4 Devices You Use That Use Radio Frequencies

Radio frequencies make communication across both short and long distances possible without the need for wires. Often abbreviated RF, radio frequencies operate differently than traditional electric currents. RF can move through the air with far less resistance and signal degradation than electrical currents. Because of this, you can find RF technology in a wide variety of modern devices. Here are four devices that use RF that you may have right in your own home.

1) Computers

Your desktop or laptop computer uses RF to connect to Bluetooth and WiFi devices. This saves you from having to plug in a physical cable to connect to your keyboard, mouse, or even to the internet. Your computer likely also uses hybrid combiners to help facilitate the movement of RF currents.

2) Televisions

Whether or not you have a smart TV (one capable of connecting to the internet in order to stream content through the use of apps), chances are that your TV utilizes radio frequencies to receive TV signals. Your remote control may even use RF!

3) Cellphones

Perhaps the most common user of radio frequencies is your own cellphone. From the very first model, mobile phones have relied on radio frequencies in order to place and receive calls. Modern cellphones use RF to connect to mobile networks, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC. 

4) Microwave Ovens

While your microwave isn’t connecting to the internet or sending out messages, it is still using radio frequencies while operational. Microwaves use a subset of RF called microwave radiation in order to heat up your food or drink.

As you can see, RF is very useful in a wide variety of devices, especially those that make modern life easier and more connected. Devices that use RF are closely regulated, so you can rest easy knowing that your devices are safe as well as convenient.