How to Select a CPU Cooler for a Sager NP8850 Gaming Laptop

So you have a brand new Sager NP8850 gaming laptop and you’re ready to play some games. Well hold on just a second there unless your machine is the upgraded version, you probably only have the CPU that has come as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cooler for your CPU. The result of this is that it’s probably only a heat sink that was recommended by the Sager of the CPU and usually will only just barely keep your CPU cool and really isn’t worth much. There is absolutely no reason for Sager to include a high quality CPU cooler when it doesn’t have to. These OEM cooler will usually keep your CPU cool, but just barely. If the CPU gets hot during an intensive or long running game, it will ruin your gaming experience.

Many of the standard coolers for CPUs are made from aluminum that is very inexpensive rather than one of the copper heat sinks that perform much better because copper does a much better job of dissipating heat than aluminum does. Therefore, if you want to provide less noise and better than just adequate CPU cooling you will need to get a better cooler for your CPU from a retail store or from Sager as an upgraded component.

You will have to consider if you have sufficient space around the CPU socket and if you will be over clicking your system when selecting the best CPU cooler for your machine. You should consider how much time that you want to spend on this project and if your computer case has sufficient airflow to start with. In general, as with many other things, you will pretty much get what you pay for when it comes to CPU coolers. Usually the more expensive and larger ones are going to provide the best cooling. One of the things that will help is to find a cooler for your CPU that has heat pipe technology. Don’t forget that the cooler for you CPU should be made from copper.

Obviously, you will have to know what type of socket the CPU cooler will require. Otherwise you may purchase one that won’t fit and you need to select a cooler for you that will work with your PC. Some of the better brands of CPU coolers include Thermalright, Vapochill, Arctic Cooling, Thermaltake, and Zalman. These are available on numerous websites on the Internet.