Top Women’s Concealed Carry Gear

If you’re one of the many women that do concealed carry, you’re probably all too familiar struggle of comfortably concealing your gun. You need a place where the size and weight of your weapon will fit and still be easily accessible. Luckily, there may be more concealment options out there than you realize.


Holsters are the most traditional way to carry. Look for certain designs for concealed carry holsters for women. There are now slimmer waistband holsters designed to fit women’s bodies more comfortably. Thigh holsters are perfect to pair with skirts and dresses, and ankle holsters work well with flared pants. Women also do well with belly band holsters. Belly bands are often made out of a comfortable, stretchy material like elastic so your movement will not be impacted.


Concealment clothing options are growing for men and women. You can now purchase a variety of clothing with gun pockets built right into them. No matter your style, you can select a garment or two that fit into your wardrobe. Select from tank tops, compression shorts, jeans, leggings, jackets, and more. Keep in mind where you are most comfortable bearing your gun’s weight. Many shirts will keep your gun near your armpit. Shorts and pants keep the weight on your waist or hip.


Bags aren’t as easy to access, but they are an extremely comfortable way to carry your gun. Placing your gun in a regular bag can be dangerous, but there are bags made with separate, secure compartments. You can stay feminine with a classic-looking purse or expand into other varieties of bags. Concealment bags come in styles like messenger bags, fanny packs, and even backpacks.

Carrying a concealed weapon shouldn’t be difficult for a woman. Be sure to explore all your options to find the right choice to keep you safe and comfortable.