a cut above the rest? Here are some of its features.

This gaming laptop actually has a lot of great features for your gaming needs. It is definitely capable of handling full desktop Intel Core i7 CPU which is used in desktop computers and it gives you a cutting edge in performance and gaming technology. It also comes with two graphic cards that provide you with a fast gameplay and great framerates. This will definitely increase the gaming performance on graphically demanding games of today. To match the great graphics, this gaming laptop features a fantastic 1080p full HD 17.3″ display. It also comes with a LED backlighting that provides brighter backlight to the LCD panel with reduced size, weight and energy consumption.

Most laptop users have problems regarding typing on a laptop. This is because the keys are small and situated on locations that make it difficult to type. The Sager NP 7280 is designed to avoid this problem. It actually has a full-sized keyboard with individually spaced keys. If you are a person who always forget passwords, then this gaming laptop may be just right for you. It has a built-in high quality fingerprint scanner so that you don’t have to struggle to remember passwords. It even has a Wifi “N” technology. It will assure you that you will have fast and high performing internet connectivity that will greatly work to your advantage when playing. You will never have to experience slow internet connection anymore. Now, these are only some of the features that a Sager NP 7280 has. If you want to have the best gaming experience, choose the best and the most powerful gaming laptop of today.…

Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding

Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding

Music sets the tone for any wedding. Whatever your choices, you should be sure the personalities of you, the wedding couple, are reflected in your music. But while selecting your wedding music, you’ll find yourself faced with several choices.

Ceremony vs. Reception

For most couples, the ceremony is a tribute to their love. The reception is a chance to celebrate with loved ones. For that reason, you may choose a more romantic, serious theme for the music in your ceremony and a more celebratory line-up for the reception. This is where the choices come in. That special song you and your fianc?� call “our song?” You have to choose whether to include it in the ceremony or the first both. Will you walk down the aisle to the traditional Here Comes the the classically beautiful Cannon in D Major? These are all choices individual to you, the happy couple.

Traditional vs. Contemporary

Don’t be fooled by what people tell you. Unless your wedding venue has strict rules about the type of music that can be played during ceremonies, be creative. If your fianc?� is a Star Wars fan and wants to walk down the aisle to The Imperial March, let him. Not only will it make him happy, your friends and family will love seeing something so personal. Walk down the aisle to a song you like. Change things up and play an upbeat dance tune during the unity candle ceremony. Weddings can be serious, nerve-wracking events, and loosening up and having a little fun can lighten the mood for everyone.

Live vs. DJ

Your reception will be the party to remember, so you want to make sure your music keeps everyone dancing. Some couples choose a live band to keep things going. Finding the right band can be a daunting task, but there are bands that specialize in wedding music. Those bands are familiar with the traditional wedding reception favorites-songs like From This Moment On for your first dance and Butterfly Kisses for the bride’s dance with her dad.

You might find a wedding DJ provides more flexibility. Your wedding guests will enjoy rocking out to the songs they the singers they love. A good wedding DJ will learn the musical tastes of the wedding party and cater their music accordingly. But be sure to choose the right wedding DJ for you and your friends. If you love country music, for instance, you wouldn’t want to select a DJ who is known for playing hip-hop.


The most important step in choosing wedding music for your special day is to know yourself and your fianc?� choose the music that suits your personalities. Your loved ones will be delighted to see a musical expression of the two of you and your relationship on your special day. Choose the music you love to listen to and you’ll be sure to have a wedding day to remember.…

Customize Your Wedding Ceremony With Classical Music!

Customize Your Wedding Ceremony With Classical Music!

Many of our clients know that they want beautiful music at their wedding but feel nervous about what to expect during the ceremony. It is my hope that this article will put some of your anxieties to rest. Remember, it’s your special day so you can pick and choose the musical selections and when they should be played!

Depending on your religious persuasion (or lack of), there will be variations to this explanation. Yet, one can still usually assume that there will be three main parts of the wedding ceremony: The Processional, the Interlude, and the Recessional. From a musical standpoint, however, I like to see the wedding in 5 sections.

1. As guests enter the house of worship or wedding venue

This is a great time to play calm, gentle music to soothe the wedding party and their guests who are full of energy and expectation. At this stage, they do not need further stimulation – enough said!

2a. The Bride’s Processional

This is the part everyone has been waiting for. Are you a traditionalist? Perhaps you’d like something more contemporary? Whatever your decision, all eyes will be on the bride and you want to have a piece played that’s equally beautiful. Traditionally, it was the Wagner Bridal Chorus that was played here. Today, there are many other options for those who wish (and, of course, for Jewish weddings). Pachelbel Canon is a big hit. Just make sure that someone from your wedding party can signal the musicians to start playing if the bride is coming from a far distance!

2b. Honored Guests

The information in the above paragraph still applies, but perhaps here you would like something lighter to balance out the bride’s processional (and of course, to not overshadow her!)

3. The Interlude

This part is heavily dependent on your personal preference. Some ask for a religious piece to be played during the Unity Candle. Others like a short excerpt to be played during the Offertory. Non-religious individuals might just want a meaningful piece to be played to celebrate the ceremony.

4. The Recessional

The groom has immediately kissed the bride here, or in the case of Jewish weddings, stepped on the glass. The guests have erupted in applause and everyone is either joyfully smiling or crying. Now is the time for exciting music that captures the event! Traditionally, it was the Mendelssohn Wedding March that was played here. Today, there are many other options for those who wish.

5. As guests leave

By now, there is usually so much fuss going on that the musicians are playing background music. While no one is paying attention to the musicians, they certainly have a function! Much like in a cocktail-hour setting, the performers are feeding the atmosphere with the happy and excited energy that mirrors what everyone is feeling.…

All That You Wanted to Know About 3D Gaming Laptops

All That You Wanted to Know About 3D Gaming Laptops

Many people are in need of gaming laptops that are not only available at a low price but can also play the latest computer games. Most people who are looking for cheaper laptops are not fully aware of the fact that if they compromise on the price they will end up buying a laptop that will not be able to run the latest games because of the lower processing speed and graphics capabilities.

