What To Look For in Custom Inventory Carts

If you own a warehouse or a business that deals with a lot of inventory, you can benefit from having custom inventory carts. A cart should be designed with your business needs in mind. Although inventory carts can be made to your specifications, they should have a few things.

Shock Absorbing Casters

Shock-absorbing casters or wheels give you a way to move the cart from a staging area to an assembly area to a packing or shipping area. The best kind produces flashloans.ai minimal vibration and easy motion, which helps to keep your goods in place. Single-wheeled casters are great for lighter goods, but you should consider dual wheel shock absorbing casters if you have heavy goods.

Sturdy Materials

You can get carts made from a variety of materials. The materials can be plastic, metal or wood, but they should be sturdy. The materials that you choose will depend on what kind of inventory you are moving. Wood and metal are great for heavier inventory, while plastic can be useful in transporting heavy and light materials.

Versatile Design

Some carts are made with pipe and are made to be adjustable. You reconfigure your cart to whatever design you need. This is great when you have different sizes, shapes and weights that you need to move around your production, assembly or shipping areas.

Ample Size

Before getting your carts, think of what you will be carrying. Keep in mind that they need to be easy to move through the space that you have. You will also need carts that are big enough to move your inventory throughout your space. You can take average measurements of your products and use that to decide on the size.

When you are ordering your custom carts, make sure you keep all of these specifications in mind. Each business has different needs when it comes to moving inventory.