Laptop Reviews – The Funky Fresh Alienware AM11X-2894CSB Gaming Laptop

Laptop Reviews – The Funky Fresh Alienware AM11X-2894CSB Gaming Laptop

When it comes to gaming laptops, style may be an afterthought for some users. For those that need both style and performance, though, the Alienware AM11X-2894CSB is here to please.

With a creative design and tremendous performance under the lid, this gaming unit from Alienware lets you get your game on virtually anywhere at any hour of the day. It’s not just useful for gaming, either, as you can crank up the machine for other more useful apps as well. With a weight at under 4.5 pounds, you can take the Alienware AM11X-2894CSB wherever you want.

Starting with a 1.30GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor, the Alienware AM11X-2894CSB packs a wallop in a world of less-than-perfect gaming laptops. There’s 4GB of dual channel DDR3 RAM and a 320GB hard drive clocked at 7,200rpm. An 11.6-inch HD widescreen display set to 720p with 1366×768 resolution helps bring the striking visuals to your eyes.

Graphics-wise, the Alienware AM11X-2894CSB offers a NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M graphics makeup that can be switched with BinaryGFX technology. Internal HD sound and audio effects help draw you into your gaming experience, while a slew of connectivity features will let you dig in where you need to.

A built-in 1.3MP webcam and mic carries on the usability of this package in style. Connect with friends and family using the cam and a pile of multimedia software to augment the way you get your message out.

So with plenty of storage, a media card reader, a HDMI port to connect your Alienware to just about other display, and a gang of other features, this is one of the best gaming laptops around today. On top of it all, strong support and a one-year warranty helps you make sure everything about your Alienware AM11X-2894CSB stays working as it should.