4 GB MP3 Player – Your Favorite Portable Music Device!

4 GB MP3 Player – Your Favorite Portable Music Device!

If you have looked over any Christmas list this year, there is a better than average chance you seen the words 4 GB Mp3 player somewhere on it. No matter what the age of the person writing it, 4 GB Mp3 player has become the new black. For those who are not well versed in the latest technical gadgets this is the place to learn what you need to know about fulfilling this season’s wish list.

What is It?

A 4 GB Mp3 player is a classification of digital player that has been immortalized by the iPod. Mp3 is a shortened anagram for MPEG- audio layer 3. MPEG originally stood for Moving Picture Experts Group. As you can imagine that does not market very well so it was shortened to MPEG- audio layer 3 and finally Mp3 player, 4 GB refers to the amount of storage the unit contains.

GB stands for gigabyte and is the largest mass produced storage available. There are terabytes and such but for now those are left mainly to large-scale commercial users.

All of that was said to define the product that has all but replaced the Walkman. You remember those little cd players you were supposedly able to jog with without your music skipping? Yeah, mine never worked that well either.

4 GB Mp3 player is the latest in portable music devices. You can save your favorite music onto your computer and then download it to your device. Now you can have your favorite tunes with you wherever you go!

Which One

If you have been to a local retailer lately searching for a 4 GB Mp3 player then you already know that there are about five or more different brands to any one location and if you have looked online there is even more! How to choose your device depends on you.

The prices range from $40 – over $200 so there is indeed a wide variety. Some die hard iPod fans will tell you that there is no 4 GB Mp3 player that can compare. However, a quick browse around the internet will tell you a different story.

Generally speaking, the best advice is to compare several models and their functions. Many will have the photo and video option but do not take it as a given that all 4 GB Mp3 player have this. You may decide that to save money this is an option you can live without. Or not, overall the decision will be based on two things your needs and your wallet.