Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Reviewed

Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Reviewed

The World’s first true Gaming Laptop is here. No No No, I’m not saying that, it’s the makers of Razer Blade who are saying this. What am I saying? Cut the Talk, Lets Check it out!

Before we begin I must tell you that Razer Blade’s price is $2800. We will be keeping this in mind while we check out every single department.

First of all if the Laptop Company says it’s meant for Gaming, It should be thin, portable and easy to carry i.e. not bulky.

Razer Blade is thinner than an inch, (.88 inch in height), 16.81 inch in width, 10.90 inch in depth and it weighs less than 7 pounds, which is nice considering it is a gaming laptop.

The processor on Razer Blade is the best processor in the market, at least that what the company says. It is no doubt a beast but the problem is that its dual core. Here is the processor spec: I7-2640M dual core-64 Bit processor (2.8 GHz / 3.5 GHz). Well, This maybe the best Dual core processor but it still won’t stand a chance against a quad-core.

Honestly I would expect a Quad-core if I’m shedding $2800 on a Laptop. Anyhow, still a decent processor.

Well, Lets come to the main part i.e. GPU.

Razer Blade features NVIDIA’s Optimus technology and Next generation NVIDIAA� discrete GPU (GT 555M) with 2GB dedicated GDDR5. The Graphic card will handle any game without any problem. It’s probably the best you can get, so 5/5 in the GPU department.

An 8GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory is found on Razer Blade, along with 320 GB of storage. 320 GB? Yes, Shocking isn’t it? This is definitely disappointing; they should at least offer a TB as they are charging $ 2800.

It also offers a 17.3″ (Diagonal), 16:9 ratio, 1920?�1080 LED Backlit display along with standard HDMI Out, 3.5mm Audio Out, 2 USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port.

There’s no info on the battery yet, but I doubt if it will be good because of all that power under the hood.

Okay, these are the features you might get on some other laptops but one amazingly awesome feature of Razer Blade which you won’t find any where else is the Touch Screen Panel in the right of the keyboard where usually you a find NUM-Pad.

It has Built-in touch screen and buttons with LCD displays, which makes your commands and skills at your fingertips.

The LCD displays has two modes, one for your game information and the other mode in which it functions as a multi-touch panel. Amazing, Innovative, Awesome! But sources say this is the sole reason behind the $2800 price tag, this thing almost takes $800 to fit into Razer Blade. Is it worthy? Do we ever use the Num-Pad area while we are playing? I’m only bothered about “WASD” in a first person shooting game. Anyway, +1 for innovation.

Well, Its time to conclude things. What we liked and what we disliked.


Thin, Portable, Awesome GPU, Innovative Touch Screen Panel, Decent display.


Just 320Gb of Storage, Dual-core processor, Price tag of $2800… Are you kidding me??

$2800 is just too much for any gadget. Whatever specs, think or thick, portable or bulky.

I don’t know what are the makers of Razer Blade aiming for, in an era where gaming consoles are starting from $300, I don’t see people buying this laptop.

Even If I go for a SONY PS3 with a SONY BRAVIA HDTV, I’ll save a grand and a half.

It’s not that if you have extra money even then you shouldn’t buy this thing; I know you’ll buy it.

I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who works his Ass off and save bucks to buy a gadget or to someone who isn’t a son of an Indian Politician.

Good but Overpriced!