Enjoy More Mobile Features With HTC Desire HD

Enjoy More Mobile Features With HTC Desire HD

If you want to be able to enjoy more mobile features on your phone, then the HTC Desire HD is the one for you. Now, when I say more, I mean MORE!

Yes, this mobile phone will truly give you more than your money’s worth. Okay let me start with managing email accounts using a mobile phone. With this phone, you can easily compile all of your email accounts in one inbox. Now, you will no longer need to check on several email accounts with this phone. You do not even have to labor on segregating folders, as it will automatically color code your every email account. It will also be filtered by content, importance and by groups. So say goodbye to messy and multiple email accounts when using a mobile phone, because with the Desire HD this is all a thing of the past.

We all love to take pictures using our mobile phones, but until very recently, we all wanted to have something of high quality videos and images stored on our phones. With the HTC Desire HD, you no longer have to bring with you a separate digital camera; this is because this mobile phone is equipped with an 8MP dual flash camera. You can also easily share your captured images and videos on YouTube or to HDTV via its DLNA.

With this phone, you are also guaranteed to enjoy in full websites like never before. This is because of its built-in Adobe Flash Player. No longer will you experience seeing only a part or portion of a certain website, with the HTC Desire HD, there are no websites that are out-of-bounds. You are also allowed to view several web pages in separate windows with just a tap and a pinch; you will be able to go from one page to another.

I am sure that you also have experienced moving items from your mobile phone to another electronic device, just for you to be able to share your files (photos, videos, music tracks, etc.) to others. Now, with the Desire HD, you can easily do so in breeze by simply hooking up your phone to your home theater system using DLNA. So, say goodbye to passing your phone around to your friends and family, you can all enjoy your saved photos, videos and music tracks in big screen.

You will definitely enjoy more mobile features with the HTC Desire HD.