Latest Iphone News You Should not Miss

There are many rumors about Iphone that come up in public these days. Are you too excited to hear the latest Iphone news? You should prepare yourself because there are some improvements that make you increasingly want to buy the latest Iphone. It is expected can satisfy the Apple users from the previous types of Iphone.

Newest Phone Display

The Iphone design is the first thing you should not miss about the latest Iphone news. As we know that Iphone X is the newest product from Apple which launced in 2017. It has 5.8 inch screen resolution and 12 Mega pixels camera. But then Apple is assumed to develops this phone into a bigger screen resolution of  Iphone X plus with 6.5 inch display. There is also a rumour says it will have bezel free design with OLED screen and gold color. It is such a surprising Iphone news, right?

The Update of Platform

Besides display, Apple is also aware about the importance of updating the software of the latest Iphone. If the previous type of Iphone uses iOS 11.1.1, it will be different for the next generation of Iphone. The using of iOS 12 becomes something that are waiting for the Apple users. It is because many people who complain about the quality of Iphone  X such as the lag problem. That is why the update of platform becomes the latest Iphone news which people should not miss.

Battery Improvement

The last Iphone news you should know is about the battery improvement. If we are talking about the battery, we know that Apple already gives 2716 mAh battery to the Iphone X. It is actually enough for the normal using of a smartphone. But Apple not just stuck in here because there will be the bigger capacity of battery around 3300 until 3400 mAh. It is a really good Iphone news for everyone. Do not miss all the Iphone news update.