Top Websites For Free Beats and Instrumentals

Top Websites For Free Beats and Instrumentals

One of the interesting sites I ran into was soundclick where you can get as many beats and instrumentals of a variety of producers as you want.

Just one thing has to be kept in mind before downloading the beat from this site- try to contact the producer/ composer of the beat before using the beat in your songs if you are a creator.

Another site which has a lot going on with a large number of visitors and positive feedback is definitely where you have so much variety to choose from that you will go absolutely insane listening to beats and instrumentals- you’ll love it!

Some sites have beats you can listen to online and then buy them if you want to for as low as $5! A huge collection to choose from and you’ll find yourself in an ocean of high-quality music. Even Social Media sites like have different variety of beats and these sites offer industry standard beats as well!

Free beats and instrumentals are also available at . It has a drop-down list of different categories of music that you can select from and listen to the beats and get ideas for your own music, if you’re a creator of beats and instrumentals.

20dollarbeats is another highly acclaimed site for beats that are unique in their own way and so catchy that they will knock you off your feet right away! Try out the beats from here, listen to them and then make your own music after taking help from here! You might end up making a masterpiece that industrial musicians might love! What if you start earning from music too?

It’s not a bad idea to start off from here.

Makehitmusic is also a good source of free beats and instrumentals that you may find.

You can also send in your opinion about the beats by writing reviews on their website and let them know what you think about the beats that they have come up with! They have a huge variety or collection of music from different genres especially hip hop which is naturally by far the most favorite of all with specialties in east coast, west coast, dirty south, urban and crunk music that is truly today’s thing!