Lee Hyori – One of Korean Music’s Top K-pop Artists

Lee Hyori – One of Korean Music’s Top K-pop Artists

Several of South Korea’s artists and musical groups have branched out today and are now gaining more and more popularity in several countries around the world. The popularity of South Korean music has also been known as part of the Korean Wave which represents the increasing rate of popularity of the contemporary culture of South Korea among the countries in Asia as well as the world.

One of the more popular artists in South Korea is a girl named Lee Hyori . She is well known by South Koreans to be one of the members of a popular Korean girl group called FINKL which stands for Fine Killing Liberty. In Korea “Fin” means “the end” therefore it reads like “the end of liberty killing”. The girl group decided to choose that name since it has a deeper meaning to them. For them it is like they are standing up against anything or put and end to anything that is killing their liberty or freedom. Some may not like their title but it certainly worked for the girls and they made a lot of popular musical hits with it.

Lee was the girl bands leader being the oldest member of the teenage group. It is interesting to know that she was the last member to join the group and was discovered while she was taking pictures with her friends. The girl band was launched around the month of January of the year 1998 and made their official debut in the month of May of the same year. Their first single was called the “Blue Rain” and they gained a lot of supporters right away considering that they are still new in the industry. After their second album was released, there was no stopping them in hitting the media spotlight.

After the FINKL’s split, Lee continued to pursue her career and has become one of the most popular artists in South Korea. She was able to develop most of her talents and became the face of Korea in both the South Pacific and quite recently in the whole world. Unlike other entertainment stars, she has won a lot of advertising contracts among Korea’s top companies. She has remained a popular choice among the companies who wanted to cash in on her popular public image.

Daesangs which is the most prestigious of Korean Music awards has been swept by Hyori in the year 2003 and winning more than 7 artists of the year awards. Many of her K-pop albums have sold hundreds of thousands of copies in South Korea. These days, she continues to become an even more popular artist around the globe with her unique style of singing coupled with her dancing talent. With her on the side of Korean Music , there is no doubt that their kind of music will become more and more popular around the world in the days to come.