Important Things to Know About Iphone 11?

2018 becomes a big year for every Iphone’s enthusiast across the globe. It is because there will be some Iphone release in this year. Although Apple does not state yet about the exact specification of the newest Iphone, but there are already rumors spreading. Iphone 11 is one of the products which is expected to be better than the Iphone X. There are some expectation about this Iphone 11 that you can see below.

Release Date of Iphone 11

Before discussing about the specification expetation, you should know about when is the release date of this Iphone. It is not a secret anymore that Apple will release its Iphone 11 in September this year. Are you ready for this? Save your money now because it’s only some months to go.

Face ID and Animoji Feature

Because of the next generation of Iphone X, there are some specifications which still exist on the Iphone 11. Face ID and Animoji are two features which will still exist later. Apple is no longer using fingerprints on Iphone X. It is expected the same as on the Iphone 11 which use the Face ID. It has a sensor to scan your face in 3D. Besides, there will also an Animoji feature which can create a real time 3D animation of your facial expression using emojis. Maybe there will be an improvement from this to features on the the newest Iphone.

Lower Price

Many people are complaining about the high price of Iphone X. That is why they expect for a lower cost on the newest Iphone. Although in fact it possibly still uses the same component as the Iphone X. But many rumors say that there will be a lower price of Iphone release in 2018 and it could be the Iphone 11. Are you going to buy this newest Iphone later on? Let’s wait it in September.