Carry Your Own Multimedia Studio in Your Pocket

Modern technology makes it possible to carry an entire suite of audio visual products around in your pocket. What once required thousands of dollars of equipment is now available in today’s smartphones and apps. With these digital devices, you can make movies, take photos, create music, and share multimedia presentations for business and pleasure.

Make Videos

Most smartphone cameras produce high definition video that can reach professional quality. Many YouTubers, bloggers, professional communicators, and other video makers now use smartphones as their primary camera since they are inexpensive and easy to carry. Smartphone apps are also available for doing in-camera video editing and sharing.

Take Photos

As with video, smartphones are ideal for taking photos. It’s been said that the best camera is the one you have with you when you need it, and smartphone cameras are almost always with you. They give you the ability to grab shots you might otherwise not have been able to get. Smartphones are so common that people pay little attention to them when being photographed.

Smartphone apps also allow you to edit photos and create slide shows with music and graphics.

Create Music

Whether you’re preparing a podcast, creating a video soundtrack, recording your own original music, or just arranging a playlist of your favorite songs, smartphone apps can do it all. Many apps have the ability to record multiple tracks to give you professional quality recordings.

Put It All Together

Smartphones and their apps can be used with other stand-alone audio-visual equipment to create a variety of multimedia presentations, often using wireless technology. Media management apps can take care of the organization of all types of media clips and files.

Smartphones provide everything a multimedia creator needs. It also includes other functions that can prove invaluable, such as calculators, calendars, translators, and even a phone.