The New Generation of Gaming Laptops and the Difference Between Them and Modern Gaming Desktops

It is a known fact that one of the most influential factors in deciding what computer to buy is its performance. Technical information such as the random access memory, the power of the processor or the available disk space are essential for anyone who has a specific aim in mind when purchasing a personal computer or a laptop. Recent development in the fields of both software and hardware companies have allowed computers to be used with great ease, no matter the area of expertise. However, one branch of the I.T. industry that has been constantly growing in numbers but also performance is, of course, dedicated to gamers.

There have always been debates regarding what product is better: the desktop or the laptop, but the real question is: What do you need it for? The advantages and disadvantages of both personal computers and laptops rely solely on the buyer’s needs and expectations. It is common knowledge that laptops usually have less advanced technical specification, while also being lighter and easier to handle.

Having the gamers’ best interest in mind, it is necessary to give some technical details of what is considered to be the best gaming laptop. Even if they are more expensive than gaming computers, it is good to know that no laptop will offer the same gaming experience as its desktop counterpart. The internet if full of reviews and so-called top 10 lists, but each of them has other models listed, so it is hard to find a definite best gaming laptop. However, it seems that models with a good balance between performance and cooling are considered better than the new-age models, due to the fact that they last longer and experience fewer errors. With this in mind, most gamers recommend the Alienware M14 as being the best gaming laptop under 1000 dollars.

Moreover, the best gaming desktop is as hard to pinpoint as its smaller counterpart. Even if desktops are better balanced and offer more resources and fewer problems, the constant evolution of their components makes them obsolete from one year to another. It is true that their graphic detail, cooling systems and overall performance are better than both normal personal computers and gaming laptops alike, while also being less expensive, so if gaming is the number one way in which you use your computer, a gaming desktop is the perfect choice; but if, on the other hand, you are always on the run, a laptop might be better for you needs.