Ane Brune Artist Review

Ane Brune Artist Review

Remember that little boy who sang that tune from The Snowman? Well, listening to this song by Ane Brun first reminded me of that. And now you might be thinking “oh really isn’t for me.” But don’t skip the page. A sense of open-minded-ness is needed when hearing about Ane Brun. She has perfectly pitched vocals and sings predominantly high notes with a slight ‘wobble’. Again, don’t skip the page. It gets better.

Originally from Norway, Ane Brun is an artist you can imagine to have studied at a highly established music school, playing the violin in her spare time, standing next to a pianist playing twinkly tunes and singing along. She releases her music through her own label – Balloon Ranger Recordings. She also formed “DetErMine Records” – located in Stockholm, Sweden – with two fellow artists Wendy McNeill and The Tiny. Her discography includes four full-length records plus a live album, and she has been nominated for numerous awards including best Norwegian Act on MTV Music Awards, best Female Artist, and best Norwegian song of the century.

But enough of the facts and figures. Get your headphones out and listen to her song “The Puzzle”. This is the one that should be encountered first. If there were a film made about her, this would be the first on the soundtrack.

At first impression it seems that this is music that couldn’t be danced to, or nodded along to. But just as you start to feel smug about your quick analysis and good judgment, it is all washed away by what can only be described as the unbelievable chorus which gives the song its defining USP (or Unique Selling Point, for you non-businessy people). For the first time, you find yourself tapping your foot and swinging your head at an alarmingly fast rate to what you first thought would be ‘background’ classical music. Accompanied by xylophone, acoustic guitar, backing singers, and violins, Ane Brun manages to create this speedy tempo in the chorus which sets her miles apart from other musicians in her field. Truth be told, I believe she’s created a new genre; a mix of classical, easy listening, and on some level, pop music.

If to talk about her music out-with this spectrum of musical description, it would be as “the post-Boxing Day feeling”. A paradox of feeling low and dormant, but simultaneously happy to be alive and with family. The feeling that makes you forget all the negatives in life and all the worries, and just see the positives. If this is a feeling you want to experience again, then give Ane Brun a few minutes of your time. That’s all she needs to blow you away. Quick summary I know, but I bet you’re already considering looking on her MySpace page.