The first thing you need to keep in mind while buying a gaming laptop is the specification. Many people get attracted towards the features and description of the laptop posted by the manufacturer and do not care to look at the specifications to understand the capabilities of the laptop. This is not only meant for laptops but also for all kinds of electronic devices like cell phones, desktop computers and so on.

Among all the things mentioned in the specifications of a gaming laptop, you need to check the details about the graphics card and see to that it is compatible for playing all the latest games that are available in the market. It should run the recent version of DirectX and OpenGL. Some gaming laptops come with two graphics cards which means you will be able to play the most visually demanding games easily on it. If you wish to play 3D games on your laptop, then you must go for a graphic card that gives 30 percent more GPU (graphic processing unit) power.

The next thing you need to see among everything that is listed among the specifications is the details of the processor. The processor speed should be high that means it should be higher than 2 GHz. The higher the speed, the less time it will take to load the games. There are two major brands that manufacture processors namely AMD and Intel. The AMD processors come for cheap and are very good for playing games, however it gets hot when heavy processing is done. In such a case, you can make use of a cooling fan to deal with such an issue.

The last thing you need to look on the specifications is the size of the display screen and its resolution. When it comes to gaming, you need to have large sized display screen. Gaming laptops with HD screen and WUXGA resolution are good enough for playing all the latest computer games.…

Alienware M14x Vs the M15x – Is It a Suitable Replacement?

Alienware M14x Vs the M15x – Is It a Suitable Replacement?

Alienware, or more accurately Dell-which is the company that now owns the brand-appears to have discontinued its 15-inch gaming laptop Alienware M15x without much commotion. Prospective buyers are instead pointed to a brand new laptop in the Alienware lineup-the M14x. How does this laptop measure up to its now-defunct 15-inch sibling? Let’s take a closer look.

Thin and Light? No, But More Convenient Nonetheless

Obviously, the M14x is a smaller laptop. It weighs “only” 6.45 pounds compared to its stocky 9-pound big brother. The display is precisely 14 inches, compared to 15.6 inches in the M15x. This affects screen resolution; there is no option for a Full HD (1920×1080) panel in the 15-inch laptop but instead a 1600×900 panel is offered as the highest-resolution alternative. In real-world gaming and web browsing, this is arguably not an issue as long as you can do without watching movies in 1080p. Building a 1080p panel into a 14-inch laptop makes characters tiny and hard to read.

A New Hardware Platform

What about the processor then? Here, the 14-inch Alienware has the advantage of being equipped with the latest, 2nd-generation Core processors from Intel-all with four cores and improved Turbo Boost (overclocking) functionality. In short, they are both faster and more efficient than the previous generation offered with the M15x, leading to improved overall system performance. In addition, the M14x is equipped with slightly faster internal memory (RAM)-1600 MHz instead if 1333 MHz.

The Important Stuff: Gaming Graphics

The most important factor for gaming, however, is the graphics card. In this area the Alienware M14x is both a winner and a loser depending on what configuration of the M15x you compare it to. It unfortunately falls a bit short of some of the high-end M15x configurations with the Nvidia GTX 460M, whereas it is slightly faster than certain versions with a single AMD graphics card.

Games and video are powered by the Nvidia GT 555M, which is the same card as the high-end version of Dell’s XPS 17 desktop replacement laptop. This is a powerful GPU with 144 Nvidia CUDA cores and a 192-bit memory bus, but it falls short of the latest GTX series of mobile GPUs from Nvidia. However, you can rest assured that it is capable of all the latest games at medium or high detail settings at native resolution.

Other Differences

In other areas the differences between the M14x and M15x are small. The design is almost identical apart from the size difference, with “AlienFX” customizable lights and custom name plates. There are a couple of noteworthy discrepancies, however, such as a pair of USB 3.0 ports on the newer laptop as well as an option for WirelessHD-a system for transmitting high quality video and audio signals to an external home theater setup (or any other audio/video system).

Another major improvement is the battery life of the unit, where the M14x can switch to integrated Intel graphics while away …

The New Generation of Gaming Laptops and the Difference Between Them and Modern Gaming Desktops

The New Generation of Gaming Laptops and the Difference Between Them and Modern Gaming Desktops

It is a known fact that one of the most influential factors in deciding what computer to buy is its performance. Technical information such as the random access memory, the power of the processor or the available disk space are essential for anyone who has a specific aim in mind when purchasing a personal computer or a laptop. Recent development in the fields of both software and hardware companies have allowed computers to be used with great ease, no matter the area of expertise. However, one branch of the I.T. industry that has been constantly growing in numbers but also performance is, of course, dedicated to gamers.

There have always been debates regarding what product is better: the desktop or the laptop, but the real question is: What do you need it for? The advantages and disadvantages of both personal computers and laptops rely solely on the buyer’s needs and expectations. It is common knowledge that laptops usually have less advanced technical specification, while also being lighter and easier to handle.

Having the gamers’ best interest in mind, it is necessary to give some technical details of what is considered to be the best gaming laptop. Even if they are more expensive than gaming computers, it is good to know that no laptop will offer the same gaming experience as its desktop counterpart. The internet if full of reviews and so-called top 10 lists, but each of them has other models listed, so it is hard to find a definite best gaming laptop. However, it seems that models with a good balance between performance and cooling are considered better than the new-age models, due to the fact that they last longer and experience fewer errors. With this in mind, most gamers recommend the Alienware M14 as being the best gaming laptop under 1000 dollars.

Moreover, the best gaming desktop is as hard to pinpoint as its smaller counterpart. Even if desktops are better balanced and offer more resources and fewer problems, the constant evolution of their components makes them obsolete from one year to another. It is true that their graphic detail, cooling systems and overall performance are better than both normal personal computers and gaming laptops alike, while also being less expensive, so if gaming is the number one way in which you use your computer, a gaming desktop is the perfect choice; but if, on the other hand, you are always on the run, a laptop might be better for you needs.…

The Middle Gaming Laptop for You

The Middle Gaming Laptop for You

The laptop has a full keyboard, meaning that it also has a number pad. The keyboard is also backlit which is great.

