Numark ICD DJ in a Box – What Every DJ Needs

Numark ICD DJ in a Box – What Every DJ Needs

Numark just announced the release of their latest DJ equipment that will change the traditional two turntables and a microphone DJ mixers’ setup. With the Numark iCD DJ in a Box, any DJ can now perform with just two CDs and an iPod! This new DJ mixer is a complete system that features two Numark NDX200 CD players, and an iM1 two-channel DH mixer that has a built-in iPod dock, headphones, along with all the necessary connection cables.

Using this latest DJ equipment from Numark, you can readily transform your computer into a DJ workstation. An ideal starter kit, it uses your computer as the heart of your DJ system. All you could possibly need to keep those beats up is contained in one box, ready for your laptop. So whether you are setting the pulse at weddings, bars or any other events, Numark’s iCD DJ in a Box is the perfect playmate for your computer. Simply attach this convenient DJ mixer to your computer and you are up to perform in no time.

The iCD DJ uses Numark’s very own Total Control DJ software, perfect for DJs who want to revisit the control they left behind when they switch from a traditional mixer to the multi-processing power of laptop DJing. Total Control is an extremely class-compliant USB MIDI device and is the best tool for any performing computer DJ craving for total software control. Total Control features 31 buttons, 20 knobs and 5 faders. It also lets you send MIDI date from the controller to your DJ software of choice, giving you the convenience of mouse or track pad software control a piece of history.

Unlike any other DJ mixers today, the NDX200 CD players of iCD DJ are performance grade players with a heavy, rugged build as well as a large wheel giving you a rather comfortable yet powerful performance. The best thing about the iCD DJ in a Box aside from being compact and portable is its Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology, a feature that keeps music the music playing even when the vibrations might cause other DJ equipments to skip. On top of that, the NDX200 CD player also gives nothing but seamless looping, ideal for creating and integrating loops into remixes.

Numark has definitely raised the bar with this one; a performance grade unit offering all the DJ essentials like two input channels, main and headphone outputs, mic input, as well as smooth faders. Its iM1 mixer records mixes straight for the iPod too, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Every DJ needs an all-in-one package whether to get started or as a secondary system, and iCD DJ in a Box is made with that intention. The Numark iCD DJ in a Box is what every DJ needs, whether you are an experienced veteran switching from vinyl or just starting out. So get those beats up and get the The Numark iCD DJ in a Box today!