Once in a while, you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, and you have no idea what step to take. You may be going through a divorce, you may have extreme financial problems, or the doctors may have told you that the medication is not working on you. There is no shame in all these. Instead, you should take them as a reminder of what it means to be alive and dance to your fight song.

Death is inevitable, but being alive isn’t. Therefore, you should always do things that make you happy. What pushes you from your bed every morning? It could be anything, but whatever it is, it makes you alive. Here are three things that should keep women fighting in the ring, even when all odds are stacked against them.

· Family and real friends.

Forget about the genes and blood relations; real family is where you get all the love, support, and compassion. Your family should not only celebrate with you but should be there for you when the tough gets going.

Can you think of anyone else who can be patient with your shortcomings more than your family? Family is not perfection. There will be fights, there will be name callings, and sometimes, you will not get along with everyone in the family. But despite that, you keep together until you learn to treat each other with compassion.

Life is fantastic with the realization of what is important to you. It is a gift that you mostly share with the people you love. Neither you nor your family came with instructions, but through some miracle, you fit like a glove.  Just in case you were curious about how to track someone’s phone, mspy can do that for you.

When it’s hot, you sweat together in the glove. And when it’s cold, you enjoy the warmth together. Through this brilliant design called family, you get your happiness, comfort, and belonging. Your family is your true north.

·  Build Your Career

Not too long ago, women devoted their lives to raising children and making the perfect homes for their families, but today they are chasing the dollar as much as men, if not more. Some women sacrifice love and family to shoot to the top of their career ladder and keep the momentum going.

As a woman, it is not easy to make it in this male-dominated world. You have to work hard and for crazy hours to get a seat on the high table. There is no compromise; you have to give it your sweat and blood. It is not easy, but it is achievable. Oh! How can I forget that huge paycheck that you get every end of the month? It is a reward from your satisfying career that screams financial freedom from here to retirement.

· Helping Others

Call me crazy, but at least agree with me that women are the best givers. You may think that you have taken more from the world than you can ever repay, but that should not stop you from taking on the challenge. When you help others, you make their life better, and this is a gift that you should never miss.

It could be through mentorship, simple gestures like a hug or a smile, participating in a charity event, or anything else that is considered benevolent. Make it a challenge to be a stepping stone to someone’s career, be a cushion and offer a soft landing to another person’s fall and use your words for breathing hope to someone and not to break them.


The world is crazy, but regardless, life has so much to offer. There is so much to see and experience. There are so many sad faces that need your input to get back their smiles. There are so many women you can inspire through your career success.

How about all the people you can meet? People that will challenge you, enrich you, and at the same time love and cherish you. When you feel that you do not have any fight in you, reflect on all these blessings that you so rightfully deserve and ask yourself, “Would I want to miss any of these?”