Aside from this, it also has a nice touchpad and speakers made by Onkyo. You’ll enjoy all of your music with these great sounding speakers.

Also, the screen has a measurement of 15.6 inches. It has a resolution of 1080p HD, and everything looks great because of the matte finish. For an additional 99 dollars, Maingear can upgrade the screen to display colors even more accurately.

Now, let’s take a few more details about the EX – L 15, the one that makes it a desktop replacement laptop.


As a company that caters to gamers, Maingear comes up with products that always have the latest hardware installed.

In this case, the third generation Intel Core processors are installed. They deliver outstanding performance in terms of speed and power savings.

It comes equipped with Intel Core i7 processors. If you’re looking to save a few hundred bucks, you can get a second generation i5 or i7 processor.

With graphics, you’re given the NVIDIA GeForce GT 675M. It’s one of the latest offerings from NVIDIA, and pairing this GPU with Intel’s CPU, you’ll get performance similar to a desktop!

This kind of hardware is not just for gaming. It’s also good for other heavy tasks, such as editing photos and videos. These activities can take up a lot of memory. With 8 GB of RAM though, you’ll have all the memory you need.


In terms of ports, a premium laptop like this has all the standards. You’ll get two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 port that also functions as an eSATA port. There’s also mini – Firewire and an SD card reader.

You’ll also find headphone and microphone jacks for your music needs. A Blu – ray player/burner, and HDMI port round out the equation.

Battery Life

With gaming laptops, long battery life isn’t really expected. They suck up battery faster than a Top Fuel dragster.

Fortunately, Maingear can last for a respectable 2 hours and 40 minutes. That’s even longer than the bigger gaming laptops offered on the market today.


You should definitely sell your laptop and choose a boutique PC maker like Maingear. They offer impressive customer service, as mentioned before.

They also have a dead pixel guarantee. This means that if your screen starts to develop dead pixels, they’ll repair that for you.…

Circle of Fifths Guitar

Circle of Fifths Guitar

The circle of fifths is a geometrical representation of key signatures used in writing traditional musical notation. For modern guitar players interested in developing a working knowledge of music theory that can be applied specifically to the fretboard the circle of fifths is less useful. But if you insist on exploring the idea you can easily map out the fifth cycle on the guitar neck with patterns.

Guitar players can play the circle of fifths by using two types of fretboard movement. Starting at any fret on string 6 a fifth interval can be played by moving over one string and up two frets. Starting at any fret on string 5 a fifth interval can be played by moving to string 6 and remaining in the same fret. Let’s use these two types of guitar intervals to complete the fifth cycle on the neck. You can start in any key but I’ll begin with the key of F beginning at the 1st fret of string 6.

The 5th from F is C.

The 5th from C is G.

The 5th from G is D.

The 5th from D is A.

The 5th from A is E.

Continue this process until you’ve cycled through all keys. Reverse it to produce the circle of fourths.

You can hear a chord progression based on this type of movement in the song “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. The verse progression is all fifths starting on C.


I should point out here that rather than try to follow each key change with a new parent major scale, Hendrix simply played the E minor pentatonic scale over the whole progression for the lead guitar solo. This works because the E minor pentatonic notes are all found in the same keys that also have the chords. The exception is the E major chord. In its case the minor pentatonic gives the major chord a blues flavor.

So the circle of fifths and the circle of fourths don’t have a whole lot of practical use in music theory for guitar. And if you map out fifth intervals properly on the fret board then you already have the concept down.…

Record Labels: How to Get Signed

Record Labels: How to Get Signed

Record labels:

The number one goal for every band that starts making music is to eventually get signed to a reputable record company. Record Labels are companies that find up and coming bands, sign them to their company, and will front the cost to record and distribute the bands audio material to retailers through their distribution contacts. With the advent of the Internet and recording technology becoming so user friendly, within the last decade it has spawned a more dominate independent music market that is filled with bands recording their own material and releasing it through various social media outlets in hopes to gain attention from record labels to assist in furthering their career.

How it works:

Record Labels have a number of departments split up into sections that handle various aspects of each band. Initially, their Artist and Repertoire department are employees that search the independent music market for bands that show solid potential for expansion in their music scene. Record labels will focus on items such as the bands music and songwriting skills, past touring history, CD and merchandise sales, and online presence to determine if the band would be a worthy investment to make. If they decide the band is, the band is then offered a contract to sign and be represented by that label. Once a band is signed to a record label that label will then offer an advancement to the band at the start of each album cycle. Since the record label will front the cost of the production and distribution of the albums the band creates while under representation from the label, the label will then take the majority of sales the artists make off of their record material. Once the band has paid back their debt to the record label, the artist then starts to make a profit off of the CDs they’re selling while out on tour, or in retail stores.

How to get record label attention:

The issue of illegal downloading has brought on a lot of changes in the record industry over the past decade. Years ago, labels would invest and sign on bands based off of their talent alone and spend time and the money to build that band. Currently, a lot of the work has fallen into the hands of the artist to ensure they have put in the time and money to build them and see a level of success that can attract attention from a record label. A few areas to make sure you have covered:

A� Songwriting: Regardless of what genre you wish to perform in, the number one focus will always go back to the quality of songs you’re writing.

A� Branding: Ensuring your band has an artistic vision and can offer something creative and unique to your brand is essential. Whether it’s through CD artwork or merchandise, having a clear-cut image of who you are as musicians is a must.

A� Connect with your fans: Whether …

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop

Every hardcore gamer knows the importance of choosing the right gaming laptop for all their gaming needs. It should include all the features and specs for providing the perfect gaming experience. Thus when buying a gaming laptop, it pays to make sure that the following factors are taken into consideration:

1. Graphics

The best graphics, the better. This applies particularly to graphic designers and gamers. Serious gamers will be obsessed when it comes to graphics. And they have a reason to be. The graphic greatly affects the gaming performance. So, when buying a gaming laptop, go with the latest graphic chipset in your laptop. Some top rated graphic chipsets include: the ATi Mobility Radeon 9700, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 and ATi’s Mobility FireGL V3200.

