Top 3 Pillars for Online Success

Top 3 Pillars for Online Success

So in this article I want to tell you why you need to ensure all 3 are rightly placed.

Traffic – Gone are the days when the designer used to tell us that “all you need to do is build a nice fancy site and people will find their way to you because the internet is like the high street and people will always stop by.” Even you know by now that life online does not work that way. Try putting your video online without any promotion and check the views in 6 months time. Whether you have a website, Facebook, MySpace (are you still using this?) or Twitter you need to be doing all you can to get traffic to your site. The best product in the world without traffic remains the best kept secret. Best kept secret sites do not sell products and have no money.

Relationships – All successful people have learnt that they need to build relationships. In the online world simply having a bunch of emails from your gig or subscribers will not ensure success. What will bring success is the frequent contact with these people and the development of trust. Unless people trust you they will not spend with you. So how well do you use your mail list? Do you send products to them regularly, are you keeping them update with some good information about yourself, are they opening your emails now because they look forward to hearing from you? Relationships are one of the keys to online success.

Products – When guests become subscribers and now trust you, you need to have something to sell otherwise you are warming them up for someone else. So what kind of products should you have? I want to suggest that you need at least 3 types of products:

1. Entry level products. This can be like an album. CD or Download, a T-Shirt, ticket to a show etc something that will cost £5-£20.

2. Next Level Products. This could be the above but in a bundle. What I mean is – an album. CD or Download, a T-Shirt, ticket + DVD all for £30-£50

3. The Premium Products: These are your top products that have everything in 1 & 2 + something like 1 years’ tickets to gigs, 5 DVDs and an additional studio album for £100-£150 depending.

You might even go further by having a special jacket made with your logo and add this to your Premium Products and sell this new bundle for £300+.

Without traffic there will be no relationships and without solid relationships you will struggle to sell. Have all theses in the right place and you will have a great chance of succeeding online.