Background Music For Your Website

Background Music For Your Website

A growing trend in the wondrous world of today’s internet is the addition of a background music track to a websites home page. With the ever-increasing popularity and safety of online shopping, website owners are utilizing the effects that music can bring to a website. The result is, having one more tool working toward winning that conversion rate battle; that being turning visitors into buyers.

Smart website owners spend countless hours optimizing their sites for the search engines, linking, book marking and article marketing, in order to be successful. Driving traffic to a website is an ongoing reality of an internet business. Therefore using all the resources available to keep visitors on the site is essential. Background music is one of those tools.

One of the most important analytic statistics in evaluating how a website is performing is called the “Bounce Rate”, the percentage of visitors who click away from a site without visiting any of the site’s other pages. In short, the longer a visitor spends on a website the greater chance there is for a sale. So it is very important that the design, text, and functionality of a website be attractive and user-friendly.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bob white, a senior account executive with Townsquare Media radio group of Casper, Wyoming. When we began to discuss the subject of adding background music to a website, he gave me a wonderful analogy.

“It seems to me it would work in the same way that music does for a radio station. The music is only there to entertain listeners until the next commercial break, where the real business of radio exists; that of selling commercial time to advertisers. The music or talk shows hold people’s attention, in hopes that they will become customers of our advertisers. Obviously, the radio station format is important, being that the more listeners a station has the higher the rate they can charge for advertising spots. So, in short I can see how having music on a website would hold a visitor there longer in hopes they will become a buyer.”

Once you have decided to include background music on your website, the process is relatively easy. You will need to install a flash player on your Home Page, usually placed in the footer, where an MP3 music file can then be loaded. There are numerous types of flash players available online for free. Many of which have detailed instructions on how to install them. However, if you have used the services of a web design company, you may want to consider consulting them as to which player may be best.

When contemplating what music you want for your site, you may want to think about having music composed exclusively for “your” website. This way you are able to create the exact environment you want your visitors to experience. Also you are assured the background music on your site is the only place that particular piece of music I being used.

Music is a powerful and emotional form of expression, universally understood. The use of music in all its’ forms is a large part of today’s society. Advancements in technology through-out history has brought music form once only being able to be heard at live performances, to being enjoyed through tiny personal listening devices As the internet continues to grow and become an essential part of our world, It only makes good sense to enhance your online store front with music.