2. RAM

Get the largest amount of RAM as possible for your gaming laptop. The RAM (or also known as Random Access Memory) will determine how much graphics your laptop will be able to handle. To be safe, get the largest amount of RAM you can possibly afford. For Operating Systems Windows XP and Mac OS X, it’s good if you have at least 256 MB of RAM. Other operating systems though will require only 128 MB. RAM will also determine the number of applications your laptop will be able to handle.

3. Speed

Fast is always good. A fast performing PC will prevent you from having annoying freezes or lags when you are in the middle of major gaming action! This will allow your PC to handle the latest and heaviest 3D video games effortlessly.

To have the fastest processor around, go for SATA (or Serial Advanced Technology Architecture). SATA is a type of hard drive developed by a group of companies that includes Intel, Dell, Seagate, Maxtor, among others. SATA is able to transmit data in a single stream. They use less power, making them more ideal for laptops.

Don’t forget to check your hard drive speed. The best choice is a 7,200 RPM hard drive, as compared to a 5,400 RPM or a 4,200 RPM.

4. Functions

Do not forget the laptop functions when buying a gaming laptop. Some features should include: 3D games, wide screen High Definition TV, mobile video editing, graphic processor, and more. There should also be integrated graphics, where components can be shared.

5. Display

Go for the sharpest, brightest and fullest display. The display quality and screen resolution is crucial to the total gaming experience. The best quality monitors include Panasonic, Toshiba and Sony. Try looking for SVGA (800 x 600), XGA (1024 x 768) or SXGA (1280 x 1024).

6. Hard Disk Space

Games take up a ton of space; so once again, afford the largest amount of hard disk space you can afford. You should have at least 200 GB of disk space, or better yet, 1 TB or terabyte of space. Check if there are also solid state drives-they are not that common in gaming laptops …

Best Way to Wirelessly Play Your Music

Best Way to Wirelessly Play Your Music

We have all quickly become an iPhone dependent society, where we can control any aspect of our lives with just a powerful, fit in the pocket device.

This gadget has grown immensely over the past few years taking over the phone market throughout the world where now you either have an iPhone or you don’t. From this comes your applications, you will know of the most popular ones which are dominated franchising into even making toys such as Angry Birds, but there are still the hidden away little gems that don’t really get as popular or as known as the big dogs.

From what I have found the most amazing iPhone applications are those of which companies have based their whole company concept behind, and without would frankly not operate or be half as successful as they are.

Sonos have done just that, they started off with a greatly successful company of which supplied Wireless HiFi Music all throughout your home with just a single controller where you could stream music to individual rooms throughout your home or even play single tracks in each room at different volumes.

Then came the magic, Sonos released the iPhone and iPad application from where you no longer had to spend A�279 on a Controller to stream your music all you not had to do was link up your phone with your music provider and away you are.

You do not have to have a premium subscription to a music provider such as spotify you can easily play from thousands of podcasts and radio stations from all around the world. Life could not get much better, imagine just sitting in your sofa or bed and picking out a big playlist for which you want to stream throughout your day and but the touch of a button on your phone you can turn this up, turn it down, switch rooms, songs and much more.

The real beauty of all this are defiantly the plays of which Sonos product especially the new smaller and sexier Sonos Play 3 which you can cram into all spaces of your home for example this device would fit perfectly on your book shelf. They have designed this player in two colours the white Sonos play 3 and the black Sonos play 3.

Before you purchase any wireless home systems, you need to be very clear on what you are looking for and also your budget. There are a variety of products that are available at various prices and you need to be sure that you only look for products that suit your need and also your budget as well. Ask around and surely, some of your friends and relatives would have bought them and they will be able to guide you on what product you should be purchasing. You can also refer the reviews on the internet before you go out and buy the product. Make the right choice so that you not …

Good Music Doesn’t Get Old

Good Music Doesn’t Get Old

With the creation of iTunes, the classic stereo system has been boxed up and hidden away. Apple has given us the ease of uploading our music collection to the computer and the ability of creating massive playlists. In my case, the Yamaha receiver and CD Player has been replaced by a MacBook Pro, a ProTools sound card and a pair of Mackie HR824’s. Quite honestly the music has never sounded better.

It took nearly a year to upload my entire library and transfer it over to an external hard drive where it now lives. Those sleepless nights were worth it for many enjoyable hours of listening pleasure.

However, recently it became apparent that this ease has taken away from the listening experience. In today’s chaotic music environment it’s no secret that album sales are way down. Listeners are fickle and just download their favorite tracks off a release. It is almost becoming a task to find new artists that have the ability to create what will become a “Classic Album” containing 45 minutes of straight sonic pleasure.

My upload chore gave me the opportunity to hit play, select shuffle and listen to an entire catalog of any band I desired. This was great for many years until a few months ago, I started to feel that something was missing. My favorite bands seemed to have suddenly lost their vibe. I knew that good music doesn’t get old and discovered that sometimes it can get lost in the shuffle.

Now instead of piling hundreds of songs into a file, I started to create playlists for each CD. I cannot believe what a pleasure it is to hear an album from start to finish, the way it was intended to be heard. Why don’t you give it a try with The Beatles “Abbey Road”, Roxy Musics’ “Avalon” or Cheap Tricks debut album of the same name. For me it was as if I was hearing these albums again for the first time and immediately found that “missing vibe”.…

Alienware M17: When All You Want to Do Is Play Games

Alienware M17: When All You Want to Do Is Play Games

If you are an avid gamer, one thing you will need most of all is a laptop that has vivid graphics. As well as great graphics, to play the most popular 3D games you will also need a powerful processor and graphics card. While these 3D games can still be played with the most basic processors and graphics cards, you cannot enjoy and appreciate the full range of colors or fast speeds until you have a powerful processor and graphics card. The Alienware M17 is the first 3D laptop from Alienware and contains both a powerful processor and 3D graphics card so you can enjoy playing the most popular 3D games.

