The Best Choices for a Computer Case for a Sager NP8690 Gaming Laptop

The Best Choices for a Computer Case for a Sager NP8690 Gaming Laptop

There are so many different gaming computers available today, it can be hard to find a computer case. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them. There are many features of a case that are essential. You need to consider the function against the price when purchasing one. The types that are more advanced have built in fan controllers that are a great feature for the serious gamer who is playing a game that uses a lot of CPU power. Headphone and microphone sockets should be part of any case. There should be enough USB ports for the serious user, average computer user, and standard user alike.

These days, there are numerous types available for your machine. Probably the one that is considered the most accommodating and the best is the Antec Three Hundred. It has a lot of room for high quality video cards and for multiple cooling fans for serious gamers. Along with audio in and out sockets, it also has two USB ports on its front. This one also has enough room for five fans, including three intake fans, which will maximize the airflow in order to cool the warm components.

The Xigmatek Utgard is another great selection. In many ways it is similar to the Antec Three Hundred. At its front it has four USB ports and room for as many as six fans. On its front panel it also has two fan controllers that permit you to easily change the fan’s speed which is an excellent feature. It is approximately twice the price of the Antec Three Hundred, but it is less expensive than some of the better ones that are available and it has more features.

The Antec is also one of the better cases that are available. It is rather expensive so you will want to make sure that you really need all of the features that it offers prior to purchasing it. It has room for the reservoirs and pumps needed for water cooling which is a good thing considering the amount of heat that as many as twelve hard drives and one or two video cards put out. It supports all kinds of motherboards such as the standard ATX, the micro ATX, and the ITX. It is also available with High Definition audio output and input. It supports eight fans and has enough room for twelve hard drive slots.

Lastly is the least expensive Cooler Master CM 690 gaming computer case. Although it is the least expensive is much better than many of its competitors including many that cost much more. It has eight expansion slots, supports up to ten fans, and is available comes with a lot of ventilation and room. It is a very good unit for as inexpensive as it is.