Dust Off Your Songs

Dust Off Your Songs

If you are like most musicians who write songs and music and leave them on the shelf collecting dust you should read this.

Many artists find that after creating their work that they often criticize, find fault, lack the confidence to release their material. Now not all material is ready for the next phase, but I find that a lot of songs have the right elements to become hits. Sometimes you just have to let go and see what the general public’s response is going to be like.

If your created work has a good story/lyric and has relatable subjects, such as relationships, good times, hard times, pets, cars, friends and family or just about anything that people can understand and relate their life to, with those same experiences, you may have a hit.

Musically, if your melody is simple with the lyric’s sung within your melody, people will not lose interest in the song. I see a lot of virtuoso’s who are incredible musician’s with unreal technical abilities and yet they are not selling more records than the artist who is less technical but kept their stuff simple and relatable.

The general public is far most receptive to your music than you would give yourself. The self criticism of our own work will keep it on the shelf collecting dust and you may be holding back the next platinum worldwide hit.

Take a chance, send those tunes out to publishers, producers and even recording studio’s.

There is a possibility that someone would show interest and want to produce your song.

Also consider, that the music industry can’t survive without a constant supply of new material. This applies to every genre of music. Publishers and producers need a supply of music for their signed artist’s. Not all mainstream acts write their own music and songs.

That’s where you come in. Don’t be the final judge on your music. You will find fault most of the time and decide it’s not good enough. As a working recording engineer and producer I can tell you we have access to many new upcoming singer/songwriters who have music that completely fills the demand and quality of what you hear on the radio today.