Unique Design

The Alienware M17 notebook is in a class all of its own when it comes to design. The top lid displays the Alienware logo which is an alien’s head and either side of the lid features gill like symmetrical lines or ridges that look similar to a human rib cage. Alienware call these the skullcap gills on the Stealth Black frame. Another great feature on this laptop is the illuminated keyboard which adds to the futuristic look and feel. At present there is no other gaming laptop on the market that has such a unique design.

Alienware are now using a rubber type material on their laptops. This material adds a stylish matt finish to the entire case and prevents things like fingerprints and other unsightly marks from appearing on the surface. The Alienware M17 has a sturdy base and the display lid is resistant to various pressures.


Connectivity on the M17 is not a problem. There are three handy USB ports similar to most laptops and it comes complete with a TV tuner connection as well. Aside from the standard microphone and headphone sockets this laptop comes with an optical TOSlink digital out for added audio connection. The advantage of the TOSlink is that you are able to hook your hi-fi system up bringing your gaming experience to a new audio level.

Other connections are a front side optical drive for use with either DVD/RW or Blu-ray so you can watch your favorite movies when you’re done playing your favorite online games.

If you’re concerned about network connection, this Alienware laptop can connect to the internet with a gigabit Ethernet controller, Wi-Fi, and 2.1 Bluetooth.

Gaming Experience

To enhance your gaming ability Alienware offers an optional Logitech G9 laser mouse and headset and two choices in screen resolution on the M17 model. This model also features a reflective glare type surface which adds a sense of vibrancy to the colours appearing on the display screen.

This notebook comes with a Core 2 Extreme X9100 CPU with 3.06 GHz plus 6MB L2 cache. You also have a choice to get one with the new Intel Core 2 Quad Q9100 CPU if you want more speed.

This new generation 3D Alienware M17 laptop with its 17 …

Affordable and Good Mixing Music Software

Affordable and Good Mixing Music Software

Music mixing is a fabulous field, as it opens the door for creative forces to take effect. Mixing can be sometimes about re-livening an old musical piece of creating a new magical master piece. It’s all about mixing to produce high voltage and intriguing music. Below are some of the software used in the industry

Adobe audition is a complete package when it comes to music mixing software. Abode traditionally is known to input a lot of effort and time in the upbringing of their products. That’s why; they generally are the market leaders. The good thing about the mixing feature is that multiple files can be mixed with great effect. Audition empowers its users with more than 50 audio effects and strong DSP tools. The sound encoding with the encoder is another notable feature. The monitoring section for the software is also masterfully created. The inputs are always monitored in an effective way and hence the user is always on the know-how about the progress. The low latency mixing engine helps in faster reactions and recordings as a result is done efficiently.

PCDJ DEX is mixing software that is unique in its design. It enables the user to search for different audio files, import and then finally mix them. The general formats which the software can support are the basic mp3 file and others like the flac, ogg, wma and wav.AcidPro7 is also a good option especially if you want utterly sophisticated mixing music software. This is reliable in terms of enhanced audio mixing and recording. Also the fact that the software is truly focused in reliable editing tools and options makes a solid experience for any professional.

The above mentioned are excellent in performance among the masses and they have proven to be a good choice for many people who are relishing the opportunity to excel as music producers. The price range of the mentioned mixing music software is also not as high as some of the other which is present in the market. All works well for the die-hard professionals and this all promises well. Again, it has to be said, then trying to master the software may be a touch difficult as they are sophisticated and can be learned with time. But you can play with them and learn the trade. After all, it all about your creativity and the software is a valiant tool to assist you.…

MSI GX780 Mini Review – A Proper Laptop for Gamers

MSI GX780 Mini Review – A Proper Laptop for Gamers

MSI has recently released two gaming notebooks, the GX780 and the GT780R, both models coming with innovative designs and more than interesting and powerful technical specifications. In the following we are going to shortly review the GX780, a 17.3-inch performance-based gaming laptop.

Design, ports and features

Even though the GX780 is clearly a laptop designed firstly for gaming purposes and the attention has been given almost entirely to the performance level of the notebook, the new MSI gaming equipment does not disappoint when talking about the design.

MSI has tried to combine the classic looks of a compact limousine with an aerodynamic contour spacecraft for the exterior design of the GX780, and we think that they have done a pretty good job. The new MSI laptop is sturdy, strong, but elegant, the black casing being extremely smooth.

As far as weight and dimensions goes, the GX780 is clearly a heavyweight player, making it difficult to consider the new laptop as a highly portable piece of equipment.

The number of ports offered is pretty standard and you will be able to find HDMI output, USB 3.0 ports, eSATA and a multi-in-one card reader.

Keyboard, touchpad and screen

The keyboard is clearly one of the aspects that gamers will find most delightful. It is backlit like you have never seen before, offering more than 1,000 color combinations and 5 scenario modes with the keyboard LED Manager, it is solid and the keys are well-placed, well-spaced and extremely responsive. The touchpad is classic and responsive, but it does not match the keyboard’s spectacular look. The 17-inch Full HD screen, on the other hand, almost eclipses the keyboard, offering vibrant visual effects at a 1920×1080 pixels resolution.

Performance, graphics and battery life

The latest second generation Intel Core i7 processor and the high-end NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M graphics card with GDDR5 1GB VRAM are state of the art components that make the GX780 an almost indestructible gaming machine.

There is no way in hell you will find a video game on the market today that doesn’t run smoothly on the new MSI laptop!

The battery is also impressive, the 9 cell one offering a more than decent autonomy for a notebook with this kind of power. Of course, as far as weight is concerned, the heavy battery makes the laptop even more difficult to transport, but let’s face it, you will rarely move the MSI GX780 around!

Wrap up

In conclusion, the MSI GX780 laptop is aimed for gaming enthusiasts that don’t mind spending a few bucks for their passion and that don’t target portability in a notebook.

