A Hip-Hop Producer’s Guide on Becoming an Expert Beat Maker

A Hip-Hop Producer’s Guide on Becoming an Expert Beat Maker

There is no “trick” to becoming a professional beat maker or a professional hip-hop beat producer, simply this – a deep, driving passion and a desire to learn. If you have this passion and desire, there is nothing that can get in the way of your dream of becoming a producer.

This article will discuss breaking into beat making. Specifically, we will talk about breaking into beat making one simple step at a time, we’ll talk about the small investment we will need to make (thanks to current technology), and finally, we will discuss setting realistic, achievable goals.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when becoming a beat maker, so it’s important to take things one step at a time. With beat making, there are almost limitless directions you can take your beats, but going these limitless directions doesn’t require you to break your bank anymore, thanks to today’s technological advancements. Today’s technological advancements have given rise to a plethora of online beat makers. No longer do you need to start with veteran equipment, you can simply start with an inexpensive beat maker that you can get from the internet!

This leads us to our next point. You don’t have to spend your next three months rent on veteran equipment. Just download an online beat software! Even the cheapest online beat maker offers thousands of loops for you to utilize with massive databases of thousands of pre-mixed sounds. All the veteran beat makers started out just like you are now. They started out slow, learned the basics, then moved up in the beat making world. It worked for the veteran beat makers, so why not follow in their footsteps?

Finally, it’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. Aim high, but realize that you aren’t appearing on MTV tomorrow. The Grammy will come in due time, but only after you’ve learned the basics! Every person is created unique so just be natural while creating your beats, and you won’t be able to help but to be unique with your music. Start slowly, and let those creative juices start flowing!

Let’s review these three steps. Make sure to start one step at a time to keep from getting overwhelmed. Make sure to start with something simple – something like an inexpensive online beat maker, and finally, set realistic goals for yourself. Apply these three steps to give yourself a jump-start your beat-making career!