About Laptops

About Laptops

A light and compact laptop has become a fascination to the computer users for the simplicity and convenience it offers. Of course desktops are definitely powerful and cost effective, but lack of portability is its drawback. The pattern and schedules of work in the contemporary life demand portability of the computer and it has become imperative to opt for laptops or other forms of portable devices. The choice is applicable not only for business use but also for personal or entertainment purposes. Laptops are now widely used in the educational institutions also. Students are now free from the burden of heavy backpacks of books and instruments. Taking into account the cost of stationeries and the difficulties in maintaining them, both students and teachers find laptops more economical in the long run.

But the type and capacity of the laptop to be chosen depend on the nature of work to be carried out. As in the case of all consumer oriented products in the contemporary markets, internet is the best source to search for the right laptop. Well known manufacturers have introduced different models of laptops to cater the needs of consumers from all segments of the society. Products are of diverse characteristics and therefore carry different price tags. Sophisticated laptops will obviously be more expensive. It is therefore necessary for the prudent consumer to look for a just model which will fit into the desired budget. Cheaper laptops can be chosen if the available features are just and enough to meet the requirements.

The weight of the laptop is an important factor while choosing one. Students as well as those who have to travel extensively should exercise caution in this respect. Anything above 4 pounds may be considered as a burden for an average user. But it all depends on the features that are expected in laptop. For example larger screen sizes are preferred by students and gamers, which will make the product heavier. Again, some of the smaller laptops may not be able to feature a network card or internal CD drive. The size of the keyboard, extra battery and external hard drives are factors that contribute to the weight of the laptop.

Markets are flooded with varieties of laptops with new features. A full HD laptop capable of achieving 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and with a 16 inch display screen is ideal for those who have heavier workloads. The capacity of the Random Access Memory and the hard disk drive are important for workaholics. Modern laptops with Intel’s 2.26Gz Core 2 Duo processor and Bluetooth 2.1 mobile broadband are available for consumers to choose from.

Market leaders like Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Sony and HP have their innovative products with sophisticated features. The market is highly competitive. Laptops sale are increasing by about 75 percent per year indicating the strong consumer preference. With the advancement of mobile broadband technology the use of laptops have become highly prevalent. As already mentioned earlier the shoppers can browse the internet to locate a suitable laptop. Expert’s views and product reviews posted regularly in the exclusive portals will be helpful to the prospective buyers in their endeavour to find the right product.