Should I Buy a Gaming Laptop or a Gaming Desktop?

If you want to buy a gaming system for playing computer games, then the first thing that you may think of is to buy a powerful desktop computer. The advantage it brings is that you can play all the latest games on a computer with the best possible configuration. Even though it gives the best gaming experience, there are many people who do not mind spending on a gaming laptop even though it costs more than a desktop computer.

Gaming laptops have several advantages over desktop computers. The first benefit you get from a gaming notebook is that it is portable device which can be carried anywhere. If you are traveling in your car on a long journey, you can switch on your laptop and start playing high resolution action packed games. As said before, such laptops do not come for cheap. A notebook that has higher specification will result in spending more money. However, if you research well, you will able to find a lot that has slightly lower configuration but still capable enough to play all the recent games. Such laptops are affordable.

Some say that laptops cannot be upgraded as compared to desktop computer. For those people who such doubts, you will be glad to know that most laptops come with extra RAM slots that can be used to add additional Ram. Also, some laptops such as the ones from Alienware allow you to upgrade the graphics card. This is only possible if the gaming laptop has a dedicated video memory and does not make use of integrated graphics chip. Most laptops that are designed for gaming make use of dedicated video memory.

People usually buy laptops for various reasons such as portability and for saving space. If portability is a priority for you, you should go for gaming notebook and if portability is not important, you can go for a desktop computer. If you research online, you will find many sellers selling gaming laptops along with online coupons and discounts. Do not just buy any laptop that has been endorsed well by the manufacturer. You need to thoroughly go through the specifications and see details like graphics card, processor speed, RAM, display screen size and screen resolution. After taking all this things into account you will be able to decide on a good laptop for gaming. Also make sure you visit review sites and discussion forums to understand the positive and negative points of all the gaming laptops.