If you fit the criteria and decide to buy this very strong notebook, you will have little regrets, but if you don’t, it is better to look for something else, because the GX780 is what it is and is not ashamed of it.…

The Crux of Songwriting Contest

The Crux of Songwriting Contest

Songwriting contest is the golden opportunity to publicize and present your song. A songwriter is the one who writes lyrics or music (or both). With the access of new technology, there has been a rapid increase in online songwriting contests. Anyone, professional or beginner can participate in songwriting contest.

Songwriting is an aesthetic attribute which cannot be developed just by sitting alone and writing songs. You need to go outside and explore new ideas, themes and interact with other people for better understanding. When you share with others you learn new techniques and new type of songs, music that is currently audience’s favorite. To become a good songwriter, it is very important to know the taste of the audience and what’s in demand.

For all budding candidates, online songwriting contest is one of the best opportunities to show your talent. You can easily present your skills to the professionals and gain recognition.

Expert says that memorable and melodious songs are written when one connects with feelings and emotions of people. To participate in the contest you need to keep few things in mind. First, identify your style of writing and music. Make use of rhymes and choruses. To become a winner in songwriting try to convey your feelings which can be done by projecting a story. Next, pen down the musical background for the song. Select which type of musical instrument you will use: guitar, piano or drum. The choice of musical instrument should be made according to lyrics of the song. Now, your song is ready to enter the contest.

This opportunity enables people to discover their hidden talents, explore new ideas, builds confidence and nourish their skills. It makes one more expressible and can easily connect with people feelings and emotions. Songwriting is an excellent career opportunity. Majority of the hearing peoples of world listen to songs. As said by experts listening, singing songs is the best remedy for beating stress.…

About Laptops

About Laptops

A light and compact laptop has become a fascination to the computer users for the simplicity and convenience it offers. Of course desktops are definitely powerful and cost effective, but lack of portability is its drawback. The pattern and schedules of work in the contemporary life demand portability of the computer and it has become imperative to opt for laptops or other forms of portable devices. The choice is applicable not only for business use but also for personal or entertainment purposes. Laptops are now widely used in the educational institutions also. Students are now free from the burden of heavy backpacks of books and instruments. Taking into account the cost of stationeries and the difficulties in maintaining them, both students and teachers find laptops more economical in the long run.

But the type and capacity of the laptop to be chosen depend on the nature of work to be carried out. As in the case of all consumer oriented products in the contemporary markets, internet is the best source to search for the right laptop. Well known manufacturers have introduced different models of laptops to cater the needs of consumers from all segments of the society. Products are of diverse characteristics and therefore carry different price tags. Sophisticated laptops will obviously be more expensive. It is therefore necessary for the prudent consumer to look for a just model which will fit into the desired budget. Cheaper laptops can be chosen if the available features are just and enough to meet the requirements.

The weight of the laptop is an important factor while choosing one. Students as well as those who have to travel extensively should exercise caution in this respect. Anything above 4 pounds may be considered as a burden for an average user. But it all depends on the features that are expected in laptop. For example larger screen sizes are preferred by students and gamers, which will make the product heavier. Again, some of the smaller laptops may not be able to feature a network card or internal CD drive. The size of the keyboard, extra battery and external hard drives are factors that contribute to the weight of the laptop.

Markets are flooded with varieties of laptops with new features. A full HD laptop capable of achieving 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and with a 16 inch display screen is ideal for those who have heavier workloads. The capacity of the Random Access Memory and the hard disk drive are important for workaholics. Modern laptops with Intel’s 2.26Gz Core 2 Duo processor and Bluetooth 2.1 mobile broadband are available for consumers to choose from.

Market leaders like Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Sony and HP have their innovative products with sophisticated features. The market is highly competitive. Laptops sale are increasing by about 75 percent per year indicating the strong consumer preference. With the advancement of mobile broadband technology the use of laptops have become highly prevalent. As already mentioned earlier the shoppers can browse …

Tips For Staying Clean and Dry at a Music Festival

Tips For Staying Clean and Dry at a Music Festival

With the 2012 music festival season off to a very wet start, and forecast to continue along the same vein, it’s worth being prepared for the worst. As the good old saying goes: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

While it’s nice enough being dry and warm at a festival, it’s even better if you can combine that with being clean too. Fortunately, the two go hand in hand.

Cover Up

At festivals you risk getting covered in more than just water. Drinks get thrown around, food spills, and other unpredictable incidents occur. If you wear a sturdy, long raincoat, poncho or cagoule, you’re protected from it all. Just remember a hood is of utmost importance too. That way you can avoid bringing an umbrella, which is a total festival faux-pas because of the way brollies block other people’s view of the stage.

Modern synthetic materials can easily be wiped clean. Just keep a pocket-sized pack of wet wipes with you at all times. Long gone are the days when raincoats weren’t fashion forward. And even if your one is slightly outdated, doesn’t staying warm and dry sound better than looking fashionable but bedraggled?

Remember Hygiene

Yes, many festivals do offer limited access to showers in this day and age but actually accessing them can be a nightmare because of the queues and lack of hot water. They’re also not a particularly pleasant experience as most are just makeshift tents with barely any partitions for privacy.

Arm yourself with wet wipes and the genius modern inventions of dry shampoo and dry shower gel. While they don’t give you the same satisfaction a warm shower does at the end of a long day outdoors, it’s really much better than nothing. It’ll also save you from scaring your parents or housemates upon arriving home!

Keep a stash of wipes with you at all times not just for wiping your rain coat, but also for cleaning your hands from time to time.

Keep Your Feet Toasty

A lot of our body heat is lost through the feet. So one of the keys to keeping your whole body warm is to treat your toes to a nice pair of socks. Since socks are easily transportable and can fit into any bag, take more pairs with you than you think you’ll need so you never risk having wet socks.

To stay fashionable out on the fields, team your socks with a pair of festival wellies. These will ensure your feet are kept dry and clean at all times. The durable rubber material means you can wear them in mud as much as you like, and all you’ll then need to do is give them a wipe or a scrub when you’re back home.

