HTC Sensation XL And Ice Cream Sandwich

HTC Sensation XL And Ice Cream Sandwich

Back in November 2011, HTC introduced the second Sensation with Beats; this is the HTC Sensation XL. This very same model made both music lovers and geeks fall in love with a pocket-friendly Android music phone. The phone originally shipped with Android version 2.3 also known as the Gingerbread (with the combination of Sense UI 3.5). With the release of the latest Android Operating System (the Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0), will this phone get to run this now famous OS? The answer is a big YES. The release dates for different countries may not be the same, as some will get it as early as March and other will get it on a later date. But one thing is for sure, this music phone by HTC will definitely get the Android OS update.

So what can you expect from the Ice Cream Sandwich? The answer is a refined and evolved user interface. If you enjoyed the Sensation XL with Gingerbread, then you will be blown away when this latest Android OS hits your beloved handset.

The latest Android OS will show you the real power of Android. It will make ordinary actions more visible and animated like never before. In addition, you will be able to navigate the Sensation XL with the simplest and innovative gestures. Simply put, this will make your life easier.

With the latest OS, you will be able to enjoy new lock screen actions. You can unlock the phone without really unlocking it. You can easily jump from your phone’s lock screen to your phone’s camera. You can also check your messages even if your handset is locked. You can actually do things faster with the new feature that you will get with this phone.

If that is not enough, this new OS will allow you to manage your recent apps, notifications, and your browser tabs with just a simple gesture of swiping with your finger. Yes, that is how easy it is with this new Android OS. You no longer have to click or tick a couple of buttons just to dismiss a task or notifications.

If unlocking the phone without really unlocking it surprised you, then wait until I tell you about Face unlock. Yes, this is another feature that you will get from the Ice Cream Sandwich. This is indeed a new way in securing your handset. This is also the best way to personalize your phone. With Face Unlock, you as the owner of the phone are authorized to unlock it. All you have to do is to face the phone’s front-facing camera and you are good to go.

There are lots of other things that you will enjoy with the most powerful Android OS to date. And you too will enjoy this on your HTC Sensation XL soon.