Tips For Buying and Building a Guitar

Tips For Buying and Building a Guitar

Making your own guitar will take time, but the satisfaction that it can bring is tremendous. The following guidelines will show you how this is done.

How to Build a Guitar

Required Tools and Materials









Wood glue

Masking tape


How to Make the Upper Part

Cut wood according to the needed shape. Apply adhesive and join the two pieces. Drill the openings for the soundhole and the registration holes.

Create the rosette with the drill. Apply sandpaper so the object assumes the desired shape. Put in the soundhole and smoothen the edge with the router.

The X Brace

Create an incision at the X brace. Note the points where the braces are to be put. Put the braces in. The X carve is typically slim and high. Put the bridge plate between the X brace. Apply sand on the upper braces and secure them. Take off the edges and sand the interior parts.

How to Make the Back Component

Create the shape as you did the upper portion earlier. Make an incision at the center strip. Put the strip in place. You can file the sides with the router.

You can also use the router to thicken the shape. Place the grain strip and place it in the center. Create some holes with the router and fasten the braces.

How to Make the Guitar Sides

Slice the wood and soak it in water. This will make the wood bendable. Chop the rib end section and secure the shape. Fasten the neck block. If necessary, use sandpaper. Create a depression and dovetail so you can connect the neck.

Joining the Body

Create the binding ledge and purling ledge. Bend it and make some joints. Secure the wide purling at the corner wedge. Stick it to the back with a masking tape. Make a hole with the drill. Put in the hook and add the dovetail handle. Put the soundhole cup in place.

Make the Neck and Strings

Cut the wood to the desired shape. Make the truss shape rod and put in the pegs (use the level if necessary). Cut an anchor pocket for the truss rod. Attach the truss rod with glue. The jig openings for the fingerboard can be made with the drill.

Cut a shape 14 inches in diameter. Make the fret slots. Align them and put in the inlay and nut. Fasten in the strings.

Buying Cheap Electric Guitars

Search online. There are sites that sell branded guitars for cheap. Buy during the post holiday sales as prices are lower. Buy in stores. Compare different websites so you can see the price difference.

If you are buying a used guitar, check for signs of warping. Make sure you get a good amp too, because that will affect the sound.

There are many cheap guitars available so you should have no problems finding one. Just make sure you assess the quality. The same quality inspection should be done if you are making the guitar.