Mountain and Rock Climbing With Your MP3 Player – The Advantages of Music

Mountain climbing and rock climbing can be one of the most terrifying sports anyone can ever do, and yet, it is one of the most exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding of all human activities. Still, the excruciating pain that comes from muscles that are fully depleted, and the draining of all your human strength while your muscles shake and your mind wants to give up is the kind of self-induced adversity that tests a man’s soul, his very essence.

At some point, you realize that you can go back and you don’t have enough energy to go forward (up), and yet, you have to; to survive. You wind up reaching down into your gut for more, begging for just a few more ounces of strength, and then shooting another burst of adrenaline, looking for an answer to your command for a little more energy. Energy from anywhere, you don’t care where, because without it, you are toast. And even in this ultimate challenge of life-and-death, enjoying the journey with your MP3 player and your favorite music; it can make all the difference.

It is truly incredible how you can be playing one of your favorite songs while you are Mountain climbing, and then every time you play that song no matter where you are, you might be at home, in your car, or even standing in line at the DMV as that vivid memory of the mountain comes back and reminds you of what you’re made out of.

Your mind flashes back and you cannot help it, you remember as if it was yesterday. And all you can do is give a little grin and a smile and think back how you pressed on, and refused to give up when other men wouldn’t dare to take that challenge. This is why I take my MP3 player on the mountain, why do you?