Are Broadband Deals With Free Laptop Computers a Good Deal?

Are Broadband Deals With Free Laptop Computers a Good Deal?

With most mobile broadband providers now offering free laptop computers as an incentive, it is probably a good time to discuss the pros of cons of such deals. Increasingly, providers are adding such deals in an effort to stay with the market as we become addicted to mobile connectivity. But whilst it sounds an amazing deal, how good a deal is it really?

Firstly of course, it is not entirely free. You will have to commit to a mobile broadband contract with your chosen provider. The lengths of these contracts vary of course, though most are for at least twelve and can be as many as twenty four months.

This isn’t to say the providers when they tout themselves as giving away free laptop computers, (though the cynics amongst you will point to the fact that their mobile broadband packages bought on their own are significantly cheaper than those with a laptop attached), but you do get to walk out of the shop, with a new laptop under your arm.

It is quite true that simple mobile broadband packages bought on their own are cheaper; by comparing like for like contracts on just what you get with the contract itself; it will give you an idea of how much you will actually be paying towards the laptop.

Indeed, it is advisable to do just such a comparison; and see whether a simple package on its own will better.

When looking at both packages; you will find that the baseline monthly fee is determined by a number of factors; data allowance, (how long can you spend on line, and download and upload limits), the length of the contract, and the laptop you wish to use.

The best way to approach this task is to start from the cheapest up, looking at the data allowance. For internet use, this is the most important criteria of course. If you sign up to something that is less than you need, your additional monthly fees will increase significantly.

As a rule of thumb, if you can afford to buy a laptop outright, this would probably make for the best choice. However, there are many of use that simply does not have access to such amounts involved. If this is the case, then signing up to one of the free laptop computers deals will be perfect. Yes, you will have to pay perhaps a little more, but in the grand scheme of things, it will be excellent value for money.