It’s thanks to this that welly boots have become an absolute festival essential. And thanks to this that suppliers are now offering welly socks that are the perfect …

Back to School Laptop Book Bags

Back to School Laptop Book Bags

So it’s back to school time and as a parent you are searching for the essential supplies your college student will need for this upcoming school year. There are all sorts of essentials goods that a student needs these days, but one of the most overlooked areas of back to school supplies have to deal with computer cases.

Yep, these are not the old days of prehistoric computers, now there are mobile laptops that can be transported almost anywhere. Note that these little, compact investments are quite expensive to say the least. So would it not seem reasonable to purchase some type of laptop case or bag for protection? Any intelligent person would understand this concept to be true; however there are an abundance of people who do not take the initiative with this principle.

People – there is no questioning the fact that students are carrying around their mobile computers wherever they go. Why you might ask? The answer is very simple – a computer stores vital information and processing software that they depend on almost everyday. All of their notes and student software are stored on their laptops.

Laptop cases and bags come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. In fact, new models and innovative products are being produced all of the time. Just as the trend for technology has been to downsize and compartmentalize the same goes for these book bags and cases. If you prefer sleek, thin laptop bookbags, then you should have no trouble finding them at all. There are shoulder bags and rolling cases as well if you are interested.

With all of that said, it could be deduced that one of the best ways to transport a mobile computer is through some type of carrying device. So how does one go about finding one of these specialized bags? The truth is that it was much easier for companies to simply produce a little padded pocket inside their products than to develop a brand new line of specialized laptop book bags. So they should not be that difficult to shop for, the only difficulty will be finding the style or color that suits your preferences.…

The Power of Music: Using Music As a Therapy to Treat Autism

The Power of Music: Using Music As a Therapy to Treat Autism

The benefits are many and uplifting when music is used to interact with the autistic child. If the child has Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism, the verbal communication skills that already exist can be enhanced. In some cases just singing a conversation instead of speaking normally will have the child’s attention. In some autistic children music is a major breakthrough key into their world. In a group of children music can be made into a marching game by stopping and starting the music as in musical chairs, though without the chairs. The power of music can be just as exciting to autistic children as with children in a normal classroom or music lesson.

When a parent is out of options or just not knowing what else they can do to communicate with their child, music therapy should be given a try. It is a relatively new approach and teaching method and from the results really shouldn’t be overlooked. There has been great improvement noted in temperament, learning skills and communication. For a child that is having trouble communicating it is the perfect therapy as it connects to the non-verbal area of their brain.

Music transcends all areas throughout our life and with autistic children it is effective when used with the learning of social skills and behavioural skills. When music is played either by an instrument or singing it encourages eye contact which in turn breaks down individual social barriers. Music therapy would help in the development of speech even if the child can only grunt or hum or a simple echo word or phrase. However skilled or non verbal an autistic child is something is connecting, it could be babbling nonsense or putting together a few words to communicate with you and the world, but they are communicating. Clapping your hands in time to the music while singing words will get their attention as autistic individuals are known to be particularly good at music.

A music therapist can use music to bring together different kinds of abilities to other areas of autistic development. For many autistic individuals music is a natural ability and with very little instruction can play some instruments with perfect pitch. A hard to manage autistic person may use music to communicate and become calmer, or in another it may be the best of their other abilities. It seems to be a link to many developments, behavioural development, communication, emotions and even develop memory.

Treating autism is an ongoing therapy which seems to change as new treatments and discoveries are available and tried. What works for one may not work for another. Music therapy is using new techniques, which when used in conjunction with other therapies show great progress. To communicate with a child in a non verbal way can be taught by trained professions using music. What a wonderful way and an easy way to learn to communicate with your child. This musical …

The Advantages of Music Games

The Advantages of Music Games

Music games are one of the biggest things that are storming the world of music education. If you have bored, uninterested students, this is the best way of making their music lessons become much more interesting and alive. There are a large variety of Music Games to choose from.

There are some special memory music games that work on the player’s memory for music. When your students play these games, they will be asked to remember various notes that they might have learnt in the music classes. It is an extremely good and sustainable means of making students recollect what they have learnt and register it in their memories for a long time.

Sight reading games on the other hand, are those music games which require the player to have a good knowledge about the various notations for music. That is, he should be able to know how to write musical notes and rhythms well enough to be able to play these games.

Rhythm games are among the most loved ones. These test the player’s abilities in understanding music and in being able to identify various tunes and notes. These get more complicated as they go upwards, thus enabling the learner to be able to identify even the most basic notes in complicated and heavily instrumental music.

Thus, these games contribute towards a student’s musical training and education. Giving these as homework to your students or as assignments to be done in class is a very good idea. They will make your classes more interesting, and also your students learn a lot. You will be able to ensure with the help of music games that your students really are able to absorb and reproduce whatever they have learnt. With these games, music will not be something they have to remember for an exam and then forget. It will become a part of their very nature.…

ASUS 1215N EEE PC – A Cheap and Portable Gaming Laptop

ASUS 1215N EEE PC – A Cheap and Portable Gaming Laptop

The ASUS 1215N is one of the most popular 12-inch netbooks on the market today. The model owes its popularity to its fair price, but also to its elegant design and good performances level.

Design, ports and features

The ASUS 1215n looks very similar to the 1201pn and 1201n models. The alterations are subtle, but important. Thus, the new 12-inch netbook has a professional, but also familiar look, being at the same time robust and elegant. The black lid has a matte finish that protects the casing from fingerprints and there are also a few chrome accents.

Regarding the size, the new 1215n is quite heavy and thick, making it a bit difficult to carry, considering that it only has a 12-inch screen.

The number of ports, on the other hand, is extremely generous for a laptop of this kind, containing three USB ports, a VGA port, an AC adapter jack, HDMI output, a headphone and a microphone jack, an Ethernet port and a Kensington Lock slot.

