Asus G73jw – By Far the Most Silent Gaming Machine

Asus consolidates their leading market position with the Asus G73Jw series gaming laptops, a great addition to the Asus Republic of Gamers series laptops. The Asus g73jw can play the latest computer games with ease and has room to grow with future game releases. The makers of the laptop has designed it in a unique way, which makes it stand apart from many models of its kind and helps in taking mobile gaming to the next level.

Will the Asus G73sw perform with the latest games?

This machine comes with a load of add-on features to offer the best gaming experience to the user. This machine comes in a rubber coated body, which gives it a sturdy feel. The machine is quite bulky and sturdy. Gamers love the look and feel.

Even the most demanding games run smoothly, since the laptop uses the latest Intel I7 740Q processor with power boost. The machine allows for 1TB of HD space, which is plenty for even the most active gamers. A GeForce Gtx 460M is setting this machine apart from the competitors in the same price range. It’s excellent performance comes in part from the 1.4gb DDR5 video RAM.

The HD display is an other advantage. In a dark environment gamers can enjoy a backlit keyboard and backlit LED screen. There is no doubt about the fact that modern games with advanced multimedia works require more battery backup and so the laptop has been provided with eight cells.

The machine is of course heavier than standard 17″ laptops, but pro-gamers are expecting a heavier machine for gaming. Like most of the modern gaming notebooks, this one also has first-class connectivity features including a USB3 port, an HDMI port that lets you connect a large screen TV.

Final thoughts on the G73Jw-Xt1

Asus G73JW-XT1 is often considered to be a flawless piece if someone is only concerned about gaming. The high-end configuration of the laptop has been rightly paired by the user-friendly layout of the model. The ergonomically designed keyboard also deserves mention, which allows users to play game for a longer period of time. However, if someone is making the purchase for watching Blu-ray movies, it might not be the best choice.

Asus G73JW-XT1 is ideal for those who are playing power-hungry computer games or video editing applications. The high-end configuration of the laptop has been rightly paired by the user-friendly design of the model. We especially appreciate the build quality of the laptop – good screen hinge unlike some of the problematic issues Alienware MX series laptops have.

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