Allienware M11x Gaming Laptop – Lightweight Gaming Fun

Allienware M11x Gaming Laptop – Lightweight Gaming Fun

It offers oodles of gaming advantages in a sleek, tight form and packs in a crate-load of special features to boot. On top of it all, this bad boy comes at an impressively low price for what you get under the hood and that’s something you can’t ignore.

From Dell’s Alienware team, this M11x is the first ultra-portable gaming laptop to come with an 11-inch screen. It’s a lightweight beauty, weighing in at less than five pounds, and it typically costs around the $800 mark at most retailers across the country.

One of the most striking features of the Alienware M11x is the automatic Nvidia Optimus graphics switching with Optimus technology. If that sounds like a mouthful of nothing, you’re wrong.

A Nvidia GeForce GT 335M card comes with this bad boy. That’s an upper mid-range card that delivers a lot more power than other laptops in this price range. With the ability to switch graphics to meet the needs of different applications and games, your options are virtually endless.

The Alienware M11x’s 11-inch screen comes with 1366×768 pixel resolution and seems made to be plugged into an external monitor for extra fun. It’s a great size for average gaming, sure, and the glass exterior does provide an extra layer of gloss, but sometimes the glare can be a little excessive and a change is in the works.

Built-in 5.1 speakers help complete the ultimate gaming package, making the Alienware M11x a wonderfully economical and fun first-time outing for the system in such a compact format. There are a few issues, like the lack of ports on the right and the omission of an optical drive, but this unit is still a satisfying and fantastic laptop for gaming and graphics-oriented apps. Currently, it is selling for just around $999 per unit.