Comparing the PC Laptop Computer Today From Earlier Versions

Comparing the PC Laptop Computer Today From Earlier Versions

Comparing PC laptop computers of today with those from 10 years ago is almost comical. Thanks to advancement in technology, computers are now much easier to operate and they provide more convenience. Every part of the computer has gone through serious change, which has made it much easier to play games or email friends, do homework and study, or conduct business

Therefore, if you use a computer while on business, at college, or you like to take a computer with you while taking a vacation, the options today are amazing. Most people will choose the standard type of laptop but the notebook is another great option, which again, is much smaller and even lighter in weight. However, the notebook offers better portability than a standard laptop.

Looking at PC laptop computers now being sold, you cannot help but be in awe. For one thing, computers are lighter and while not all have had much change, the amount of power now offered and the incredible speed when on the internet is without doubt astonishing.

Certainly people have different needs but having built-in features such as a web cam, mouse, and keyboard, as well as a CD/DVD drive, longer lasting batteries, and of course, wireless technology, it is easy to get excited about change.

Of course, you could stick with a desktop computer, which still works great, but the mobility and built-in features associated with PC laptop computers make them the favorite choice. This means you can take the computer wherever you go and have internet connection, allowing you to email, handle business meetings, or simply play online games.

You could be in an airport, at your hotel, or sitting around the pool and still have the ability to conduct business, do school work, or catch up with friends because of the new wireless technology. Then, if you want to spare the life of the battery, all you need to do is plug the computer in to an outlet and enjoy going online.

PC laptop computers have even changed in size. Today, the smaller options are about 10×8 inches that comes with a 13-inch monitor but if you like a more normal size, then you could go with a 15×11-inch computer with a 17-inch monitor. Along with the actual computer being smaller, these laptops are also thinner.

One the thicker side, computers are 1.5 inches and on the smaller side, just 0.7 inches. Thanks to the thinner design, even the weight of today’s computers has decreased, adding the mobility and convenience.