Sympathy Gifts Of Music

Sympathy Gifts Of Music

After the death of a loved one, it is a natural inclination to attempt to comfort the bereaved. Yet, even the most well meaning and heartfelt messages of condolence may fail. Another option is offering the gift of music. The soothing power of music is known to reduce stress and anxiety, while also serving as a distraction from everyday tensions.

For centuries, whether it has been tribal chants, spiritual hymns, jazz, or even pop songs, music has been a universal healing force for the saddened soul. A sympathy gift of music may be the ideal method to facilitate relaxation and lessen the stress.

While compact discs of music may be given as a sympathy gift, great care and thought must be given to the entire content of songs on the disk. Avoid loud and harsh tones. Classical music or instrumentals may offer the most soothing sounds, as well as religious hymns.

Another gift of music is the music box. Originally an item that could only be afforded by royalty, music boxes have endured though the ages as a caring and unique gift. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, the music boxes of today are not only durable, but can be personalized with pre-engraved or printed inspirational phrases. Many music boxes have lids that allow a treasured photo of the deceased to be displayed. A music box also can double as a keepsake box to store precious sentimental items and remembrances of the deceased.

Like music boxes, wind chimes offer soft tones and sounds. It allows the recipient to sit, reflect, and calm their mind and body. Originally used as a tool to ward off evil spirits over 5000 years ago, wind chimes have evolved into true musical instruments whose soothing tones will no doubt provide the much needed relaxation the bereaved so desperately need. Many chimes are hand tuned to provide superior tones and resonance and can be personalized with engraved memorial messages on the sails.

Choose music or sounds that help the grieving feel a connection to their loved one. If the deceased enjoyed the outdoors and nature, then wind chimes placed in a quiet area would offer a link to their beloved. Religion can also play an important role in music. Many music boxes contain spiritual hymns that would be a comfort to the family.

While no gift can mend a broken heart, the sympathy gift of music offers one of many tools for healing after a loss.