Tips For Getting Your New York Concert Tickets

Tips For Getting Your New York Concert Tickets

One of the fun things to do in New York City is experiencing the incredible variety of live music shows at a range of New York music venues. There are plenty of live music shows and concerts held on a nightly basis; from the up-and-coming musicians performing at small music venues to chart topping musicians playing to a packed arena. Often, you do not need to purchase tickets in advance for the smaller music venues including a range of bars with live music, like the Red Lion or Bitter End on Bleecker St. As for the medium to large music venues, such as Joe’s Pub or Hammerstein Ballroom, it’s advisable to get concert tickets ahead of time.

So what is the best method of getting your coveted New York concert tickets?

• If you’re interested in seeing a particular band, then check out their website or MySpace page to find about their show dates and when tickets will go on sale.• You may want to consider joining a fan club affiliated with the artist or band. Membership benefits often include getting concert tickets at a discount and before they are available to the general public.• If you don’t have a particular band in mind, then you need to figure out which concert you would like to attend. Check NYC weekly papers or entertainment guide websites to find up-to-date music calendar listings at the various music venues in New York City.• You can purchase tickets through an online ticket vendor in advance. Search and compare for the best deals available online.• If you are in New York, you have the option of getting your tickets directly from the box office on the day the ticket goes on sale and avoid additional fees. If there is a lot of interest for the concert, you may have to arrive at the ticket booth hours before tickets go on sale.• If concert tickets are sold out, you can contact the music venue and ask if there are any returned tickets or if they will release house seats.

Don’t forget to take advantage of some credit cards like American Express that offer membership discounts. If you have an AMEX card, log into your account online and look under entertainment benefits to find a list of upcoming concert tickets at a discount.

To get your hands on the best selling tickets, whether it is lady gaga concert tickets or NYC opera tickets, it’s recommended that you plan as early as you can and get the tickets in advance. Some of these music shows could be rare performances you will fondly remember for years to come. So grab your ticket, guarantee your spot and enjoy the show!