Electric Guitar Guide – How to Get Started Playing Right

Electric Guitar Guide – How to Get Started Playing Right

When you start playing the electric guitar, there are many things to keep in mind to start playing right. Don’t make many of the beginner mistakes that many beginners are prone to making. Follow this electric guitar guide to start learning properly.

Make sure you get an electric guitar that you can actually play. This means that the neck isn’t too warped and the electronics work. You will need at least a practice amp so you can hear yourself. A multi-effects peddle isn’t a requirement but it’s fun to have different effects while playing especially if the style of your choice has certain effects. After you get a guitar, be sure the change the string immediately.

Most of the time a beginner will start with a lighter gauge pick. This means it’s thin. If you want to get better at using a pick and do more complicated techniques, you will have to get used to a thicker pick. At first if you use a really thick pick, you might end up breaking too many strings.

Much of the beginner steps will be memorization and learning how to get your fingers to move. Sometimes your fingers just don’t have any dexterity when starting especially your ring finger which isn’t used to moving on it’s own. Don’t quit thinking you can’t do it because most at first really can’t until they gain more control.

Start off with chords and strumming. A basic chord chart should help. If your fingers get too sore to play which will happen, you can still practice by memorizing chords in your head.

As an electric guitar player you will want to also learn scales and picking techniques as this is the basis of solos and riffs. Start on these early picking up the major scale at first so you have a scale to practice your picking with.

If you get stuck, get more material. This could happen to be from a guitar teacher, a book, a video, or a course. It’s important to always have something new to practice and improve upon.