Compute in Comfort Using a Laptop in Your Recliner

In my opinion, a desktop computer is inconvenient. You have to set up a dedicated desk for it in a room that has enough space. You have to sit in a desk chair, hunched over the computer. To me, the best type of computer is the laptop. They have come down in price in recent years, but there is a better way to get a good computer for less money. There are many computer stores that can sell you a refurbished laptop. When you buy a used laptop from a reputable dealer, you may be able to get more computing power for less money. A reputable dealer normally tests the used computers and makes any repairs needed to give it new life. After all, that is what “refurbished” means.

When you bring home your laptop, you will immediately begin to see the advantages. Instead of having to sit in an uncomfortable desk chair hunched over the desk, you can relax back in the recliner with the computer in your lap (hence the term “laptop”). One might point out that a laptop in the living room has some disadvantages. First of all, it is difficult if not impossible to use a mouse while you are sitting in an easy chair. However, these days, laptops have good touch pads that are easy to use when you get used to them. The latest ones have increased functionally of multi-touch technology. With this technology, you can use two fingers to zoom in or out in whatever program you are using. Another common disadvantage of the laptop is lack of space for the printer or other peripherals. If you have a computer area set up with a desk, it most likely has dedicated space for your printer and other equipment. But, in my opinion, it is worth the effort to carry the printer down and up the stairs.

Another advantage of the laptop is its portability. All computing time does not have to take place in the recliner. If internet access is not required, you can take the laptop anywhere. Even better, many places these days provide free Wi-Fi access. Examples of public areas with free Wi-Fi are restaurants and coffee shops, libraries, buses, and even car dealerships. You can surf the web while you wait for your car to be serviced. If you can do your work away from the office, you can do it while getting car repairs, while waiting to see the doctor, and even while you sip a latte.

The latest development of laptops is the netbook. This is a small version of a laptop. These started out as novelties because they did not have the power of a full computer. Now, however, they have been given speed and storage space so that they can compete and often beat laptops. It is a matter of opinion, however. While they are small and light, they have a small keyboard and screen. Some people say they “fat finger” when they type. Also, the smaller screen is inconvenient for programs that fill screen.