Best Laptop Review

Best Laptop Review

Buying a notebook can be quite an expense, especially if you’re a student or young professional with hardly any money. It makes sense then to check out all the options before you commit to buy one. Reading best laptop reviews can be a great way to start your search.

There are many different types of laptop on the market these days, from notebooks to netbooks and everything in between. When deciding what kind to buy, you should consider what you’re going to do with it. If you’re always on the go, a portable netbook can be the right solution. Likewise if you’re chained to a desk, but still want that element of mobility, a regular notebook will suit you fine. Avid gamers should consider a performance gaming laptop, but with those comes a price increase.

If the type of laptop to buy is confusing, finding the right brand can be something of a nightmare. The big 3 manufacturers are Dell, Sony and HP. They offer some incredible products for very reasonable prices, and you’re always going to get a good deal. Coupled with great customer service and warranties, it’s easy to see why they are the market leaders. You should also consider other makes like Acer, Asus or Samsung which offer equally as excellent products but are perhaps less well known.

Performance can be split into 3 levels: entry level, mid range and high quality. With each level you’ll generally see similarities in components like Intel processors (for example i3 to i7 or dual cores), RAM, hard disc size and graphics card output. You should consider your needs objectively and select the correct performance level. If you plan to mainly use office programmes, you don’t need a high quality laptop with 8GB of RAM and an i7 processor. Likewise if you tend to use processor hungry applications, getting a netbook with 1GB of RAM and an integrated graphics system would be foolish. Gamers should stick to high quality laptops like Alienware with powerful systems as a rule. Anything less will detract from the experience.

There are more designs and colours of laptop than can be categorised. Essentially personal preference will dictate what design you choose, however certain trends do exist. Currently pink laptops are highly popular, and Dell offer a good choice of customisable colour options. HP also offer very stylish artistic designs in every colour, including pink. Asus have even jumped on the pink laptop bandwagon with their 1008 Eee PC styled by top designer Karim Rashid. The choice is yours when it comes to design, so expand your mind!

Whatever your needs, there’s a laptop for you. Whether it’s a entry level 15″ notebook like the Dell Inspiron 15, a gaming laptop like the Alienware M17x or a small netbook like the Acer Aspire One, there’s something out there that will suit. Read all the reviews you can and make an informed decision, that way you’ll enjoy every second with your laptop!