Keyboard, touchpad and screen

The keyboard is also extremely similar to that of the 1201pn model, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, considering that the keys are comfortable and have a pretty good feedback. Nevertheless, the keys are a little bit crowded and the panel seems to cave from time to time.

The touchpad, on the other hand, is extremely smooth, accurate and sensitive, maybe too sensitive at times.

Regarding the screen, the 12.1-inch display with a resolution of 1366×768 offers decent quality and brightness, but the viewing angles are far from being perfect. That is why you will have to tilt back the lid in order to get the best picture out of your movies or video games.

Performance, graphics and battery life

The dual-core 1.8 GHz Intel Atom D525 CPU processor is more than decent for a netbook of this size and the NVIDIA Ion graphics card has progressed importantly and offers serious graphics power.

Obviously, the ASUS 1215n is not the perfect gaming device, but some of you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by ASUS’s new model possibilities. The battery is also an improvement than that of the 1201pn and 1201n, the new 6 cell device lasting an average of 5 hours and a half on a medium power usage.

To wrap up, the ASUS 1215n offers an excellent quality-price ratio, being one of the most well-balanced 12-inch netbooks on the market today, given its performance, design, weight and battery life. So if you want something with enough punch to run some games, but cheap and with decent battery life when required, you’ll hardly find anything better.…

Free Laptops Offer

Free Laptops Offer

You might have seen the various free laptops offer that are regularly advertised on the net and might be thinking if they are genuine or not. There is no use challenging the fact that laptops are extremely important in the current world. There was a time in the past when people could do with just a desktop but that time has gone. Everyone wants to utilize every moment that they can avail of to do their jobs. Why should one waste their time while commuting to their office or while they are returning back to home, keeping in mind that many people spend 3 hours and more daily just for commuting?

This time could have been well spent by completing tasks on a portable computer. While on the move and when the mind is free of the tensions of office, one might come up with a brilliant idea that can solve certain problems. By the time they reach office, they generally forget these ideas. However, if they had a laptop with them, they could have immediately worked upon these ideas and saved them to demonstrate to their boss once they reach office. So what about you? Why not get one of these portable computing machines immediately and start saving time and also recording your ideas?

You should search the net, if you are worried about the cost it entails to purchase such a machine. There are various websites where you can find more about free laptops offer. Seek one whose terms suits you the most and proceed. Did you know that many internet service providers provide you with a free laptop if you use their services for an year and pay for the same in advance? Instead of thinking, act today and get the machine you have been longing for, right now.…

Quad Core Vs Dual Core Processor? Which One is More Reliable and Fast?

Quad Core Vs Dual Core Processor? Which One is More Reliable and Fast?

In 21st Century people are more into Computers and Laptops. Buying a system is now easy as you have many options as well as online and offline stores which provide you best systems and laptops.

Before buying people only think what is the need such as that if they need gaming laptop or system or a office based type system or laptop.

Well I will say that, that’s one of the main factor you think before you buy a laptop or system. On other hand you should also know that what is the specs of that system which you are willing to go for.

Today two types of processors are really in demand:-

1) AMD Quad Core

2) Intel Dual Core

Let’s talk about the difference and performance of these two processor:

1) AMD Quad Core:- A multi-core processor is a processing system composed of two or more independent cores. It can be described as an integrated circuit to which two or more individual processors (called cores in this sense) have been attached.

A type of multi-core technology that includes two separate dual-core dies, where dial-core means a CPU that includes two complete execution cores per physical processor), installed together in one CPU package. In this set-up cores 1 and 2 would share a memory cache, as would cores 3 and 4. If core 1 or 2 needs to communicate with 3 or 4, it is an external communication, usually via the front-side bus. Both Intel and AMD have introduced quad-core processors, starting with Intel in late 2006.

Inetl Dual Core:- Dual-processor (DP) systems are those that contains two separate physical computer processors in the same chassis. In dual-processor systems, the two processors can either be located on the same motherboard or on separate boards. In a dual-core configuration, an integrated circuit (IC) contains two complete computer processors. Usually, the two identical processors are manufactured so they reside side-by-side on the same die, each with its own path to the system front-side bus.

In conclusion deciding what is your requirement and buying according to that is not the only important key factor before buying a laptop you should also know what is the specs and what do they mean?…

Tips On How To Locate The Best Gaming Laptop

Tips On How To Locate The Best Gaming Laptop

If you are in search for the best gaming laptop out there, then there are really just a few things that you need to know. The first, and most important thing that you have to know is that all of the information that you need is on the internet. You might just be looking for a gift for your teenage boy and know nothing about gaming PCs, but with the right kind of research and due diligence, you will in turn get the best bang out of your buck. You can read through a lot of reviews posted at trusted websites and see what the offerings within your budget are. Do not be afraid of technical terms because you can simply copy a term you do not understand and use your favorite search engine to find out what it means and figure out how it will affect the gaming laptop’s performance.

But let us help you out here a bit. When looking for a gaming laptop, you can really never go wrong with a brand that specifically makes laptops for gamers. Alienware and MSI come to mind as they release high performance models that are custom-built to withstand the immense performance required by current games. These purpose-built rigs work great at the aspects that gamers need them to run at, namely graphics and processing speeds. This takes us to the next thing that we want to share with you when it comes to getting the best out there. The purpose of a gaming rig is to process the huge amounts of data that games have. This means that they need a very fast processor, a large amount of RAM and a high performance video card to handle the graphics data that make games as realistic as possible.

So really, a gaming laptop has to have three key parts to live up to its name. It has to have a very fast “brain” or processor that is capable of handling complex processes. It needs RAM or random access memory so that the processor has lots of space to work with the data. Lastly, it needs a good graphics card to take the bulk of the graphics processing and not overwork the processor and memory. Remember these key things and you are on your way to getting the best gaming notebook out there. Again, read reviews and forums about gaming rigs. It should not take you more than an hour to feel confident when shopping around. The members of the gaming community are more than happy to share their knowledge and opinions about the newest rigs and technology so make full use of the info that they offer.…