Layman’s Guide to Buying a Laptop For Gaming

Layman’s Guide to Buying a Laptop For Gaming

For the hardcore gamer who does not want to spend all of their time at home with their equipment, a laptop may be the right choice. There is more to consider than screen resolution. Here are the very basics of what to expect from a good laptop for gaming.

Hard Drive- A hard drive size is something there is some debate about. If you are downloading a lot onto your laptop, you will find that you quickly run out of space. You can get external hard drives and thumb drives, or you can delete your downloads as you go. Drive space is something that is limited in laptops and there is really no other way around it. getting a computer with a larger hard rive means getting a larger computer, which takes away form the portability of a laptop.

Processor- The central processing unit, commonly known as the processor, is a key piece of equipment. It determines how much your computer is able to process. With heavy duty gaming needs, this is something you do not want to skimp on. Make sure that whatever laptop model you are looking for has the newest central processing until technology available. I would name the one in my laptop, but I am sure it would be dated by the time that you read this.

Memory- Random access memory, known as RAM or memory, is the factor that decides how much your computer can do at once. Games can take up a lot of memory. A minimum of 4 GB should be expected. Also, look at some of your games to see how much they require, then compare those numbers to what is available.

Graphics- You know how important graphics are to gaming. You need to see everything, and see it well. Your graphics card will determine how well you see. Go for whatever is best on the market at the time of the purchase. Again, I would recommend my personal favorite, but it will soon be an obsolete piece of technology, as technology progresses so fast.

Screen Size- A standard laptop is 17″ from corner to corner. You don’t want any smaller. Larger laptops may be less portable, as they are heavier and will take longer to load, but their resolution will be better. Basically, you will want at least 17″. A laptop of this size should be able to house all of your technology needs as well as providing the best visual for your games.