Your Guide To Planning Fantastic Wedding Reception Music

Your Guide To Planning Fantastic Wedding Reception Music

Music is the heartbeat of any wedding reception. An expert DJ will find out what type of music you and your guests like. It will make his job easier because if he knows you love the latest chart music for example he is half way to pleasing you and your crowd before he spins his first track.

A professional DJ will request a playlist from you or give you the option to list your favourite genres for him to work within. A professional DJ should discourage you from choosing 100% of your playlist though; it will leave no room to work on the fly on the night. There are massive hits that you may exclude that a professional wedding DJ knows the majority of people want to hear and you may have missed some of them off your list. Dancers like to make DJ requests as well and you should allow room for this to keep your dance floor happy. An expert DJ will explain this to you so he has the flexibility to work your crowd on the night.

Expect to get through around 100 tracks at an average party. When you consider the millions of songs that have been written over the years, there is no reason on earth why a DJ should play rubbish songs that clear the floor. None. And this is where experience and expertise comes into play when track selecting.

A professional DJ will have access to upwards of 15,000 hits. Selecting 100 pulsating floor fillers will be a walk in the park for an expert.

A professional DJ should be comfortable with taking requests on the night. We live in an age of advanced technology and a modern DJ, broadband permitting, should even be able to download and play any hits that he does not have with him on the night.