Alienware M17: When All You Want to Do Is Play Games

Alienware M17: When All You Want to Do Is Play Games

If you are an avid gamer, one thing you will need most of all is a laptop that has vivid graphics. As well as great graphics, to play the most popular 3D games you will also need a powerful processor and graphics card. While these 3D games can still be played with the most basic processors and graphics cards, you cannot enjoy and appreciate the full range of colors or fast speeds until you have a powerful processor and graphics card. The Alienware M17 is the first 3D laptop from Alienware and contains both a powerful processor and 3D graphics card so you can enjoy playing the most popular 3D games.

Unique Design

The Alienware M17 notebook is in a class all of its own when it comes to design. The top lid displays the Alienware logo which is an alien’s head and either side of the lid features gill like symmetrical lines or ridges that look similar to a human rib cage. Alienware call these the skullcap gills on the Stealth Black frame. Another great feature on this laptop is the illuminated keyboard which adds to the futuristic look and feel. At present there is no other gaming laptop on the market that has such a unique design.

Alienware are now using a rubber type material on their laptops. This material adds a stylish matt finish to the entire case and prevents things like fingerprints and other unsightly marks from appearing on the surface. The Alienware M17 has a sturdy base and the display lid is resistant to various pressures.


Connectivity on the M17 is not a problem. There are three handy USB ports similar to most laptops and it comes complete with a TV tuner connection as well. Aside from the standard microphone and headphone sockets this laptop comes with an optical TOSlink digital out for added audio connection. The advantage of the TOSlink is that you are able to hook your hi-fi system up bringing your gaming experience to a new audio level.

Other connections are a front side optical drive for use with either DVD/RW or Blu-ray so you can watch your favorite movies when you’re done playing your favorite online games.

If you’re concerned about network connection, this Alienware laptop can connect to the internet with a gigabit Ethernet controller, Wi-Fi, and 2.1 Bluetooth.

Gaming Experience

To enhance your gaming ability Alienware offers an optional Logitech G9 laser mouse and headset and two choices in screen resolution on the M17 model. This model also features a reflective glare type surface which adds a sense of vibrancy to the colours appearing on the display screen.

This notebook comes with a Core 2 Extreme X9100 CPU with 3.06 GHz plus 6MB L2 cache. You also have a choice to get one with the new Intel Core 2 Quad Q9100 CPU if you want more speed.

This new generation 3D Alienware M17 laptop with its 17 inch monitor and cutting edge graphics display and audio technology offers the user a fantastic gaming experience.