Where to Get Free Legal Music Online

Getting free products today seems to be easier now than ever before thanks to today’s advanced technologies. With the advantage of the internet programs that will populate information fields for you it is actually very easy to enter numerous contests and apply for dozens of freebies a day.

There is plenty of free music for free on the internet as well as audible e-books too. The trick to getting it often is to find where the free. Where is all this free content right? You’ve got your own computer and you pay for internet access (most of us at least) but don’t you think you should start getting more than an entertainment and work value from it if you can too? Like more specifically some type of tangible return? I definitely think so and ever since I purchased my first personal computer (PC BABY!!!) in 1994 I hit the ground running and have somehow continuously stumbled upon how to get things totally free on the web, earn money on the web and interact on the web before it was the cool, regular, everyday thing that it is now. They say, “‘s hard out there for a pimp (356 Mafia 2006)” but let me tell you it’s hard out there for girl with dope internet skillz, lol.

All jokes aside, you want to know about how to get the free legal stuff right? Well first off course you want to start with iTunes. iTunes as you know gives free music every Tuesday; it’s called their single of the week. Also use Facebook to your advantage, when you like/add a company on your Facebook profile like iTunes, Starbucks, Pepsi, record companies they often give away free quarterly, seasonal samplers, iTunes codes and all kind of free music. Friend and like your favorite bands on Facebook. Add record labels, up and coming and established MySpace artists, who also have free downloads for their fans as a way to show their appreciation for their fans support. Take advantage of that and soon you will have your iPod full of great music and all for free. Don’t forget to support your local independent record stores as well as some chains around the holidays and when the seasons change to grab their free cd’s and magazine that are free too and sometimes have free cd’s in it by well know artists you already listen to and some new one and old ones you never heard of yet. By getting the majority of your music for free you not only save money but you also broaden your tastes too.