Indie Music Promotion In a Nutshell

Indie Music Promotion In a Nutshell

So you are new out there in the market, you want to get your music become more exposed to a wider network of people but you think you’re waaay far off from the big names in the billboard charts.

Of course no musician started out easy, especially if he has to do a lot of indie music promotion on his own. However, you know that you have to do it so you can call the people’s attention to the kind of music that you want to make famous/ introduce. So with relatively low budget and a limited network, you have to work your way in.

A lot of talent managers say that indie music promotion needs to have double or triple the efforts made by the entities who are already established. But those efforts may be made easier with these easy focus points:

Get Aggressive Online

The internet has worked for a lot of personalities, companies, advocacies and even in multinational political affairs. The internet has become a new hub of information-reliable information-and the nature of its openness paves way for checks and balances to happen. Aside from that, using the internet also incurs very little costs, as you only have to have a working computer and a reliable internet connection for your little indie music promotion to happen.

First, you can have your own online profile and then build a brand from it. You can do so simply by keeping a working email (with your band’s name) and have an online social networking account which can also double as an online “headquarters” where you can post pictures, updates of your events/ gigs, band member profiles, and even lyrics and chords of your newest songs. When you finally get enough funds, try to invest in a fully functional website. Get a domain. When search is easy and convenient, people will appreciate how you catered to their curiosity fast. THEN you bank on a network.

Get Aggressive In the Networking

Once you feel comfortable online, the next thing that you must do is to not develop a strong network both online and in the non-digital world. Get to know the people who are big names in the industry. Or the people who KNOW the big names in the industry. Befriend them, flatter them, get closer to the limelight. If you suddenly find out via your online accounts that you already have a fan base, keep in touch with them. Also, reach out to other musicians, especially those who belong to the same genre as yours, and try to link each other so you both have the chance to increase your publicity. In you can even plan gigs and events with them.

Get the Network to Publicize

Aside from the self-made efforts that you exert for your indie music promotion, it’s also good if you have press releases and promotions done by a third party. Positive reviews and mere blog mileage is good, actually. Just try to track the publicized material and make sure that you’ve got positive information circling in the web, on radio (befriend a DJ!) and on print. With this kind of indie music promotion, you get to build credibility and you can bank on this to become a more solid musical icon.